Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Tebowing Of All-Time

As we like to say here at GorrillaDunkDaily, ah doooooooooomz.!

also for fans of uh and yeah, former Junior Mafia, Johnny D of Miami has told me that Uh and Yah finally get there due in the form of the major motion picture, The Sitter.

His younger brother caught the role of the main dudes best friend, ala GQ our favorite from Chicago! he loves playing the main dudes best friend (see Drumline). Anyho - when our boy meets method man in the flick for the first time, he says (no everyone que your best uh yeah and un uh voice now) responding,
nice to meet you too dude!

so colassic, and Sean Doyle, Gorrila Dunk Daily thanks you, we're major, and many blessings to scoring many more roles, la viva LA!

AND YEAH, Tebow is Jesus's homeboy without a doubt, next up new England partiot's, I hope Chung is back, dam our 2nd dairy blows....

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