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Boardwalk Empire State of Mind - Erik Weiner aka Red Dragon!!

OK, here we go, buckle up GDD, it's the return of Red Dragon! 1 of my favorite friends of all time another example of what seperates Charlie Paradise from the lay men, a gang of famous friends. And make no mistake about it Dragon is sik wit it.

I first met Drago on the set new Years day of the original Bombitty of Error's. We were there early for a New Years day matinee show (45 Bleacker St. W. Village holla) and the artist formerly known as Monster my sidekick was sweating from the X he just found in his pocket and orally inhaled, this was before noon.

"You are such an idiot." I said as Pete Nice looked on astonished since he'd seen Monster eat eight of them the night before, fall down a spiral staircase at a private party and watch me fight his brother tooth and nail who wanted to take him to the hospital. "no hospital" I informed his eldest brother. You got to live hard to make crazy connections and I'm not sure why this is.

So anyway it was of great shock for Nice to c Monster happily munch one out a little before noon en route to the front row seats decorated with personal shout out's, the ADD crew! And The Bombitty Of Error's, wow, the New York Times said "word up!" And obviously Monster loved the play.

Anyway Erick Weiner, who i know as his NYU handle, Red Dragon cuz I go back with the mutha fucka has dropped another jewel. He is a writer, producer, actor and yes, rapper. You know whose blog this is fool! After they wrote and starred in the international smash Bombitty, Dragon, Jordan J and GQ all got movie deals. You'll recall Dragon was half of the oreo cookie rap crew, The Dalmations in the rip off of For The Love of The Game turned hip hop producers. It was a great movie in the annls of American Chocolate film genre. We fuck with the black community big tyme (See Drumline / Black Knight / Preemo)

Dragon wrote some reality shows, namely Snoop's for years, (Dogerhood or whatever the fuck it's name was) and is back acting as a gumshoe on HBO's Boardwalk Empire. My crew was so ahead of their time when MTV gave them their own TV show it was ridiculous. MTV seeing the show was a classic promptly cancelled it after 1 season. But they were the fathers of rap parody of everything in our culture. And I'll post some older gems up here so you can begin to familiraize yourself with their work and originality. They are the forefathers of the Whole Foods Rap, the Arlington VA rap and thousand more like it tearing up the tube known as the U.

Dragon had 1 line on the Saprono's, and turned it into a classic vid. And now he turns his supporting role on Empire (HBO holla) into this little gem. And I could go on and on, these stories write themselves. For more Dragon peep

Dragon also co-wrote with our homy Jordan from Bombitty a play that smashed my face with simply be being smart, wicked. It was about Bill Gates and Steve Job's coming up and battling. This was years ago. And it was hatched out of skit they did on their own show scratch and Burn years earlier (classic JQ beat, will post as a f.u. perhaps). I remember coming home to DC from a long weekend with crush in lower Manhatten. We got caught in a blizzard and I said "get off at Philly!" i told her my boys wrote a play, and there was a Sunday afternoon performance. And the antiquated Philly streets which the play acted itself out was a snow globe of warmth and comfort. I went overboard and put down $500 for a hotel room after seeing the play being billed on most major buses that were driving by!

The best part is they were not even there! They wrote it, and it was brilliant. They are the makers of dreams, Summer said only after leaving in the gentle snowfall before our wine and dinner, "Can you imagine if you wrote that, my god." And the short answer was "no" I really couldn't. So here it is Gorrill's ! Empire Boardwalk State Of Mind, stay tuned for some older gems that will turn you instantly into fans of the fam and the work it put's out. Thanks Dragon, gotta holla t u man next time I'm up in the bay area. Dam, my creative work got to step up to keep up in the familial track meet. ah Doomz!



PS: HUMONGOUS DAY for the EURO tomorrow, and if today's trading is any indication on the heels of the weak ECB rate cut (which should be at zero, they will pay for raising fast in 2008 when everything hit the fan and the whole world was cutting IR's) we'' see a breakout to the lower side my traders, holla @ 1.30. And listen i know they have a different history with inflation in Europe, i.e. Hitler, yes Hitler, hyper inflation allowed him to rise to power, people were helpless, burning D-Mark's for heat rather than exchanging for goods does not negate the fact they shouldn't have raised so aggresively in 2008.

Part of me thinks they were loving the ass whipping the EURO (which was designed in part to directly compete with the mighty US dollar) was giving the US dollar. The EURO went up as high as 1.6350 that summer before the shit hit the fan. And now with our financial crisis slowly retreating to that rear view, Europe is not even out of the 3rd inning.

whatever, whatever, curb financial speculation in general, it's evil, at least my client's make payments dawg, at least my client's make corporate business payments / imports , exports.

Also off to Army / Navy tomorrow with former Super Bowl Champion Justin Hartwig whose down in DC to see if doctors agree that 30% of his body is beyond repair. And if that's the case he QFy's for a benefit that came out of the last CBA. What a world, happy holidays my Gorrilla's, keep dunking my friends, keep dunking.

PPS: This is the skit from their old show on MTV back in 2002. It's what inspired Jordan and Dragon to write the play we checked out in Philly. Also JQ on the beat, Saturday morning.

ah doom

(We miss Chris Traer)

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