Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby Sitting W / Summer & Star Wars (Jack & Pete)

Summer and I last night paid it forward with our dear friends John and Noelle repping A-town here in Virginia. What a great thing to be able to do them, it means a great deal to a married couple trying to hold on to a semblance of their own lives. PLus I get to kick it with these dudes, Jackson and Pete. I love their old man, he's the only dad I'd ever met over the past decade that brought his boys up properly on Star Wars. That is in order, #4, 5, 6, then, episodes #1,2 and 3. That's how your supposed to see it, that's how they dropped. And of course this ties into the Wussification of America, parents have thought over the last decade in this shit show that the original one's are too scary. It's too emotional a kid shouldn't see that. If he wants a guitar get him a guitar. The fact of the matter is that children are the most resilient human form there is. A million different things can eventually get them, watching Star Wars in proper order is not one of them. The Welch's (their mom is from Jersey) are a rare exception from a large group I have never been able to swallow exists, and the like Sandmen coming back, in greater #'s.

But because of this solidification of fact and form, Jack and Pete crush Star Wars. They have the illest room chalk full of Star Wars memorabilia and SW's version of existing idea's I've never seen. They believe in the force, and when my hair was longer they thought I might have been mistaken for a young OB-1 Kenobi.

OK, that's what I want to hear from a five year old when I wzlk in the door to crush babysitting with Summer. Not that Steamer and Crab Cake (can you imagine,m a sailor taking it too far and naming their boys that?) have a very sophisticated pallet. That's insane, boy is that nuts. So you can see the crazy Hoth system Lego set of the Wapa's cave and that's amazing. But check the game trouble updated on the Star War's graph with the bizerk droid noises. They have LightSabers laying around, and just get after childhood guided by the force. Of course Summer and I collabed on a couple of magic tricks. So at 1 point I start thumbing through a Stars W@ars Lego entire catalog sitting on the table, I was floored after my first turn. Check this shit out.

This is cajun, wagen that might be the hottest thing in the toy box if / when copped on the kid not 40 year old Virgin tip. Lego's are magical.

OK, I feel like the parents who buy there kids the $500 dollar Lego Star Destroyer are the same one's that are convinced their kids have ADD that DON'T. The kids that didn't really like baseball cards but had every set, unopened, some truly unfair shit. In this started in the 80's, when it first got really bad, kids ripping through whatever they wanted. And it taught the very worst of lessons. Plus you figure the parent that gets their kid a $500 dollar mega Star Wars Super Destroyer kind of rolls with the dark side already, right?

And of course it wouldn't be New Years Eve with out a JQ plug, it's also a video I filmed back in Feb of last year home from our South American time away. And I loved doing it, my favorite shit. And G found a bottle of Cristal from 2002 that their lawyer had sent them after they signed their deal for their own show on MTV. Or was it when G scored the Johnny Zero Fox drama as random (name of his character). And we just got on an early roll on limited time after a long Chi city night and knocked shit proper. The synergy was on display highlighted by JQ uncorking of the lost bottle of Cristal that had completely forgotten about. Another highlight, and let it be known on GDD's and my review of the Retar of this last album, Blood, Sweat and Tar's, this, well, my favorite track. A) it's a true story, B) the bottle of Cristal and C) which is really A, kicking it with the best part of our whole cast for an afternoon in our sister city of Boston, Chicago. GQ cracks me up on this shit, "I smelled that shit five days ago, I thought about calling I'm just lazy yo."

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