Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Senior Night, 19-0, undefeated, Jan 07. (1973, Ronnie Lee) "With a knife."

OK, Happy hump day Gorilla's! This is drawn from Keeb camera 1, and 1 thing we've learned is the standard def stuff is not compressing like it should on the pixel tip equating to a quality viewing experience. But no bother, last night's work, rummaging through, and swiss cheesing the hundrds of hours we have, and what a compelling story in light of how it all unfolded.

I do believe our supporters are begininng to grow, and i think there is a real appetite i.e. market for people against every child win, sports are not important, and gold medals for every child generation. Remember your brain is programmed to understand success only through failure.

"If winning is not important, then why do we keep score?" Vince Lombardi.

If your a capatalist, then this should be important, a micro-cosm if you will regarding a national issue. So many kids now from the trophy generation of no one fails, it really kills me. This has been in effect for quite sometime now. And due to the metoric rise of the elite in Lexington and a vanquishing of the last fibers of working middle class in my beloved hometown over the past decade, Lexington, has in the past few years, for all intensive purposes become ground zero for this type of hand holding. And it does kids a grave injustice. Catch a man a fish, ah forget it.

Young adults all over our heard throughout the major citites in therapy, complaining to therapists that they have nothing to complain about! Strange, this 1%, these were after all the paren ts that Ran the Big Guy out of town. Life is hard, do not shelter your kids, protect and allow them to fail so they can appreciate success.....

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