Monday, December 12, 2011

Army / Navy 112th meeting, Homage to a Game of Honor

Happy Monday, and holiday season my gorilla's. And what better way to rejoice in our right to say, well whatever the fuck we want. And in the spitit let's pay respects to our armed forces. And fork over $100 for a seat in the frigid endzone. And with our Super Bowl champion J. Wig in our nation's capitol for the weekend, GDD thought what better way to spend a Sat than to take in this American classic. Pay homage to the front lines and take a minute to be thankful for the freedom's we are afforded (holla!) and the price that has come with it. A sacrifice many cannot fathom. The president was in the house, flipping the Regean commorative coin, and, and he sat the entire 2nd half bunched in with the Army Cadet's. Also i think I'm going to start calling my dear friend keith Bodden, aka the Black Knight, Army, anyway. Here is the fly by + Navy coming out of the tunnels. They had some serious throw back's on, and the anchor on the helmet was MONEY. I lost a 40 push up bet to the Wig.

Here's a couple more pic's

What a camero !

And of course what great American post would be complete without our armed forces GLEE club singing a rendition of our national anthem, proper.

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Wig said...

You need to take a video of you doing the 40 pushups