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Return from South America. Back in Boston, solo back in business 03/01/20101

Throw back GDD posting, just last year, I'd just returned from a 4 month hiatus kicking it down and out South Americastyle, waiting for my time on the bench, so to speak, expired. New posting, Wed night party, YG and TB 2012 to follow. Draft party tonight, rules lunch today @ 2:15 Mario's. Hopefully i can get some game footage up here for tomorrows contest, enjoy this 1, very reflective after a crazy year, some old shit.

January 8th, 2010.

Sigh, well, well, well, look what we have here. I've been in Boston currently the longest stretch since I left Nardone landscaping and headed to DC 11 years ago. My stint in Chicago, while rule wreaking, eye opening and wonderfully painful was not sustainable. "Just leave."
"where should I go?"
"Anywhere. it doesn't matter."

This was a typical exchange between myself and the big Guy during my senior year in ACE. “Anywhere” he said, “it doesn’t matter" it was something I'd give allot of thought to, I'd say, "how can every single place in America that's not here be better? Lexington is off the map!” I'm his boy, I'm mastering systems, etc, etc. It was well timed, and one day I understood he understood that I got it, I walked off a landscaping job in Lexington at $10 an hour and said like Paul Newman in the closing shot of the Color of Money (sequel to the Hustler) and said, I’m back.” And I meant it, I wasn’t put here to be that, and that’s all the respect in the world. It was just, on so many levels, not me. I was 22 years old, and I already had two books under my belt. These books were not written just a collection of everything I’d seen and been through. A tapestry of images that bled a familiar emotion in Lexington with some of the cats my sister and I liked to pounce with, “CALLED THROWING AWAY IT ALL a couple times a week.” And it hit me, I saw my life, peered around at Bo, the lawnmower, trucks, and dunkin doughnot coffee. And one Friday I left, Good Will Hunting style never to come back. I threw my Chicago board of trade, and mailed it out the window. I took a job in the operations department at a financial services co. in Washington DC. I was the first ever at Ruesch International, first to ever to re locate cities for a jobs in operations, I.e. order entry. And @ 22K a year, in August of 1999, I was staffed in operations, on top of being white, throw in the blue eyes and I was again one of a kind, the position I loved to play. No one knew me down there which meant I had a blank canvas and no thought ever was more empowering. I could be anyone I wanted to be, I was no longer exposed to historical trappings that define you as juvenile when bad decisions amount. I was going to get it right this time, I and thanked Coach Farias, he had made a huge point, unearthed the key to my success, and it was very simple thing.

So that being said it is of extraordinary coincidence that I happened to be far out of the country and would be unable to attend the Coach Farias retirement bash at the Lexington elks.

Here’s a true story that never happened. If I had been there, and say for argument I happened to be hyper, and happened to be there early, and happened to be fondly pushing as the golden comment in our ACE centric verbiage went, “yucken it” and lastly let’s say legend, after hoop legend from the 80’s and 70’s were rolling in and I got so hyper that I ordered two cocktails at once. Then say the big Guy is unrepentantly early, I spot him, heart drops, gently push the drinks over to magic’s side whom I’ve distracted by pointing out a girl that looked awfully like some other girl, blah, blah. The point is, I hide those drinks and I hide em quick. And if he makes a comment about magic going double heavy and early cast off as the big “booza” of the night, I’d agree and pile on. Of course we could say Summer c was there and then it never would’ve happened, this is a true story that never happened. So I missed his big night, because I was somewhere far away he’d ALWAYS TOLD ME TO GO, THE ONLY WAY IT COULD EVER WORK out AND THAT ‘ll a be a miracle anyway, he’d say, but anywhere but here step numero uno.”

And as much as I know the Big Guy as a tough and very winning basketball coach, those were the moments for me. “Act like you’ve been there before.” He’d suggest to save me the embarrassment OF dancing in the end zone for a winless team if I ever caught a touchdown, “act like you’ve been there before.” And it wasn’t every players or students experience but it’s hard to play for a tough coach. I’m glad I’ve been in fights, I’m glad I played when my coaches could smack me because I didn’t know shit and often crossed boundaries.

It’s like winter in Chicago JQ says, “weeds out the wimps.” After my lunch at Mario’s with the one and only Gayle zee! Where I murdered a small cheese and Pepsi, light on the ice, my mother had the never seen before stuffed mushrooms, didn’t even know they were on the menu. This has been our YG spot, ten strong for 20 plus years and we’ve only ever ordered small cheese, or chicken parm with shells, and for those occasions thank god Mario’s allows you to bring your own wine and beer. No kegs however because we tried that after the 2001 Turkey Bowl, false advertising on them or us forcen it? Depending on your attorney is usually the right answer.

And speaking of attorney’s my holiday return to Boston wouldn’t be complete without a family jail update. Hit the average, a few in, a couple getten out, a couple going in virgin , yikes. All friends, all people we grew up with, half white, half black, city / suburbs different but very same root issues those are the facts. All the kids that got in trouble, got through it and are still alive, are successful, grown up and happy. And the kids that were much more focused on their path and respectful somewhat of authority, that would never, ever, be included in the utter disgust column with the likes of say myself and Black Knight, lost control, got caught up in some dumb shit as awareness flew right out of the window to a Rick Ross beat. It makes sense, sure don’t.

When our kids now men going to realize that juvy is ill, and jail is prison which blows. And before your eighteen DYS makes hoody white girls love you for that’s credibility which has never retreated in it’s significance. DYS? I was praying to get sent to that shit as a teenager to overlook my comfortable Astori childhood neighborhood, I was forever spray painting UNLV 94 for a label that didn’t exist. But we spat lyrics, and my freestyle is back at a point we’re I’m going old school, walking into open mikes at coffee houses on that icy whim up on U street and spitting dysfunctional words that ryhme back and forth on spot, only white, guy, holla been doen it for years.

The first time summer saw it she hit up the Shad and I favorite “god dam.” she didn’t have to say it. And it was a beautiful thing, the only reason I took these courageous steps to walk into a bar on 12th and U street, only white person, put my name on a list, sit there and actually freestyle for a whole beat was to impress my wife. I thought it would help us through the tough times.

And you gotta love it, my favorite is the always immediate ensuing discussion, “was that shit just freestyle?” and in this instance the MC said no, and my big chocolate sisters in the front shut that down, they knew, and the awkward pound or handshake routine began as the crowd sweated the swagger which is what it takes to do that to this day. I had Terrence, Hasan, JD and the Black Knight to let me know my shit was on point at 12.
Only god, yes I said it, somehow allows that shit to happen. Anyway as far as the awkward fist or handshake end of the moment gesture, Just be unwavering with one or the other, WHITE AND BLACK both PEOPLE FUCK THIS UP.

My new and first and most adorable summer crush surprised us new years eve and we bolted to old Anthony’s Pier 4 on the south waterfront where we ate lobsters and watched fireworks. It was a great night, and with my sister dana and M icky in tow we really, as we used to say in ACE program, “yucked it up.”

And I missed coach Tighe’s final game, it was the first time T-Bone the mighty “spec” had been back to Astori in fifteen years, I told him we’d blaze and drive around before I leave as he listed off the many streets he had to drive down on his trip down memory lane. Speaking of Nostalgia I remember the zeal and happiness of which mediocre teams used to bring to my town and city, witnessing an NFL team which might go on to rest All discussions in a sports crazed real city is a reminder of very good life.

Shaq! Has announced he’s fighting for the minuteman in the annual April 19th re-enactment. Amanda Palmer gets married. Front page of the Boston Globe, that was a girl that started off not sellen out, and it paid off it’s crazy when something launches like that right from your high school’s smoking section, all over the world amazing things still can happen to you.

A teacher once told me you only get 3 exclamation points in your life,
I’m so gay

And the family is good, the hood, city, Southie and lex-vegas, Boston at large, better than it ever B, fellas. Anywhere but here
was the smartest advice I’d ever received, because I bought it and made it not happen.

I had to get out so I could come back and as the minutes ticked away on a Thanksgiving I had to miss I thought just that, over a steak and litre of Quilmes in Palermo, Hollywood, Buenos Aires. I’m glad, and I’
M glad to report Summer sunshine aka summersault is taking MORE AND MORE TO OUR BELOVED BEANTOWN. :Pizzeria Regina in the north End has been a catalyst. And cuz we all can’t be famous rock stars you gotta keep up connections in a crazy world that can get you in a variety of ways. And that’s why it’s so good to be back, this isn’t appointment I’m just dropping by. Because I left, thanks Boston, big up’s to old school Lexington and black Dorchester

Happy Holidays everyone.


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