Friday, December 02, 2011

Awesome - Retar Crew, finally get's a unicorn vid - justice in the world!

OK, I always say my creative work out of the FAM is some of the weakest, and here is why. JQ, leader of the pack leading, and our beloved Retar Crew - I'm calling the president to mail in an old favor I hashed out with Mr. Rooney via J. Wig and the Steelers regarding his 2008 winning election. And that's big because the creator of this vid deserves a purple heart pronto.

And to the Retar Crew, GDD has NEVER stopped believing and along the way enjoyed each show, phone call, flight and day. Laugh and cry, Jax on wax = special, Pos added verse, crazy, JQ opening, foul mouth poet in it. GQ, the original, fitting takes us home, JQ intro? CRAZY and Ponyman on the hook = unicorns.

This is a fucking gem people, share, share and share, these guys have only ever moved me forward in random cocktail discussions, actually everytime, batting 1,000. Oh and because of them I got to smoke a blunt, (BLUNT PEOPLE) with Wycleff Jean in 2001 on the gold coast in Ch town, just sayen.

word of the day, CREATE. Gorrilla recording a dope life, crew and family

Phrase of the day in the spirit of my friendship with JQ: AGITATE: as in "the gravel" (means exit) after viewing this vid to pass forward. Hahahahaha, riding fucking unicorns. Purple heart, done! President Obamma will need PA again to carry the torch.

"Thanks to the Maker! This auto bath feels so good." C-3PO, Star Wars, Episode IV. A New Hope

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