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The House Of Bespoke, BIGGIE, Tu-Pac and Occupy Wall St.

The House Of Bespoke.

Tailored, affordable suits from the comforts of your own Den!

The House of Bespoke aims to bring reasonably priced custom tailored suits on-line, made easy!

OK, what makes this especially exciting for me, outside of the fact I’m about to suit up, get slick and cosmopolitan for the impending winter, (which should showcase clothing for males seasonally speaking) is that my FX business partner Omer Esiner is behind this one. And here at GDD we report on everything under our never setting sun, and always keep you informed on the greater family. These stories are almost always better than Charlie Paradise and our love of high school basketball and NFL offensive linemen.

This is on-line suit ordering made easy, I watched this hatch from the ground up. And I’m a firm believer in the quality and process these guys have drilled into. I guarantee you buy one and this will be your preferred suit “guy” for the life of your heart rate. The low end starts at around $300. For a custom made suit that’s you. I love house of bespoke for the same reason I love and want to be a pitchman for Pandora, here’s my slogan. I love Pandora, cause Pandora is me. Anyway I’ve seen the “O” also known as the Turkish Tom Cruise in these parts, rocking these joints lately and I must say, I’m inspired. I want to get my slick back, enough with the fart jokes.

And lastly I witnessed the search of the connect like anything it’s all about the connect, or in this case the manufacturer. And they came through clutch, and they’ve been beating down the doors of the corporate offices of AOL, Yahoo, Mircostrategies to name a few, setting up a table and spreading the gospel. Buy early, get a deal, enjoy the lavish conquest of confidence one activates when stepping into a custom suit made just for you brought to you by house of Bespoke. Shipping is easy, if it doesn’t fit you send it back, they will tweak and deliver right back free of charge. A portion of the proceeds goes towards an organization that helps funds suits for job seekers. So sick, it’s a service, world economy boys, I love the internet, get involved. Raise your suit game guy, go custom, go House Of Bespoke or go home player, not yet ready for the major leagues.

Please check out the website and below link, and build your own suit on the build a bear tip, it’s exciting, and they got everything a wanna be Gordon Gecko, Jay Gatsby or Mafia could ever be looking for. The suits and some of the lining options have tickled me gigantic. She shines; I need to watch the Cotton Club. I might announce a Harry’s brunch right now just so I can wear cuff links. Of course it’s NFL Sunday, week something, and wing sauce never rides so well against pink cuff links. And god bless the side hustle, if you don’t have some legitimate prospects at 1, your not trying, your occupying. Side thought: Having duck dinner (Peking Duck, Falls Church, wow, yum) Friday with Omer Esiner, the man himself and other dear friends of ours the occupy argument came up in conversation like it has a knack for doing as of late. Anyway it’s so funny how quickly the inner hippie if it was even ever there leaves once you hit mid 30’s. And that’s the thing, thirty-five? I mean it’s not that old. But one after the other, I gotta stop bringing it up.

Apparently they are lazy, disgusting, at the same level with homeless lunatics, and above all else pathetic. Now granted I can’t condone people say that are 5 and have had more days off than they actually worked over the past forty years, this is cannot and will not tolerate. But the bank bailout truly was bullshit, the last remaining boys club, thought they’d all succumbed, not this 1, the most sacred is always the last to fall. But you wake up every morning, god forbid you make a little scratch, and bam it happens. I guess this is why I love 2 Pac ever so slightly more than BIG probably more but they are undoubtedly my, #1 and #2. But Pac could make $100 million and still wouldn’t really give a fuck about it at all. He’d have been akin to Bill Gates his maturity and survival and own children would’ve further inspired a true revolutionary. If he lived to tell. Biggie would’ve hit 100 million, gone Republican next to JZ, and fallen head first into high chambers of capitalism confidence, the New York in him would’ve made it more about the money a bigger hustle than any greater cause. And that’s fine, you’re not hurting anyone, this is America it’s just not me.
Pac would’ve given it all back, he would’ve put Africa on his radar, and he’d of see through the supposed rising black middle class knowing it was not demonstrative of the true communities he came up in, that he raised his voice so loudly for on their behalf. The game is the game unless you don’t look at it like 1.

And wars become part of “the game.” By the way the Game got his name the Game because that’s what his grandmother used to call him, as he was always “game” for anything. A WAR HAS ALWAYS BEEN TUMBLE TOWN FOR THE SHAKERS, DECION MAKERS, AND EVERYTHING IS INTERTIWINED. HAVE YOU SEEN THE RECENTLY BROUGHT TO LIGHT INSIDER TRADING INFORMATION SCANDAL ERUPTING in CONGRESS? OF COURSE IT WOULDN’T ERUPT it won’t erupt, I have a feeling that story will go away. The problem is these days after 10 years of Bush what’s not to protest? Barack walking into that shit show never got a fair shake, I do think he’ll win this next election, narrowly. And Pac would see these headlines, he’d have watched the bail out for the banks that rammed unqualified mortgages to unsuspecting and ignorant American public, and that was the first step. Then the magic, and this is what are best minds our of the Ivy league schools are doing, on wall street, finding genius new ways to gamble, creating nothing. Most all futures and derivatives are speculative.

And I don’t know what to do; it makes me think if I’m the Chinese PM I’m in no fucking rush to float the currency. But the money thing, the if your not a conservative thing by 40 the old cliché went, you had no brain. It’s so funny, as soon as you have something to lose, make enough scratch doing little, i.e. good fully legal job on lock, (they are everywhere out there if you scheme right) then you become one with the system, one with order, too much to lose, get a life / job.
And I get that, but I also say there has to be a response to this bank bail out! It's not enough, that's it, the root causes of the great recession, not one person in jail, still trading away mortgage back securities like baseball cards. In any event, the Arab spring, the riot’s in London, the fall of the white man’s dominance cause a guy in Norway to mass murder children that was his statement. Volatility is up in the 2nd decade of the internet connected world. The inter connected world brings power to the people; these were the moments I was waiting for when the Internet hit. It’s always forever been about the information when playing the “game.” And we’re the USA,. Protest, its bullshit, you should, especially if your young, now focus your scope; vow to fight on until the trading of mortgage-backed securities is suspended. Don’t stop until you curb speculation dramatically more than were revised in the Dodd act. 2-Pac once said, “Money went as quick as it came.” And it’s funny how that works.

So listen, I’m not going to Occupy DC, I was a young Republican for Christ Sakes. But I support their pulse, Pac would too. And don’t forget the US margin call, I’m out of the gym on the fact that I believe these bakers, and famous Greenwich shorter have become a national security risk. We’ll lose the ability to properly protect ourselves if we lose our credit ratings, owe everything to everybody and become underwater like so many US homeowners these days. And that’s it, the 2nd part of their now refined scope would vow to fight on until Mortgages are forgiven on the faulty premises, the banks got bailed out that should be extended to the homeowners that got caught up in it. Got some finance guys right the fairest rule possible many morons out there can’t forgive everyone there has to be some kind of profile, and that’s it.

I’m looking forward to the Euro falling forward and ordering my custom suit from House of Bespoke, with the sick lining, just in time for for the holidays. What an activity from my own home before kick off Sunday. The House of Bespoke just it out now while just opened prices and deals are out there. Ordering custom tailored suits, now that’s something both Pac and Big could agree on. Click on the below link, build a bear for adults, enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Charlie Paradise

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I have tried House of Bespoke a few times they are great!

Custom Suits and Suits for reasonable price and great quality you can not go wrong.

I am a fan!