Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Today. Brian "Monster" Lavalle delivers the best play action fake of the Day!

Dear Gorrilladunkdaily:

We saw the former John Elway of Turkey's Past Brian "monster" Lavalle in full tour de France get up preparing to bike into Boston in his bridge School neighborhood. We thought you'd enjoy seeing as it was reported he was sidelined for the Turkey Bowl with chronic lower back pain.

PS: Once we tweeted, Magic Mike Prensky showed up and we caught this gem seen here, thought you'd enjoy

Yes, yes, yes and yes. OK, see, this is why I love the internet, a ton to hate about it, w / out a doubt, and I'd like to explore some of the sexual downsides pertaining to children and the internet, which is huge, but for now, let's bath in this gem. You wanna know why the internet is great? Because this guy mails in the football game, stands on the 50 yard line playing the standing on the sideline part to a tee, Oscar. And this is what we find a few hours into post game. Hey Brian you think C-Rat wanted to be out there covering Colby on crosses back peddling at 35? You think the kid that barfed three times once on his mother wanted to be covering fly routes on a Sat AM?

We're all hurting, we're all the same age, but we got to do it, it's a huge part of the family, this game, who wins, and where they are at come game day. Magic called in to only say he said, "just one minute earlier, and he would've been home free." And that right there is caught red handed.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why this is your Gorilla Dunk Daily photo of the month...

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