Monday, November 21, 2011

Today's March (November) in DC

Well it wouldn't be a weekday in the United States w / out an organized march protesting something. They seem to lose their luster but an organized peoples still a gorgeous thing. Today's march apperently was due the an Ethiopian ban on head scarves in schools, wierd. I mean seperation of church and state baby, can u actually protest that, here?

I guess so - this was walking down to luch with the Turkish Tom Cruise to Old Ebbit's grill. A place I'm pretty sure (Uncle) Ted Kennedy fall on his face drunk at least twice. Anyway slow news day @ GDD. Great lunch, and slogan of the day for my right leaning audience, remember where u heard this first as it blows.


Of course I support the movement and hope as noted yes here, they can hone their scope and issue a few changes aimed at Wall St and speculative devives. So I say, march on through Nov - Dec and into 2012. Also, Congress sucks, the teap party would rather let the country burn on a black mans watxch that come up with bio-partisan legislation that will protect our credit rating, bull shit.

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