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Baby Sitting W / Summer & Star Wars (Jack & Pete)

Summer and I last night paid it forward with our dear friends John and Noelle repping A-town here in Virginia. What a great thing to be able to do them, it means a great deal to a married couple trying to hold on to a semblance of their own lives. PLus I get to kick it with these dudes, Jackson and Pete. I love their old man, he's the only dad I'd ever met over the past decade that brought his boys up properly on Star Wars. That is in order, #4, 5, 6, then, episodes #1,2 and 3. That's how your supposed to see it, that's how they dropped. And of course this ties into the Wussification of America, parents have thought over the last decade in this shit show that the original one's are too scary. It's too emotional a kid shouldn't see that. If he wants a guitar get him a guitar. The fact of the matter is that children are the most resilient human form there is. A million different things can eventually get them, watching Star Wars in proper order is not one of them. The Welch's (their mom is from Jersey) are a rare exception from a large group I have never been able to swallow exists, and the like Sandmen coming back, in greater #'s.

But because of this solidification of fact and form, Jack and Pete crush Star Wars. They have the illest room chalk full of Star Wars memorabilia and SW's version of existing idea's I've never seen. They believe in the force, and when my hair was longer they thought I might have been mistaken for a young OB-1 Kenobi.

OK, that's what I want to hear from a five year old when I wzlk in the door to crush babysitting with Summer. Not that Steamer and Crab Cake (can you imagine,m a sailor taking it too far and naming their boys that?) have a very sophisticated pallet. That's insane, boy is that nuts. So you can see the crazy Hoth system Lego set of the Wapa's cave and that's amazing. But check the game trouble updated on the Star War's graph with the bizerk droid noises. They have LightSabers laying around, and just get after childhood guided by the force. Of course Summer and I collabed on a couple of magic tricks. So at 1 point I start thumbing through a Stars W@ars Lego entire catalog sitting on the table, I was floored after my first turn. Check this shit out.

This is cajun, wagen that might be the hottest thing in the toy box if / when copped on the kid not 40 year old Virgin tip. Lego's are magical.

OK, I feel like the parents who buy there kids the $500 dollar Lego Star Destroyer are the same one's that are convinced their kids have ADD that DON'T. The kids that didn't really like baseball cards but had every set, unopened, some truly unfair shit. In this started in the 80's, when it first got really bad, kids ripping through whatever they wanted. And it taught the very worst of lessons. Plus you figure the parent that gets their kid a $500 dollar mega Star Wars Super Destroyer kind of rolls with the dark side already, right?

And of course it wouldn't be New Years Eve with out a JQ plug, it's also a video I filmed back in Feb of last year home from our South American time away. And I loved doing it, my favorite shit. And G found a bottle of Cristal from 2002 that their lawyer had sent them after they signed their deal for their own show on MTV. Or was it when G scored the Johnny Zero Fox drama as random (name of his character). And we just got on an early roll on limited time after a long Chi city night and knocked shit proper. The synergy was on display highlighted by JQ uncorking of the lost bottle of Cristal that had completely forgotten about. Another highlight, and let it be known on GDD's and my review of the Retar of this last album, Blood, Sweat and Tar's, this, well, my favorite track. A) it's a true story, B) the bottle of Cristal and C) which is really A, kicking it with the best part of our whole cast for an afternoon in our sister city of Boston, Chicago. GQ cracks me up on this shit, "I smelled that shit five days ago, I thought about calling I'm just lazy yo."

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Retar Crew Announces 2012 Winter East Coast Tour!!!!

Wow, OK, this makes me happy. JQ and the Retar Crew coming to New York City for 2 shows, Providence, New London CT, Boston, Annapolis MD, Baltimore and washington DC. Buffalo Bourbon is sponsering the tour. Since I'm the president of the JQ fan club (inc. 96) I'm taking a role in eeking at some extra spots and promotional angles. This morning I donated $50 to the Retar Crew, their music is great. So if you are an old fan stay posted, and for new fans check out their body of work, impressive, JQ has to be about 30 albums deep at this point spawning every genre out there. So, Happy New Year, stay tuned for updates, e-mail as any questions or idea's @ - Also I'm considering having them play a private party in DC, yeah man. Stay Tuned, be a tight invite. Here are a few of my favorites. Happy New Year! Taste Good. These Kids were born to perform. Get LIFE. Best song Ever - hands down, the Retar Crew goes Broaway on a very hairy topic. gREAT tRACK - wHERE dO tHEY cOME uP wITH tHIS sTUFF? Wierdest Track Of All-Time yet so, so, catchy and confusing. This will make you a fan CP PS: Stay tuned for the 1st article from our newest beat writer Clayton Cresswell PPS: One Last Gem

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Lexington Legends part II. Comedian Eugene Mirman shares fractured take on life in Lexington

Comedian Eugene Mirman shares fractured take on life in Lexington

For E Double and on and on and on and it goes, Lexington, Astori, holla.


Tupac and Kidada Jones - A love story cut short + In Search Of A Leader, and the early 90's ! Holla !

Tupac was my Malcom X, my Harper's Ferry my Bob Marley / Dylan and today there is nothing, the occupy movement is in search of that great leader. And what is needed in American culture at large esp. for the pup's is a musician to polarize and rail the proltarian against the when, the why and the how our Federal Reserve, entire banking system is structured. These are huge issues but then again not so hard to decipher in a sipher. We need a rapper, a voice that convey's to the masses the old Wall St. bail out adage it's too complex for YOU , us , the masses to understand. it's gone on for now, don't be folled into the latest banking bailout was an original theme. Bottom Line: The "our markets are too complex for you to understand the gravity of what just happened" is such a lame and tired hustle.

It was my favorite excuse as a kid, "Do you think I'm that stupid to do something like your suggesting?" We need a truly enlightened rain man rapper that lived through pain, scars, and lived to tell about it. We someone who could convey educationally the ass fuck that just occurred but twist it inside a pretzal of cajun dopeness. Get the crowd to jump and care enough about the fellow that they come back to listen and understand exactly what he was explaining in ryhme. We need a hero to elevate the deprived, form a voice and coalition predicaited on votes that dismantles and re-invents the very idea of capatilism itself America.

You need to give these investment banks a trillion dollars overnight because if you don't there will be trouble you could never understand. The whole world will end. It's ironic that Goldman Sach's the best, most tailored educator on the block behaved and barely survived (they caught on late, and fucked everyone to live past sub prime mostly customers and trading partners) like a crack head sibling from the country's most supreme dwellings. Being from Lexington I have a great deal of experience with this particular phenoenom, I just never thought I'd use the paralell in step with one of the great investment firms of the United States. You might not be familiar with the example but here's the thrust, little cousin, everyone loves reckless but a gem. And no one ever gives him tough love in the face of a mounting drug problem. And make no mistake about it tough love is the remedy for what underlies his ailing, but they powers that be, in this example, the family, can't bring themesleves to do it because they are scared if they do it the kid will be died a month later of a Herion overdose. And they'd suffer the rest of their lives knowing that their tough love had resulted in their cute kid being zipped up at the morg off to Douglass funeral Home a month later. And that's the problem. And this was the hand these investment banks outside of Lehman who rightfully was allowed to fail played. If the rules matterred none of them would be in business, zero. Here's the text from Wall St in Augist 2008 to the average taxpayer. "You don't understand, everything is gone if we don't do this now. You just don't understand." And because of the money and big goverments correlation to it, legislation passes, a trillion dollar bailout. The only thing that would've been over is the scam, not the world, it's such bullshit. And I know what I'm talking about. It's the same argument they used in the trading pits of Chicago to fend off goverment regulation of it's futures markets. They poured millions into lobbyists that argued a simple point, futures markets our a sophisticated mechanism, concepts you don't grasp. And for 150 years they remained self-regulated, very restricted, the last bastion of the great American men's clubs. It's a life anyone would probably if given the same oppurtunity would do, i.e. bend of few laws and regulations to attain and enjoy the .01. God it's unnvering, the same people that scream, free market's for free men! They same crowd that stubbornly scream the sirens of anti-regulation when times are rolling are the same crowd that beg and squirm for a bailout when they have again gone too far in their callous pusuit of more, more and more, money. Here's a quote, they want to privatize the profits and socialize the losses, and these are majority Republicans another reason I'm still recovering as 1. Go Obamma. And we need a revolution, the people can make a difference, it's just the pulse has gone, the trophy kids now out of college that bore the brunt of this last train wreck (it's been going on for years) aren't up for the challenge. They grew up in central air, were told they were amazing everytime they woke up, that's not the answer. The underbelly where historically that great leader had risen has been burnt to ashes. We've cut education, we've shuffled the black population back out of the heart of the city as it became fashionable again. We've championed guns rights shot up the under class and left the trophy kids unprepared for the harsh world that now awaits. It's like Christian the Lion (Must see!) raised in London, a Lion raised in London in the 60's, can you believe that?) you couldn't just drop him back in the jungle, he wasn't ready, he'd been driving around a drop top in London with owners that rocked furs. That's not the jungle, he was in no ways prepared or conditioned for that. That's for the trophy kids and the forces that rbought down Coach farias of the famous Lexington High Boys Basketball Program. Anyway the same shit goes on, what would Einstein say to that? Revolt has a meaning and can produce change, but you need a leader, lord knows we've seen and heard the war cry. And maybe the YG Foundation can help dam it maybe I can help rally a war cry, change the world searching for a revolution because these guys are conning your brains, playing the bully and laughing to the bank, wait they are the bank. Anyway, I miss Tupac, and in his eyes there was no greater travesty in his time on earth in the US than the slaughter of the young American black teenager. And it still doesn't make sense why this 1 black kid get's shot and killed and there's no report, but the white teenager dies drunk driving and there's a full spread. I mean I get it, the media is fucked up, the right wing is fucked up, and the free market ain't free and that 2, is fucked up. Can you believe that Tupac was engagded to Quincy Jone's daughter? That's who the chick in the title is, Quicny Jones? Tupac was surrounded by fame and lions since the day he was born spanning all treks of liife's footsteps. He had so much to live for. I love Biggie but his surrounding family were not black panthers, he wasn't born in prison and he never cared for the struggle once he overcame it. Anyway, reasons I love Pac more than Big part VII. Long before he ever made an album (Ready To Die) and they were the same age by the way, Pac was doing this. And Voletta held it down, it was the hood but there was stablity, Pac, his shit was a roller coaster straight from the womb to the tomb like them old greasers used to say. Check this clip, from a Different World, the early 90's are back, the bright color's are trending now. It's worth noting the Pac / Jada Pinkett connection going so far back And to come back to my earlier reference of Christian The Lion, here's the best clip in the history of animals, life and youtube. If you've never seen it, here it is. Check out his full story, he was unprepared for the jungle, but this clip is amazing, I sent it to fifty client's when I first came across it in 09, it helped cement a few relationships. If you are new to his story, it changed my life and knowledge and thought. You owe it to yourseld to dig em dem crates and do some diligence to unearth his timless tale. The info is out there. And what a truly tremendous story. More Pac from the early 90's before BIG. In Living Color, Tommy Davidson cracks me up here, I forgot what a beast he was on the original version of my favorite show as a kid. Also check Jamie Foxx! And watch when he gives us an early Shaq dead eye (can u see it?) he'd later make famous in his stand up before he blew up as big as Pac, almost. Back then he was paying his dues, an exercise sadly not too many pay the toll's on these days. GDD - over 2K views in Dec, thanks everyone from Charlie paradise, Clayton Creswell and our owner C. Eric easton. We'll continue to add content, widen our scope and personal endeavors as we move to something spectacular down the road. Thanks for being early, we won't stop. Charlie Paradise.

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RagTagJubilee is here, Summer Crush's Blog Hits!!!! There's the link, my new favorite blog. I guess this makes us a blogging, married couple, wow, who would've thought? Great stuff, Summer you pop rock this scene homy , much love :) Check it out!
So my endless Summer squash which we now make into sphaghetti is back! My fashion design, social media giant of a wife is back and sizzling her cajun contemporary concise and consistent cherry views on u. I wish there was a twitter back in her lingerie designing days, GDD could'ev pulled a huge audience phone filming the dressing rooms I got to sit in on as Summer laced the models with their directives before taking stage. So if I'm a fraud, summer crush is the real deal happy meal. So, check her out, she jas mentioned that all blog activity on her end is suspended to the new Year. Here's a little vid of her opening the ridiuclous fat faced, rose' Swatch from our last night's present openings. Yeah, I sing carol's in the summer, blast them actually and we do gifts our gifts post X-Mas. The timeless swatch, plus the Big face can Chantilly a little lil Kim into the 1 and only. I almost got her the hot pink joint, but then I said to myself or me self if I was off the boat irish, 'the women is 30.' The thinking was if I got her a hot pink Swatch I might as well put it in a Barbie Dream machine, so we took the pivot and went rose' on this ho's, yes! Today's Tip; Best Pandora channel ever, "Jazzzz , got to hit it with the multiple Z's. I'ev discovered Jazz and can now understand why Duke, Charlie, Coltraine, Dizzy were kings. And lastly on the self plug, all I really wanted for X-Mas was a grape face mist, yeah i said it, grape mutha fucka,from real grapes! I love it, thanks Santa Crush.

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Best Sign Ever Southie ! Also North End pies and The biggest Dial moment in film history EVER!!

Game over, next question. This when I shut down the question of what would you name your boat (Summer Crush) or the time i was asked what I'd name a racing horse if I so owned (clams casino), equally this sign shuts down the titled question. And this gem is from the great American philosopher, Charlie. Suffice to say it's unmatched in it's myopic forest covering his availability for a fade most days, holla Next: What's happening to lexington basketball? I say only, it was expected, and they have enough talent, they may rally this season and make their first state tourney post Coach Farias, but how sad is this? They de-emphaised competitive sports in Lexington, and they've succeeded. Another victory for the every kid get s a trophy generation. It's terrible for many but I'm short Lexington basketball right now so something like this causes my position to rise in value. Big thank you to the AD for your careless and wanton destruction.
Also Gorilladunkdaily would like to proudly announce the hiring of another beat writer, Clayton Creswell. With gorriladunkdaily's increased traffic we had to make a move to take the pressure off of Charlie Paradise. Clayt's work will be seen early in 2012. Also get well soon Jeff Greene, thoughts were with you today snapping this pick blasting past the garden.
On my last day of Boston we stumbled upon the American classic and early 80's AMC film Mystic pizza which I always thought was a competely different type of flick that it is. This film delivers. How did I miss this on my 80's radar? i thought I'd seen them all, I thought this was a silly, Ronald mcdonal Miller can't Buy me Love or Lover Boy type of flick. Not the masterprice surrounding the seniior years of three awesome girls bound by their employment at the local pizza shop. it's a timepiece, and we got wrapped up in it! And it inspiried us to go here, North End Boston baby, nothing else like it in the bean, and hands down the very best part of beantown, North End./ and what's crazy is that it's not even close. Holy air outside of this famous joint we headed to after being pizza inspiried on the Mystic CT tip.
But the line was too long, and we headed down a street in the north end, just a street, so much history, such a true and lasting representation of Italy on the shores of the North end of Boston. I closed my eyes and imagined the sight's , sounds and smell of this very street 100 years ago, what that must've been like? And since their is a good pizza joint at every lock and step, we ended up here.
And in what be the greatest pull in the history of gorrila dunk daily, I present, what a dial! And thank you to Kyle "the dial" Falcon repping Citi in NYC for pulling our coattails to certain 1% white people that subsitute "dial" for "dope" in their own vernacular. So if dinner was good and perhaps Lobster, it was not "dope" but rather "a real dial." it's so funny when you put the east Hampton I'm better than you accent on it. it just works and can be followed up by the equally mighty, "sleigh ride." So those Oyster's and white wine at the Old Ebbit Grill happy hour last night were not just good, but actually closer to an actual winter "sleigh ride" in their overall enjoyment. And we here at GDD and extended family have had a ton of fun with these terms and the parody that white people sometimes present through the years. And this is the end all, also features a young matt Damon, but listen closely at the end to the old man's response when Matt Damon (whose name is Steamer in this scene, game changer!)asks his aunt if she'll take the "green stuff" from his lobster. This is the oppositire of the hood and what a hearty, silly line by little steamer. His dad avid sailor and golfer, chuckles to correct fiening ignorance over the finer things of the sea and life. wow. And lastly for the YG crew, here's a snippet from Monster's new X-mas eve bash, notice Jay Campisi twice steal the highlight and Hatty on cue spills a drink over Monster's lexington wiood floors as soon the Gorilladunkdaily camera nears him. scully, magic, TH (protege) Lavalle, Hatty, merry X-mas boys.!

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Not a Gorilla Dunk Fan

Merry X-Mas, peep the snow flurries in the back ! Unbelievable mom dukes not a Chucky P gal, hahaha, love ! Great day in America and throughout the Christian (side hug) world.

amen - holla, love, Santa in the house today,

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Merry Christmas, Southie + Nahant!!!

Greetings gorrilla dunkers, and welcome to X-Mas Eve. and with the Pat's on, 1st place, to squish the fish @ 1PM surrounded by family, libations and love what could possibly be better? My trip home started in Southie, a curious case by all measures I've become somewhat of a Southie scholar ever since my sister raided West 5th between E & F many moons ago. it's a miracle they gentrified this industrial wasteland of bodies buried past, I mean the streets just sound like the hood, W 5th between E and F, this is not alphabet city dawg! Anyway, the once horrid and tough as nails area has been transformed proving once again that it's tough to keep a good man down, and it's tougher to keep 1 down that's close to water, in this case the mighty Atlantic ocean. So as always I clicked a few picks, as Mick, best name in southie eva (guy!) scooped me, we hit D & D drive through and did our usual lap. It seems every time I return home something in the neighborhood has changed. And now with an owning rooting interest on behalf of big sis I'm more interested in ever what's happening around Broadway. When I met the black Knight at Broadway back in 1991, it was a quick meeting, and with the triple O's (Whitey's most famous hangout) right across the street with quessy feeling a Lexington brother like myself was feeling, well was warranted. Back in 91 Broadway was not for the faint of heart or for a suburban general hospital watcher such as myself. Here is where of my best adventures over the last ten years begin. DCA baby, the best airport in America, small, slinky, great views of the capitol, white house and monument when wheels up. Also five, count em, five minutes from my amazing apartment with summer! yes, dawg with no traffic that is, OK, 7 and a hook, but so, so money.
The 1st shot I took upon landing. This is what the holidays is for me, the troops are home. This was a 20 year old kid, imagine that, back from Iraq. I didn't want to go overboard and film the big chevy pick up that scooped his ass. Seeing his girl and sister, it was so money, and yes he was home from Iraq. The only thing worse than bailing out Wall Street after they tricked themselves is continuing an unjust war that was started on bizarre premise and extremely loose correlation. I can actually see a simily between Iraq, and Wall Street's subprime meltdown, no one could see, and no one understood. Most all the experts and politicians, trifling. Why should this kid have to die? Also I've found there is too much emotion in politics amongst the laymen and not enough research and thought. You can have a view but you better be able to back it up, especially with the emotion your displaying, so true and everyone knows what I'm talking about. The problem is well, too much emotion not enough knowledge.
And here we have the last remnants of the toughest area and per capita poorest collection of white people in America through the 70-90's. The old colony housing projects, ground zero of the awful busing riots in Boston's darker hours. The next pic is the new face of the Colony projects as a
much needed face lift. The world has changed and never stops, it's exciting to live and write about. We've had no TV which really means no reality TV watching since March 1st, holla. Below see the new, the flip side of the old sad face of the beat up old Colony Projects, the home of the Bulger brothers coming up.
Southie at it's heart is industrial on a commercial level spanning all of Boston and the many surrounding cities. So you know we had to click when the monster truck almost hit us pulling out of a huge commercial stocking ground which allows us to settle up to the water and have the best views of the coming and going planes over Logan. it's all about secret spots, and where you see the cranes is the secret spot. Mickey actually fishes there in the summer and for all of it's blank charm and character, it turns it inside out and paradoxically becomes a great spot, view and plane watching facility. I can';t tell you here it is, then it would cease being a secret spot. Traveling , to me is all about what they can;t tell or show you on a tour bus. And it's up to the legend or interested traveler to figure it out. And more often than not if it's truly magical it is still far removed and protected from simply coughing up dollars to be found. Here's a photo of the toughest Bar in South Boston, OK top #3, Mick's first time there he encountered a guy that shot the door off the hinges! Fun story and this is where the usual lap around southie that greets my flight arrival, well the Mick stories and things to point out alwayas slighter differ in nuance than my sister dana who also packs a great local as well as historical punch! Hawaii, holla!
Below here is my sister's Christmas tree, years ago our mother instilled a great belief in the importance of a fabulous tree, a real 1 of C, and Dana right here just nails it. Was perfect for my afternoon nap when I stumbled
And to my great surprise settled on the couch for a cozy comforts of a pre X-Mas nap I stumbled upon this ! Favorite quote, "I happen to like nice men." Princess Leia wow, wow, wow, this scene went a long way in making the trilogy great. This is what was lost in the new 1's, the feeling that you really, really knew these characters. And soon, later that day it was off to the real big C's place in Nahant, a small peninsula an untucked gem hiding covertly along with sands just across of Revere and Lynn beaches.
And in what could be the most classic pic this side of the Atlantic, ever on gorrilladunkdaily I found this on my dad's coffee table. The apple and the tree, I love you pop and Claudia.
My dad was overcompensating on this 1 a bit after having his eyes shut on the prior snapshot, hahahaha
And from there let's get to a crown jewel of Boston, the celebration of Lobster, holla. You know your in Boston when you see this ornament....
And i leave you with this,part of the Star Wars marathon I stumbled upon via the couch in Southie Fri afternoon, Star Wars marathon on spike TV. The best song ever, to usher in the best day of the year, this was my wedding song, OUR WEDDING STAR SUMSKIE, Marry Christmas everyone, I love you ma! And am on my way shortly. Go Patriot's, ah doomz! Big up's to J. Wig on the trading places role, for now, with the wedding footage, u r the man. Crank this.!

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Lexington Police Have the best stuff but....

Mass. man serving life now charged in '92 killing

Mass. man serving life now charged in '92 killing

Mass. man serving life now charged in '92 killing

we shouldn't be shocked if their ability to solve murders is not up to snuff. I mean they have the best stuff but returning recycling bins to their rightful place is not doing you any favors when it comes to solving murders. This case is so absurd and I have to show discretion which here at GDD rarely happens. Our head boss put the squash on my initial direction is this small piece. But for journalistic integrity I can review the basics. August 19, 1992, Lexington, a recession is happening, but not there. Anyway womens home is broken into. It's a robbery, and she's home, man stabs her seventeen times and leaves. Women calls 911, dispatcher answer four AM, classic minuteman time, you would think. Lexington Emergency thought it was a prank call and never acted on the reach out. Guy taking over the next day, reviews the calls from last night, here's this 1 and immediatly sends a crew. They found her dead in her bedroom holding her telephone.

And what's cray is that my sister and I had just discovered Twin Peaks. So this became down right scary driving home on the wooded streets of Lexington. The owls were enough to cause me to never again leave the house. And two years later on our famed stretch of "mass Ave" it happened again, in Lexington, women, murdered, no nothing, ever. And we were like what the fuck? Even the brothers were a little freaked out. I mean white people got weird the further you put them in the woods, and this 1 was out on the loose? IN many ways the opposite of gang warfare. And there were zero leads. I had just 1 year before been accused and almost sent away of defecating a national landmark on Patriot's day, killed me. I was the 13 year old behind Statue John Parker being doused in red paint head to toe. It was me, and they knew it but it wasn't. They had witnesses and knew the other pieces. When the paint from my shutters matched and I was told I was going to have to leave the high school for "sometime." I freaked out

Not only did I douse my hero Captain John Parker red, I also stained every last one of the 5,000 yellow ribbons strewn across town to support our troops in Kuwait, this was Desert Storm. IN any event it was pretty dramatic, I was released and avoid court and DYS away from my mother after war protesters held a press conference on the steps of the state capitol and took credit for it. And apposition to our troops involvement in Kuwait and later that of Iraq. I'm not a libratarian but... i can't even spell it.

And that was that, good story though gotta love America.

PS: The apex of this story and headline are a very tragic story and I'm happy for the families involved they can at least have some peace with it. I'd always wondered who did it? At the time no one thought they were connected.

A December Sunset In Uraguay Talking Karate Kid

what a trip we had...... nothing like fighting for your fredeom, Tempus R.I.P.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Say It Ain't So! Sam's From Lean On Me Busted Trying 2 Buy 200 Pounds Of Marijuana Off Undercover Cop!!!

It was in the classic 1980s film Lean on Me that Jermaine ‘Huggy’ Hopkins told Morgan Freeman: ‘No sir it wasn’t me, sir….I swear it wasn’t!’ But the actor will now need to use similar persuasive skills to get him out of a real-life scrape. The 38-year-old was arrested recently in Avondale, Arizona, after buying 200lbs of marijuana from an undercover officer. The actor, who has also starred in television show Law & Order, was later stopped by police officers in the SUV he was driving where they found the drugs and $100,000 in cash. Authorities then searched an Avondale apartment listed in Hopkins’ name. They say they found another 100lbs of marijuana. Child star: Jermaine Hopkins as troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 film Lean on Me According to Pheonix New Times, Hopkins told police officers that he had arranged the weed deal, which took place last Tuesday, so that he could provide a nice Christmas for his family. Hopkins, who lives in North Carolina, is now being held in custody after being charged with two counts of possessing, transporting and trying to sell marijuana. The actor played troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 film Lean on Me. The film is loosely based on the story of Joe Louise Clark, a real life inner city high school principal in Paterson, New Jersey, whose school is at risk of being taken over by authorities unless students improve their test scores. The school in the film, Eastside High School, is plagued with numerous problems including drugs and gang violence. OK, this 1 stings, this wasn't suppossed to be how Sam's turned out. The movie said so, and, and, I've met personally Mr. Clarke. It was back in the spring of 98, I'd a year prior awoken from a coma after car surfing, spent my 21st birthday in rehab, (tough to talk about) and was forced to resign my capatin status on top of leaving Milo flying solo and missing my entire senior year of hoops at Curry College. And there was not too much College @ Curry, and this was highlighted by the fact 1 day sitting in Milo's dormroom wasting our time blowing bongs on the NBA live 98 tip some block head that hadn't spoken in about a week but never left our pad said, (think Mongo voice from Heathcliff)
did you guys see that movie lean On me? The main guy is giving a speech on campus right now
I could not fucking believe it. Was he serious? I loved mr. Clarke, I loved East side high as mucha s I loved the 54th of Boston in all their Glory. Joe Clarke was at my college and I did not know it? Principal Joe Clark, crazy Joe, now they call him batman? An clear as day my meatpacking head of a buddy leveled a resounding yes! He was sure of it, I threw on the fleece and ordered all brain dead stoners out of the apratment, Playstation off, let's get something out of this insitituion many of you are paying such a hefty price to attend. Not me I had a 19K a year pell grant, thank u Lexington, thank u lexington basketball but most of all thank you Mrs. Deangelis :) my angel, i still c u, R.I.P. And we stormed down, Curry had paid the guy handsomely and sadly not many showed. But I was there, I was there front and center, I was hyper active sitting patiently for the question and answer session. I will post the picture after scanning it from my college yearbook when I'm back in the bean and that of lex - Vegas slash tannerville over the holidays. He even brought the bat. And quickly, here are some of my favorite quotes off the freestyle top, i'm a movie guy and tit for tat against any of these other, may I say, shit, Ok, gay "bloggers" I'd run circles around the art of movie quoting on a classic never seen before level, think Hatty. Ok first and first most, Blue Ribbon has got to be the pregnant cute girl from the projects with the desolate mom, anxious to repeat history comes running down the hall frantic looking for their leader and school reformer, "Mr. Clarke, mr. Clarke, some guy's beating up Kid Ray!" It's her delivery, just resoounding in it's emergency. And it wasn't just anyone, it was on of the bad apples that mr. Clarke famously professed during his first rowdy asseembly at East high that spoils a bad bunch he had booted from jump. Wow, did I love that scene, I in a lexington high scenerio as an underclassman would've been on that stage. Mr. Clarke's first act of business was getting the scum out to allow the fringe players to at least have a chance to blossom. And after seeing the size of this kids 3 finger ring on stage when he got the hook, you just knew that wasn't goint to be the end of him. His motions were straight trigger happy. And Kid ray the phony baloney out of his league probably got tripped up on a drug debt, trying to be something he clearly was not cut out to serve. Anyway mr. Clarke told him he'd be dead in a year, your not a businessman and it came to be. Question + Answer. My first question was if Kid Ray was really killed? I mean it is Hollywood - BTW Joe Clarke in person was about 5-5. And he confirmed this to be the case, Kid Ray got his bag zipped. I then went on to inquire about Sam's the genesis of this post, Sam's, fat Sam's the lovable chunk (if mario van Peebles ever beat Spielberg to the punch on Goonies) , heart of gold, but young and impressionable in a dirty town. And mr. Clarke lit up, the actual Mr. Clarke. Yeah he's seen sam's, this was his finest success. And he spoke about spotting Sam's "just the other day" rolling around town in his "big Cadallac with the shiny rims showing off and screaming out my name." He continued that Sam's had a job perhaps in the education community but he wasn't sure, he just knew he was working, he said he was quite the character and they remained friends. And now it's all hitting me like a shit ton of heavy bricks. Sam's was using his movie fame to stay in newark and deliver, buy, sell and smoke weed. hey at least it's not crack, that's a small victory. if it was, the entire life changing roof speech when Mr. Clarke just about chucks him off would've been for not. And hey 30 years from now it might not even matter. But Sam's was playing old mr. Clarke the fool, probably continued to blaze throughout his career at east side, thinking he had Joe clarke won. This is a terrible story for me, and we here at GDD hope and pray for his release and recovery into the normal worting world. Lastly it's worth noting that Joe Clarke who at the time was then running one of the biggest jails in New jersey actually brought with him to campus his famed bat! (ADD Repeat) I'll get the pic from my Curry yearbook for all manana. My other go to quotes. "We are not in Chruch Mr. Clarke!" Crazy mom who plays the villian, and works the channels to have mr. Clarke removed on a technicality because she wasn't holding up her end of the bargain at home with her own boy who was probably if he was on that 1st stage getting hooked, a fucking major zilla. "Contrary to public opinion around here, I'am the head N in charge!" Benson offering up a little reminder of the old chain of command. And below you can see the photo's of mr. Clarke coming to Curry college in the spring of 1998. A) You can clearly see no one @ Curry gave a shit, I mean here we have a guy, I mean fucking batman crazy Joe Clarke is at our boring school ! And 15 kids show up? You can see the bat next to him, trusty like a blaster at his side on the podium. And you can see me completely enthralled in the front row next to Reno in my fleece. I'm focused, look at that shot, throw ADD at the window for a Joe Clarke sighting. What's sad is the stoners @ the crib would not even come with, even after I made a passionate plea and tried to scramble the troops, out of respect for Joe. Reno, my man was the only other cat that left the beer and bong to come with because he loved the kid Ray line as much as me, we'd quoted lean on Me together before, so he rolled. And I was a bit embarressed for my college with such light attendence with a titan in the house. I had to pull the old Curry yearbook for these!
Here's the gem, and in for many, many the most memorable scene of mr./ Clarke from lean on me out side the actual singing once the school has been turned around. Step it up sam's for Christ Sakes, this 1 was tough to swallow. Is anything sacred? Special thanks to Steve Collins for the pull, my dude, Chi town, CBOT, holla.

E Douuuuuble Haaaas A BAAAABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning Gorrilla dunkers, may I drop some huge nwes for our gorrilladunkingfamily, my best friend since the 3rd grade E double has re-created! And the world might never be the same. Hopefully if along with her cool ass husband Evan can recycle 1/10th of the flavor E Double has dropped in my ear over the years, we should be OK. E Double is such an enormous part of the gorilla family that GDD has personally shipped a baby fur coat to Brooklyn as of 5:18 EST this morning. Now working on a bloggers budget this is no small price rather speaks volumes to the weight the Double clocks on my block. Like the darling speech we watched chief correspondant Carl E. Easton freestlye at her very Brooklyn wedding today's column writes itself. And from lex-Vegas to London, somewhere in Ireland, back to Boston and bon voyage to NYC GDD has watched and been apart of the women many felt was closing in on Barabra Walter's list of most fascinating people as early as 2008. In an interview with gorrilladunkdaily three days befoer the delivery, Ms. Double had choked through the undertones of being completely freaked out at the prospects of motherhood and came to casually disuuss the desire to pass on all that we've seen, and learned, like a back and forth reciting knowledge of EPMD's, "you got to chill." For example, mucho - This chick will someday soon be a cool addition to the Brooklyn underground of our revolutionary guard, founded by Preem and stroked by the Double herself, I'v e never seen somebody find and take to a home (Brooklyn) more naturally than these two E's, holla. And what a great place to raise a kid. And to the proud papa, Evan "I've never, ever seen a steak and cheese in my life I wouldn't eat on spot" Rutberg, congratulations. As a teacher and principal in NYC proper you've made kids a part of the very fabric of your career and life mission. And so it is of common consequence that GDD endorses you as a great dad! also don't sleep on the fact that the queen herself, the royalty known simply as double E has taken, gracefully your last name. Repeat in the YG circles repeat in YG 94 circles this does not happen. Even my dearest, and endless Summer, is holding on to Montalbano as she puts it because Kristin Easton (just isn't me, what!) The good news for me is that legelally on the wedding certificate out ion cali it's changed. But for Brian, Jay, TR all these power cats in my heirarchy, none of the women have changed there last names. It leaves a playa like myself a bit frazzled and thanking god at the same time like the women featured in today's early post, that we've never lacked confidence. R.I.P Lex Basketball , for now. So everyone including campers, I d like you to give a warm gorrilladunk welcome to Mia Rose Rutberg, ah doomz! A stupid dope Brooklyn girl at birth, alerady. 1 love. I need a kango (furry 1 please Santa) Here's a great pic of our proud papa early this morning
Oooops! Wrong 1, here's a gerat shot with proud papa he could not make his way to the shaver per birth, much love kiddo.
And on a happy Tuesday, ho,liday and baby note, CRANK THIS SHIT! yeah, boyee, yeah, we did it, u did it! And of course, I have to include the 5th grade camping trip for our new mom and watch and enjoy :)!

Bridge School 5th Grade Cape Cod Camping Trip - May, 1987 from Carl Easton on Vimeo.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Elzhi - Live London Jazz Cafe + hip hop Stillmatic / Nas Homage

Big Up's to my Bosnian born homy and ese, MIrza. Love u dawg and great seeing you today for a beer at the pizza shop. Anyway our boy went to London crushed it, lives there, was back in Dc on some business and brought back some clips which were perfect since I watched this video (below) with Aren and a couple QUILMES Friday after work. We took a trip down memory lane and even listened to memory lane, Ilmmatic, Preem, Nas, what!?

And below video if you haven't seen is worth watching, the future of hip hop is in good hands, don't fret And check it out Wig, he's even sporting my watch ! A big shout to MIrza, drafting of the hustlers he's a top #5 pick, thanks for filming homy. Happy holiday's, and catch this cat if your down on new hip hop, also peep Kendrick Lamar, will post some of him once we catch that live, soon wnough. He's the future of w3est coast rap and super positive!! Dam, I lopve a shitty economy, it always brings good music back, fact! holla Editor's correction: It was first reported Mirza was Serbian, and let's just say that's not the same as mixing up Roman and straight catholic. Huge blunder, these were the ethnic cleansing dudes, dam! it's the difference between good and eveil and we stand , humbly corrected, my bad MT.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brady beats Tebow, Patriot's win!

OK, here we go, this 1 is for my NFL brethren. What we learned so far in week whatever of the NFL season, OK, 1) Is your technically out of the playoff's you will show up and $'s to doughnuts typically cover against a fringe team FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE, LIFE IS PRESSURE AND CONFIDENCE AND THAT IS WHY WE SAW SO MANY Upset’s today. Of course I roll with the exceptions, do better under pressure, for the most part. As far as my gig as a broker on the currency tip the times I've set records is when I'm on probation, hell, I'm about to ask my new owner to put me on probation even though my #'s r fine. I must, and we, can always do better. And I light fires, in a good way on probation, corporate probation. I would never have % points on a banging bar / cafe in Malibu CA if that was not the case (peep the Habana cafe, L, much love Mark Lavalle and of course our co-owner Cindy Crawford) But for DC and Skin's fans. Man, congratulations, you beat up a division rival on the road, just a little late. The Giant's as their fans know, these days always choke. And the only reason they beat the Pat's during that memorable undefeated season (for the Pat's) SB years ago, is because the Pat's went for it, man they fucking went for it. We watched the Packers drop a game today to the Chef's (see Jerry Graf, Lexington snickers brains) Chief's who r good is because they ripped the entire Patriot's SB staff. And that loss is good for the Packers, no one can go undefeated and win the SB in today's NFL, just a fact and that's why you haven't seen it done. And if Belly took a knee and didn't go legend Pat's would've captured captain Tommy B's 4 the Lombardi trophy, fact, stop, drop roll and holla! So that loss was good, the Redskins suck, but they seemed to outdue themselves when the season was over against a choke team, who would've ever thought that Brady would be him and those guys, well, the Manning’s, people expected them to be what Brady became, and that in lies life. The undergod / shit in town against the Bronco's, I mean dog baby, what's that song? Your not afraid of the underdog and that is something you can't understand and that's why you lose? Wow - it's never the guy that's guaranteed. OK? Now everyone thinks the EURO is going to fall drastically, quickly and soon, and this is a consensus, so we here at GDD think it might go up, on the short tip. Tim Tebow is a cool guy, yes I said it, never will we front on faith and general niceties on the raised right tip. And speaking of theology and seeing the uproar slash support (of Tebow) gives 1 a microscope into the differences of the world, the ignorance AND NEXT WARS. I LOVE JESUS BUT IF I GREW UP IN TURKEY I'D love Allah, does that makes sense? No 1 or the other is correct; faith creates confidence and that is life however you arrive at those means, holla. So I want to direct more of my efforts to understanding, I realize people that gain wealth and the ability to not waste time and take care of their children typically are not religious fanatics. I roll towards science although I believe in angels, and I pray to Jesus because that's whom my parents steered their faith in the direction of. So Tom I mean Tim Tebow is cool but he caught the vapors today, the SEC nature of his game was exposed and for all the faith mongrels’ out there faith is defined with how we deal with adversity. That being said we'll c how he does next Sunday. The Patriots D continues to be a problem, a gaping vacancy, the only thing going for us is the deficiencies of everyone else. The Packers are far and away the best, this loss, the best thing that could've happened to their organization. But 1 game, 1 gigantic stage, the Super Bowl??? Anything yes anything can happen. The Pat's, Jesus, no pun, this V was BIG. I hope to craft some pillars, golden rules of NFL gaming for the cheap better analogous to Peter Lynch’s 1 up on Wall Street I imagine. So, preliminary thoughts. One. Always eye the bounce backs, teams that lost as favorites the weak before that remain healthy with a relative competent coaching staff. 2) Always be cognizant if those bounce back are coming against division rivals, typically if they are playing out of conference on the bounce back tip is stronger. 2) Ride the best teams in the prevailing divisions, they are obvious and reveal themselves early and often. 3) Always Lock terrible teams, not the worst not the O fers but the so-so barely below 500 teams, take them as soon as they are eliminated technically, or mathematically from the play-offs. As said earlier, pressure is everything and these dogged day pro's will shine once it's off. And to further that point, take an eliminated team against a fringe team on the other side. More often than not, if you bet volume, which is counter intuitive and stick to the paradigm, you'll better the odds in your favor respecting the notion of coming out on top. And this is why people can’t bet football. Obsess the favorites as they emerge and ride them religiously (this year Packers, obvious) as long as the spread stays under 20 however pay attention to the fringe teams on the downside, that did just enough to eliminate themselves, once the pressure is off, look out, that's the NFL and u gotta, holla :) Anyojhne favored by more than 20 + points in the NFL will lose will pay much more than they cover. Question: How much different is this than Wall St? Hmmmmmmmm And Tom Brady, thank u, my day was made when #85 Ocho hauled in a 50 yarder, his first TD of the season! I continue to believe he will be instrumental for us in a big way come playoff time when it really, really counts, Happy Sunday Gorilla’s, long life the United States of America, the NFL. Summer crush and the YG foundation PS: Gambling is a waste of your precious earth time. It only ever pay's off if you r the house which as my reader, you r not. Safety tip #103. CP

Our Pez Tree

Happy Sunday in America my gorilla's ! As promised here's a little Chantilly Lace (get it, remember?) our tree and accompanying ridiculous Pez collectables. As noted, notice the strong concentrationof old school SW guys huddling close to the Santa apex, there is a system at work here and one's Pez fame much like the bible Beckett's for baseball cards can adjust seasonally. Just cause your beneath Santa this year?

Huge game for the Patriot's today, also big games for Ravens, Jet's, Steelers, this is the week more than the next two that really define what kind of playoff picture we're going to have. I love the optimism of a Sunday before kickoff, much like the first day of school, i think the Patriot's will win and the Steelers and Jet's will lose, but in reality I'll be lucky to walk away all C-'s, i.e. maybe a Pat's win.

In any event it's exciting because I have no life. The record player get's it done, and bam! We are off to shop, 4 PM kickoff but I get to short the skins this javascript:void(0)week since they covered big against my Patriot's last week. At least the EURO is collapsing, and Summer is queen :)!

"She's your queen to be. " Oha (Coming to America)

God bless this blog, god bless the united states of America, holla !

PS: And god bless Jeff Greene, may he be OK, even if (this pains me to write) we never see him play another minute ever again

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let's Go Hoya's

Happy Saturday evening! And much love to the many holiday celebrations, libations and cheer pulsating throughout our glorious western land of North America. This afternoon I attended a Georgetown Hoyas basketball game, a DC matinee, if you will against a school not a rival in their back yard. The players like the students and alumni themselves are on a different level. People hate to hear that but it's true, and that's why grades are important. And American was tough, but G-Town especially with JT 3 firmly in control of the program now is worlds class. American had some players is totally D1 having qualified for March madness in each of the last two seasons (that may be wrong). Georgetown under the great John Thompson's son has been restored properly to national prominence. The team is black and the school is white and since I was a kid in the 80's this is the way it has to be. There is no shortage of older white white with white not grey but snow white heads of lettuce. I was almost compelled to do an entire montage of all the founding father white haired look alike caucasion men that flooded the good seats. it was truly remarkable and gives one keen insight into a slowly changing social dynamic at our nations most revered institutions. That aside, if this was back in 2002 when Craig what's his name was coaching this might have been a game. But thankfully on that side of the Potomoc order has been restored and it was a blow out. I ran into an old Hayden guy from my hometown and the class of 1989, Toby Romero. He's a lawyer at Williams and Connolly, has three kids and a house in Arlington. He introduced me to his awesome 5 year old son and informed him that I even used to play basketball at Lexington. And I felt proud which never happens. Mostly because my seats were about ten tows better than his and on the coveted, can I say "floor." Inside the hockey boards, fold out, these key words when you get into the slecet company of the firsat five rows. And these seats have been in our extended Georgetown family for years. They are where Justin Kaye has shaken hands with President Barack O'bama's hands. They are wear I ran onto the floor at 100th season's final game and top 50 players of all time ceremoniol game. I screwamed, "What's up Cambridge Rindge!" And Pat Ewing looked right the fuck up. And we were Lexington, a great tradition that Patrick battled in high school, and lost! Not only did I have the best seat diascouinting the entire Lenardo family (Patriachrs of the program) but I had the best shit to say. And after the game, in the middle of filming Where Defense Began, I walked from my seat after the final whistle and approached Patrick Ewing who had just been named the best player ever, @ Georgetown and told him congratulations, and that I played basketball @ Lexington for coach Farias. And he stopped everything and smiled and said instantly, "you guys beat us." And or a second I thought right there that Patrick thought I had played on that team, and I was satisfied, that more than sufficed. I walked right away and called Coach Farias. And it's something that Magic had pointed out years ago with Cris C - and that was, guys listen, espically bench warmers (long live the 12th man) and with floor seats you literally can affect the game. Now this was a pre Jan game I thought was ideal for an on campus Georgtown game. That would've been sick. So Justin

A great memory for a kid, Big Joe's grandson captured here. I remember when I was six years old I was a batboy for the Wareham Gatewen of the Cape Cod league, before the lawnmower, I thought it was the coolest thing. To be close to the game, and that love and passion never evaportaed. And today "Tre best name ever his father has legit game got to hold the ball at his passionate request during a timeout out during today's first half.

A follow up pic shows the little man is in fact having a day.

Back door cut and the dog. This is the Princeton offense or did you forget where JT3 came from? And the dog, the mascot, always big fuck a giant orange, the Hoyas has the real living thing. Matteo was telling me today the funeral is a massive deal and I thought what a great thing to film and document in detail. There he is!

And my favorite part, the hey baby, I'd been waiting all game for it, it's when I first fell in love with those same floor seats in 2002. Hey even though they were terrible I was a huge dirty dancing fan, and this is the joint. And they were OK but Craig had to go which brings me to my next point, it's hard to replace a legend with a big AND sometimes you gotta let go. And before first tip I learned of Jeff Green hearty condition Reggie Lewis were the first things JK said to me. I hadn't even heard anything other than he was hurt and the details were foggy but it's the NBA, dam. I';m glad they saved him, we also watched Jeff Greene the ultimate all around player take the Hoya's to the final four, with Roy Gibbs, Pete Nice gave him a high five coming out of the pub one night where he did his year out here and has been a big fan ever since. But Reggie Lewis, more on that in this o during the next session. And it wouldn't be DC without an outro, go, go, holla

Uncle Preem and my Best Sister Dana!!

It's the holiday's and this morning as I set off for Christmas shopping, I wanted to share with you the best Christmas Present I ever got. If I lost my signed Larry Bird poster from intensive care, I'm sure as hell not going to lose this. I've learned with all the insecure people in this country you need to collect and document stuff along the way, otherwise people don't want to believe you. \Anyway, Berkly the famed music school in Boston held a hip hop night for legends in the production game a couple years back. Keebs was in tow with DJ Premier who was receiving a lifetime achievement award along with Marly Marl (wow!). And I knew it would be a great night and I told Dana to hit up Keebs and check it out. The back stage menu, Chicken and Heinieken. And their were a bevy of other stories I'll come back to at some point, but if your a hip hop fan check the names, and notice they all sign to me, they call me the Dream which back in the day was short for nightmare. And to me, the best nickname I could've asked for quite simply because I dream everyday. Dana set me off this X-Mas, I gotta lace her correct now! She said Preem spent the last hour of the awards show at the after party running down every single act mentioned. Even the inventor of the ":scratch" she said it was amazing, and it was love, no room for war just love. And I thank uncle Preem as always, for a true and lifelong hip hop head as myself. An emcee and writer and salesman to the fullest, thanks guys. What a thing for a guy like me to have, Dream PS: It's worth googling every name you don't recognize as a good history lesson of hip hop. And surprise someone you love this holiday season :) Oh and check big bad Preem's busted handwriting, hahahaha, he hits me with yo Dream Chantilly Lace me. My use of Chantilly lace me, always stuck with Preem hye loved it, and gave it right back to me, holla

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Very Retar Christmas Holiday Extravaganza

Best Party promo I've seen in a while. At least 23 other people, the Black Guy, 2 - funny. JQ pulls a great promo voice I hadn't heard in a minute. A must see if your in the Chi-town area over the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

The Dictator Trailer (Sacha Baron Cohen)

Sasha is back! We here @ GDD have been wondering, where the fuck this guy has been? We need this guy the world needs this guy like I need Ritalin. Happy Friday my Gorrilladunkers :)!

Happy holiday's

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas, Trading Places Break Down Of Highlight's!!! Greatest Holiday Movie Ever

OK, check the marquee, walking in I just knew I was in store for a classic night. and the place was packed. And I decided to film a bunch of favorites on my phone for GDD, with commentary, below catch some highlight's. And you can hear on this first clip the draft house crowd roar their approval when Eddie famously asks "Is there a lawyer in the house?" Which brings us into the nexus of the flick, the bet, 1 dollar, by far the biggest tickling sensation I get is when Randolph giggling with his brother after mapping out a life destroyed says, "We've done it before." Before Hollywood was obsessed with prequel (which rule BTW) they'd already built 1 in, dam. Why you wanna stick me for my paper? OKJ< And of course Eddie takes talking shit to a new level, and flaunts his karate master skills revealing the heavily guarded and secretive 1/4 blood technique. so funny. This next 1 is special, I call the clip, when white people ruled the world volume I. if you ever looking for the opposite of Motown, this is it. They took his job, his money, his house and butler, this one stings as we watch playboy Todd now net his finacee. OK, Santa and Salmon. Attention world, THIS IS MY HALOWEEN COSTUME NEXT YEAR SO JUST DON'T BITE IT (NWA). I like the santa scenes with Akriod so much, I had to get at ya wit 3. And a quote from Pac jumps into my membrane as the trading of the two places was now complete as eveidence in this gem. "My stomach hurts so I'm looking for a purse to snatch" TuPac Santa Salmon cont. Some of these shots are too classic, poster after poster. You can hear the audience get behind a classic point of a classic film. This womens face says it all. Quite possibly the best "face" I've ever seen. Hatty and I used to do crazy , crazy things in public during high school just for the faces, the faces baby, and this one is Midas gold. Throw out decorum, this movie really does make a much deeper point which in it's truth is profound. Comedy is a powerful tool, anybody can make you cry but to truly laugh is a gift, do do it enough as u can :)! Watching him wolf the Salmon hear gets me oh so, just, just right. OK this is a quick shot of Eddie being Eddie, the kind of shit that made him famous, is it just me or do you think this part was not part of the original script? And that's why actors get paid, what can u add to what's already there, Eddie Murphy went light's out in what was at the time the 2nd movie (48 Hours came first) of his brilliant young career. And here's the hustle, what I realized watching Trading Places this time is that the true hero of the film is Coleman the Butler. Akin to R2 D2 in Star Wars he is the sleeping giant of this flick. They guy makes it happen, without Coleman no of this shit works back on the Dukes. and you get to love his choice of costume and toungue. Also I don't know how I missed jamie Lee Curtis's rack, ADD moment, must've been, the only explanation. OK, here you have John Belushi copming out in his underwear, celbrating a new Years Eve on Amrtack (on my to do list) saying only, "look what happened to me." Make no mistake about it, this was a Saturday Night Live flick through and through, what a classic cameo for a hall of fame movie. The Trading Floor. I remembner my first day clerking in the corn pit on the Chicago Board of Trade, I was informed to check a 100 lot in July across the pit, in the pit trade checking is a constant, and the action truly is unlike anything you've ever seen or been apart of. Anyway trying to check this 100 lot I was getting no love, and apperently the trader on the other side of our paper was having a bad day, why? Because he punched me in the face. I went flying off the top step of the corn pit, true fucking story. The pits of Chiacgo were so important to me, and this is why you'll see 4 different sequences here. Pure capitalism - OK - the crop report, in commodities these are the earnings if you will on the stock tip. Earlier this week I mentioned hardwork doesn't pay off in corporate America as mucha s you think. it's all about information sport, the most valuable commodity there is. Now if hardwork paid off the salves would've been millionaires, you must scheme and work hard and above all be smart. I could watch floor highlight's for years, Book II, i have so much more to say, Book II "Outcry" a story of a family, you'd have to live it. And after heading home after a building Christmas party into my solo flight to watch Trading Places I came home to the wife and her beatiful friends rocking Love Actually, and I was forutaunte enough to capture and leave you with my favorite scene. Happy Holiday's and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my players

Tebow of Nazareth - The Retar Crew

And being the O-Ree of the crew I'm always loud and proud when it comes to my, dare I say, uber talented family and friends of mine.

I love the JQ holy beat and forever carry a fresh fondness of panio riffs over euphonious 808's. Spread this 1, and please, please let my beloved patriot's lock this man up Sunday @ 4PM. GQ takes em to church at the end of this, so, so funny, good shit.

Happy Holiday's ! Must see web TV, holla!

Charlie reporting from Paradise.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reasons MASS High School Hoops Rule Part I. Moses Parting the Red Sea

You gotta love MASS high school hoops, in a myspace, myface, 4 square, fake world, fake currency, atrificial life, cpu, cpu, cpu world, kids still come out. This is Lawrence Central, in our project the mighty Minutemen went down to Lawrence Catholic in front of an equally creative crowd.

One of our favorite cuts that Keebs and I spoke about long before we shot or should I say Carmine and or Keebs shot even 1 practice was the newspapers in the crowd. LHS, a forever packed gym from the 50's up until Bob was forced out in 2008 employed some of the more creative crowds in the rowdy rowdy eastern MA high school hoops scene. The kids would all rip out Globe sports sections and put them smack dab in front of their face while the visitors starting lineup was announced.

Anyway this is a gem, I'd post the papers in lexington from the 80's but we need to hold on to some gems, right? otherwise you'd never see the film, holla! This was a nationally featured shot today, love to see eastern MA especially the former arson capitol of America lawrence getting some shine. Big up's Term and Slain, Preem and the Dream Team (us.)

This is dope, long live high school hoops and school pride.

Happy Hump Day.

Chucky P Here's a picture a classic mis print of Lloyd "Fudge" Mumford for all of you die hard lexington Hoop fans. This is the only picture in the world that shows Lloyd playing varisty rocking a uniform that didn't wear #11. Classic. If it was a trading card in my world it would be worth millions.
And speaking of trading cards, here's an Nba COLLECTORS CARD FROM THE 70'S OF THE BEST TO EVER PLAY BALL AT LEXINGTON hIGH SCHOOL. wHERE dEFENSE BEGAN, rONNIE lEE. Afro is killing it kid (SIGH) Everybody loved Ron Lee. But no one loved him more than the kids. We bought kneepads because we wanted to dive like he did. We imitated him in our driveways, crashing to the hoop with no concern for personal safety (to our parents’ chagrin). We actually enjoyed playing defense. We called him “Taz,” short for “Tasmanian Devil,” because he had as much energy as the famous cartoon character, never sitting still for even a moment. On the court, Ron seemed like a big kid himself, playing within the team, but with unstoppable enthusiasm and an evident sense of enjoyment. He symbolized the sheer fun of the game, the thrill of doing what you loved in life and giving it everything you had. Ron Lee was ours.
Thanks to jay Campisi for the pull

Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Tebowing Of All-Time

As we like to say here at GorrillaDunkDaily, ah doooooooooomz.!

also for fans of uh and yeah, former Junior Mafia, Johnny D of Miami has told me that Uh and Yah finally get there due in the form of the major motion picture, The Sitter.

His younger brother caught the role of the main dudes best friend, ala GQ our favorite from Chicago! he loves playing the main dudes best friend (see Drumline). Anyho - when our boy meets method man in the flick for the first time, he says (no everyone que your best uh yeah and un uh voice now) responding,
nice to meet you too dude!

so colassic, and Sean Doyle, Gorrila Dunk Daily thanks you, we're major, and many blessings to scoring many more roles, la viva LA!

AND YEAH, Tebow is Jesus's homeboy without a doubt, next up new England partiot's, I hope Chung is back, dam our 2nd dairy blows....

Our Golden Boy Justin Hartwig Judges with Ms. Pennsylvania!! : Beard Team USA 2011 National Championship

This is awesome or as they say in Boston in french accent "Teet." It's almost an hour so you might want to skim through, but wow, it's a highlight reel / great event to document. But then again with J. Wig and GDD, we'ev been documenting his entire life since for many years. This is a winner.

Just the type of odd, off the beaten track stuff we love to covet smitten. Long Live Gorrila Dunkers! Nice work Ray and great kicking it with you and the Wig this weekend in DC, we crushed it.

to my peeps, enjoy.

YG for life, holla

DJ Premier Talks Life & The Last Time He Saw Guru Alive

Dj Premier Part 2 from The Cut on Vimeo.

And this is for my Preemo fans. And let me just say right off the bat, the best part of this is when he explains his ice cream and Hershey's fudge, once a week treat after responding to a question re; better living / health on the heels of Nate Dog, Goo, and so many in hop hop's golden age checking out early due in many instances to the lifestyle a hip hopper typically leads, fried chicken bithces! But I LOVE it, Guru was a drinker, smoked butt's, Preem is a desert, blunt guy. The only time I ever so him truly sad was at this bar Galaxy which back in 2001 in the heart of NYC (actually LES, hey that may be the heart) he was allowed to blaze up in, crazy. Anyway, I brought JQ and even let two other of his homy's ride with us, it was a 4AM breakfest, and wow, Preem is a desert fanatic and when his brownies came out cold, his face looked like his entire hometown was destroyed by a neutron bomb.

Bottom line is the man is loveable, watch how excited he get's talking about this sundae, and that fudge, too funny !!!!

DJ Permier is a hero of mine. And I've been fortunate enough to kick it with since 99 dozens upon dozens of times. I'd amit if it wasn't for the Keebs Chantilly (in and lace) I prob wouldn't know everything about the man, I'm a study, a die hard.

The last time I was in D & D with him, he got Portland, and trailblzed an "L" as I kicked back, admired his copy of the DVD Pee Wee's Big Adventure and listened to him "fish" over Brazilian vinyl, pop, from the 70's and early 80's. And these are the stories.

My respect level goes beyond for the way he lives his life, the respect he has and how he is to the people closest to him. The GuRu thing , it's just so crazy, and this dude Solar, has fell of the map. He should be in jail and the full story as it eventually unfolds is heartbreaking, Goo didn't have to, and wasn't suppossed to go out like that. Preem once told me he never met anyone like me, and in the spirit of the Teacher to max in Rushmore echoed only, "I'm fairly sure I can say the same about you."

And congratulations Preem on your baby boy, yes fans Preem is a dad, his GF (Charlee) and sister of Yankee's star Derek Jeter gave birth a few months back, shhhh.

Anyway's kicking it at the famous D & D midtown Manhatten , kicked back, eyes shut, blazed tilt, listening to the Beethven of rap production himself fish on foriegn makes my top ten life list, thus far. Quoting the apex fight between Clare and John Bender from the breakfest Club in Tampa Bay, a close 2nd. That shit was awesome, and it was early Fri maybe Sat and hotel security had to come up to Preem's suite and tell us to quiet down, there had been complaints. We got into to it. And het like they say in this bang-er of an interview, crazy attractys crazy, crazy kicks it wi crazy.

And preem thanks for being that way, gid bless you, biggest G, year round, Goo, RIP, Keebs, NYC and everything else in between, big's to black, Boston 2 Texas......


Army / Navy 112th meeting, Homage to a Game of Honor

Happy Monday, and holiday season my gorilla's. And what better way to rejoice in our right to say, well whatever the fuck we want. And in the spitit let's pay respects to our armed forces. And fork over $100 for a seat in the frigid endzone. And with our Super Bowl champion J. Wig in our nation's capitol for the weekend, GDD thought what better way to spend a Sat than to take in this American classic. Pay homage to the front lines and take a minute to be thankful for the freedom's we are afforded (holla!) and the price that has come with it. A sacrifice many cannot fathom. The president was in the house, flipping the Regean commorative coin, and, and he sat the entire 2nd half bunched in with the Army Cadet's. Also i think I'm going to start calling my dear friend keith Bodden, aka the Black Knight, Army, anyway. Here is the fly by + Navy coming out of the tunnels. They had some serious throw back's on, and the anchor on the helmet was MONEY. I lost a 40 push up bet to the Wig.

Here's a couple more pic's

What a camero !

And of course what great American post would be complete without our armed forces GLEE club singing a rendition of our national anthem, proper.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Scratch & Burn - Nvasion (The lost skit, never aired!)

As promised, I was going to share some more work of the original Bombitty Of Error's dudes. This was the pilot skit, MTV deemed it, on the heels of the Sep 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks to be 2 risk-A and consequently never aired, lost to all on the outside until now.

This skit is brilliant, Jeffey's star power is early and supremly evident in this skit. I remember JQ dragged me to a peace march in DC, which in hindsight was a very good thing, the IRAQ war was for shit except for the lives lost, heart and prayers homies. Anyway I pleaded with the boys, Dragon and Jordan were there, GQ was not, to knock on the door of the producers, I felt the whole show was either going to take off or live short based on the inclusion of this skit as the drop off on the first episode which was airing later that Saturday night. JK and I, holla #635 Park Meridian legend spot seven years, Frogger machine ninja's! Anyway we always had Sat. Scratch and Burn parties (ADD happening now) for the entirety o the run, and sometime it was just us, but a party it was , always, The Hook it was grand. For the third 1 JQ was there, he said it was "kinda wierd watching yourself on TV for the first time with a bunch of people." I didn't buy it, to me dude was famous and what was better than that.

I'd been boosting Jeffey for so many years already at this point, this was just another level of elevator action, the real life and entertainment version. And the end the Network, MTV hedged the risk (of course) and went ultra conservative out of the gates, really hammering away at that lucrative 10 year old market. These guys were comedians and talented actors, triple threats but also thinking intellectual types.

And my favorite athletes, musicians and actors will always bridge two worlds, the legends. They use their platform to earn but also represent a bigger cause. They stand a voice out in the crowd aspiring always to influence policy closer to their core intuition. I remember asking JQ where the finish line was as we took lap after lap around the monument and white house, this drew the ire and countless "Bart Eyes" from surrounding hippies, "There is no finish line Carl." A voice like vadar summoned from the back.

Happy Friday in America! The lost skit, and out of all 80 of them, this was my favorite. And the show posthumously has gained cult status, again ahead of it's time, think back 2002, wow, almost ten years ago. Times flies like u.

Happy holidays - Charlie Paradise