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Wed night, Draft Party and the Turkey Bowl., (2011) YG Foundation

And back in DC calming as ever returning my life which is markedly less interesting than the 1 I left behind in Boston. I mean this in the very best way though I'd love to return. And I know we all have much to be thankful for this holiday season, let's start this gorilla engine and hammer away.

Wed Night – Waxy’s.

OK, The lure of Waxy’s in Lex was in full effect the minute it’s doors to a proper bar in Lexington opened their it's OK to get drunk doors, a couple years back. The YG Foundation had space reserved, which was much bigger than I remembered. Pool tables, dartboards, juke box, food and dope sports memorabilia pulled it all together. We had a suggested donation of $30 but left it up to our guests as to what if anything they believed relevant. In the spirit of radio head pay what you want on-line.

We knew going in we were starting over, the cash cow of the Wed night miracles downtown Bean of past would take a $ hit. And starting over back where it all, all started our anchors came up early and stronger than ever. And for us, the YG Foundation, we all had a better time spending our time with guests that meant something to us. And we knew everyone, and we didn't have to break up any fight's and we didn't forget we let a Herion addict watch the drop for five minutes, I didn't endure any attempted assaults collecting, things operated much smoother. We calculated 65 guests at its peak, it was a nice number. The current allotted space can def hold us another couple of years, it looks like we’ve found a home at Waxy’s place is huge and we'll only trade up. An important point of note for any capitalist.

1 thing I didn’t know going in fairly blind was how packed the place was regularly. Throw in two other LHS class re-unions that night improtu; class of 86 and 92, there was a line and the place was mobbed. I'll never not miss the Hartwell House but Waxy's finally did the space justice. And it was live. My mother had to smuggle Coach Sullivan past the line, as we can’t have former state champions waiting outside in line to get to our event, fuck that. And after everything went down, our profit was their, and more than enough to keep it moving. Plus we got the golf outing too, two events now, we'll add a third when the location reveals itself like a franchising step. Anyway We’d throw the party just for the re-union but while we’re at it let’s be a reason to show a smidgen of why capitalism can work. We like to think of ourselves as the opposite of the bank bailout. We did it just because.

It was a feel good night. My Wed night highlight was a strong Chris O’Connell making an appearance and soaking in some suds with us. Chris, as all of you from Lexington know is winning the fight against Leukemia. He has always been the greatest guy. And he has a ton to live for, it was like unicorns being able to shake his hand, have a beer and see things on the up and up with a talented former teammate on the up and up, much love CC.

And allot of the feel good came from his story over the last couple of years. Also the class of #95, his year continues to emerge, it’s great. And next year Carolyn and I will again activate our magic.

In any event at the golf I got to sit with Brek, Jamie and Scott Perry during our raffle, and Wed night saw Mike O’Brien and Katherine Scott roll through. We saw Mr. Andy Costello, his younger brother Greg and of course the aforementioned Chris O’C. Love all those guys. Tommy Layne fresh off his super cop story and also a long time stalwart of the Wed doctrine was there early along with fellow anchor Steven Cuzzierre, you steal my heart every year pal. I’m bias towards kids that were in the ace program with me.
• side highlight. Seeing Fran Ludwig fresh off her arrest in Washington DC.

In all seriousness big shouts to everyone that attended, it’s always for a great cause and a great excuse and platform to always re-unite. To all our family, YG, 94 and beyond thank you helping us keep this thing together. Strength in numbers, and we welcome Waxy O’Conner’s, the now 4th location in our 13th year (6 after Charity had been formed) of the Wed night back party. Next year I’m thinking of taking the upstairs and booking the Retar Crew out of Chicago. And as always quality raffles and next year getting back to our what made us famous principals, at least 1 celebrity guest.

The criteria for a YG celebrity = Any pro athlete, movie star (been in at least 3 major motion pictures) and or hip hop legend. Or Ethan Zohn, Amander Palmer or John Berg / Derek Evans (LA producers, Lex hoops guys from 80's, holla)

It was a great re- start. I believe next year our attendance will jump 20, and we’ll never go away, we'll always grow trying to make smart decisions that facilitate our followings participation.

It feels good to do the right thing, to this day I know if I’m doing or even saying something I shouldn’t, I get the pit in the stomach.

The Turkey Bowl.

The granddaddy of them all. OK, let me state the terse or for us ACE kids “wicked quick” version. Basically someone who will remain anonymous got caught in the end zone for a game ending safety then puked on his mother. And it wasn’t me. But we won, 7-5, played to seven and I thought we’d been out there for most of the afternoon, I was mentally preparing for sunset when I jumped shotgun (Scully) peeped the clocked and freaked out. It was only ¼ 2 1? What? How did this happen? We'd kicked off closer to noon. Dam, to quote Mick Jagger what a drag it is getting old. We also had two 7 year olds as captains; this was also new to our Turkey Bowl. Patrick Crogan and Pete Goldberg BOTH shunned their dad in the opening round but taking next tit for tat as it was hilarious to see the dads and their young boys give them that look which both picked up on despite my efforts to disrupt their intuition. And both made contributions. One player that will remain anonymous cloth lined the 7 year old Pete on the 2nd series forcing a brief play stoppage and a ton of Bart Eyes.

We’re all plating to win but……

After the game we went to Mario’s and ordered small cheese pizzas and drank wine from Limerick s basement. We were 2 tables plus 10, our normal set up against the Southern back window. Clearly, the highlight of our post game lunch was the owner coming out from behind the curtain and delivering a free order of garlic cheese bread personally. Why is this important? First off it’s the first time any of us had ever seen him. We’d been coming to Mario’s since the mid 80’s some of us longer many of us I should say. I was once permanently banned from Mario’s in between 90-92. I used to stand outside and wait for the guys to finish their dreamy lunch when I was relegated to the Maunders slice (no hate only love) and sat back with some “unique” fellows out on a day pass wandering unhinged. One of those chaps we ran into is revealed at the end of this update. "TR, is that your mini Cooper?"

Anyway I think it was four years ago when a waitress came up to a table of 16 of us and presented us with two on the house orders of cheese garlic bread following our Turkey Bowl tackle battle of the annual ages. Copped garlic bread? This was a first of firsts. We’d done the same routine for years @ Mario's and on the then 10th anniversary we were acknowledged in a way however subtly lacking substance brought me to tears. And a few years later the man himself came out. This past Saturday in fact. He looked younger than I thought, I mean the place has been there; thankfully unchanged forever, and we’d never laid our Edison’s on him. He was Claw from inspector gadget, the bad guy whose face you never would see just his hand or in this case a good guy and just his long black hair (i.e. lettuce). We had a very auxiliary sense of his appearance, and the long lettuce is what we’d most have to go on if forced to capture a composite.

And life is full circle, and Lexington is filled with microscopic metaphors whenever I set down and have a day. It’s the most interesting to me. 35 years old we finally met the Mario’s owner, he came out, heavy faced with a heavy heart, long black hair, looking every bit the part of a guy you’d want making your pizza since forever. He met the little guys, was gold and came bearing warm Garlic bread with melted cheese, food is love. And we were psyched. A reminder of the good that came out

After Mario’s most went home to bath or interview themselves in the shower (our favorite thing to do after the TB and for me every Tuesday) but not us. For myself, Magic TR Ludwig and Scully we needed more soak, clock was running out on our time their together. So we headed to Bridge school the jewel of juvenile education in Vegas on the L-EX tip.

And we walked around the res, together, and it takes me to now armed with the keenness of recollections lenses to fondly remember with a written hand one of the reasons I’ve always loved these guys. And perhaps an explanation to the longevity of the 15 of us stills all as 1 to this day. Fall walks around the Res is high up on the list. And it’s hard to explain, 1 Young Gun makes me crazy, but start throwing 2, 3 god forbid eight in the mix and I’m tilt. What’s funny is that magic kicking back old thoughts of a thousand memories of so many days spent growing flash back in a dazzling display of what a smile on occasion can mean, a thousand stories and a million words.

I’m glad we grew up without the Internet until college. I’m glad we had closer to an experience dating back hundreds of years than kids have experienced going forward a couple decades regardless of epic jumps in our technoliogical strides. Irony is king and ironically enough we're now the balance.

And walking back to our cars parked in the back of Bridge I hear the bombshell, the stomach dropping Tower of Terror style tone, Oh Doctor" nothing magic says in Lexington scares me more as panic quickly trapped my breath.

“What?” We’re forever nervous of who we might run into paling around Lexington, and Mike had just dropped one that might have come up in a few past discussions regarding this very topic, David Sears. The British speaking Lexington raised staple of our childhood center of town visits, and FOR MANY. We asked ourselves with a quick huddle if we were mature enough to handle this? After all these conversations historically could get pretty goofy. Touched with a slight case of autism we quickly concluded that he was a legend at our boys and would’ve been YG director, Matt Santo's wake. And before that even fully slipped out of my mouth TR was they’re saying hello and re-introducing ourselves. And it was great and what followed from there is the scandal you see pictured at the top. Actually I can't post pic's from my phone, need Stunner B (Summer C's hidden and aggressive alter ego) help on that modification. Anyway coming soon to GDD, the picture of Brian seconds before embarking on a 40 mile bike journey in full Tour De FRance after opting out of the Turkey Bowl on the grounds of serious injury. Just 1 more minute and we never would've known. Pic-2-Follow.

OK so it’s now almost 2PM, we ‘d played for a short period relatively early and decided to make our next stop after Bridge at Lavy’s house, his new house right up the street. Now I love this house, marriage and children for an abundance of reasoning. A) I love Brian the artist formally known as “monster” and B: I like Sara who was in the same fifth grade class as me, Magic, Terrence and Santo more! And they just moved back into the house Sara grew up in in my neighborhood seconds from Bridge. Naturally this was our next destination. And this is what we discovered. The full tour de France looking outfit, just leaving for a monster bike ride after declaring he WAS UNFIT TO PARTICVPIATE IN THE TURKEY BOWL.

This is why it’s smart to surprise people. The photo for this blog was a toss up between this and a picture of a tag on the refreshment stand at the Lexington high school football ticket booth that read only, “Waste Your Potential.” Gotta love it after all that’s 1 half of the town. Instead I opted from the games pre game footage.

And Magic would say, “just 1 more minute Brian.” Hahahaha he would’ve been home free. After working through his patient response and feeble explanation / excuse we embarked out back for a couple beers and hung out with the baby (Ki), Adeline the rock star, Sara, Scully, Tick, it was for a moment how I wish life would always be. Not a lot of things but that, just kicking it with the people you trust the most and have a history together that makes time stand still. I love the holidays and unfortunately for direct families these events can be some of the hardest times, for whatever reason, it happens all the time. But for the kids you grew up with lucky enough to do it one more time, remember when, nothing like it.
Happy Holidays, and thanks, thanks to all of you that give a fuck enough to peep and still stay down, word.


Charlie Paradise

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