Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Sign Ever Southie ! Also North End pies and The biggest Dial moment in film history EVER!!

Game over, next question. This when I shut down the question of what would you name your boat (Summer Crush) or the time i was asked what I'd name a racing horse if I so owned (clams casino), equally this sign shuts down the titled question. And this gem is from the great American philosopher, Charlie. Suffice to say it's unmatched in it's myopic forest covering his availability for a fade most days, holla Next: What's happening to lexington basketball? I say only, it was expected, and they have enough talent, they may rally this season and make their first state tourney post Coach Farias, but how sad is this? They de-emphaised competitive sports in Lexington, and they've succeeded. Another victory for the every kid get s a trophy generation. It's terrible for many but I'm short Lexington basketball right now so something like this causes my position to rise in value. Big thank you to the AD for your careless and wanton destruction.
Also Gorilladunkdaily would like to proudly announce the hiring of another beat writer, Clayton Creswell. With gorriladunkdaily's increased traffic we had to make a move to take the pressure off of Charlie Paradise. Clayt's work will be seen early in 2012. Also get well soon Jeff Greene, thoughts were with you today snapping this pick blasting past the garden.
On my last day of Boston we stumbled upon the American classic and early 80's AMC film Mystic pizza which I always thought was a competely different type of flick that it is. This film delivers. How did I miss this on my 80's radar? i thought I'd seen them all, I thought this was a silly, Ronald mcdonal Miller can't Buy me Love or Lover Boy type of flick. Not the masterprice surrounding the seniior years of three awesome girls bound by their employment at the local pizza shop. it's a timepiece, and we got wrapped up in it! And it inspiried us to go here, North End Boston baby, nothing else like it in the bean, and hands down the very best part of beantown, North End./ and what's crazy is that it's not even close. Holy air outside of this famous joint we headed to after being pizza inspiried on the Mystic CT tip.
But the line was too long, and we headed down a street in the north end, just a street, so much history, such a true and lasting representation of Italy on the shores of the North end of Boston. I closed my eyes and imagined the sight's , sounds and smell of this very street 100 years ago, what that must've been like? And since their is a good pizza joint at every lock and step, we ended up here.
And in what be the greatest pull in the history of gorrila dunk daily, I present, what a dial! And thank you to Kyle "the dial" Falcon repping Citi in NYC for pulling our coattails to certain 1% white people that subsitute "dial" for "dope" in their own vernacular. So if dinner was good and perhaps Lobster, it was not "dope" but rather "a real dial." it's so funny when you put the east Hampton I'm better than you accent on it. it just works and can be followed up by the equally mighty, "sleigh ride." So those Oyster's and white wine at the Old Ebbit Grill happy hour last night were not just good, but actually closer to an actual winter "sleigh ride" in their overall enjoyment. And we here at GDD and extended family have had a ton of fun with these terms and the parody that white people sometimes present through the years. And this is the end all, also features a young matt Damon, but listen closely at the end to the old man's response when Matt Damon (whose name is Steamer in this scene, game changer!)asks his aunt if she'll take the "green stuff" from his lobster. This is the oppositire of the hood and what a hearty, silly line by little steamer. His dad avid sailor and golfer, chuckles to correct fiening ignorance over the finer things of the sea and life. wow. And lastly for the YG crew, here's a snippet from Monster's new X-mas eve bash, notice Jay Campisi twice steal the highlight and Hatty on cue spills a drink over Monster's lexington wiood floors as soon the Gorilladunkdaily camera nears him. scully, magic, TH (protege) Lavalle, Hatty, merry X-mas boys.!

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