Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clearing out the mind attic.

A few things, one Penn State might go for a historic, all-time, Watergate type of ceiling busting corruption unfathomable to all. I remember studying Watergate in college unlike Max Fisher in Rushmore he wrote a 1 act in the 3rd grade about it. Anyway for me, 1 thing always jumps to mind. My professor, the illustrious, Dr. Keaton had written on the chalkboard a simple phrase to introduce the subject of Nixon and Watergate to our class.

“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

And it was sad, the only reason I portended to like the guy was because I loved Alex P. Keaton, and his move on China in the face of Russian cold war escalations was money. Kissinger was a young star out of harvard perhaps given too much clout for his age and the times, but Nixon was a very insecure man. And much of his unravleing had to do with that fact at it's core. Pap Joe is not an insecure man, it's what he represented, the Mount Rushmore of American college football, the perception, the class, the respect = cover up. It's completly akin to the catholic church in Boston, cover up, it can never come out, we are the catholic Church for Christ sakes. We are Penn state in this instance, it could never be us.

But how true it rings and what an ugly case of high politics against the lowest level of crime targetying socecties most vulnerable. This helps explain how something like this which I believe has gone on since the 70's to some degree explains how this could go on unchecked for so, so long. I loved the Nitnany Lions as a kid. The first market I ever made in Junior High involved the Nitnany Lions on a New Years day. My Godfather and most important Grandfather were Johnstown PA guys. All the right moves, football, America. If Texas and Florida kids grow up playing year round in sunshine, Western PA kids grow up playing in the mountains, the elements. It’s a Quaker state and Penn State, a source of enormous state pride. The Nitnany Lions, what simplistic uniforms, the solid blue & white appeared almost regal. All American - all the way through, a tradition of excellence and class. And this is why my godfther Clay years ago put me on to them. If you see the 5th grade camping trip (below vid) and observe how I weave in between three outfits, the 2nd was a Penn state football jersey. My godfather was my hero, went to Wall Street and dated Cybil Shepard. If he told me the Penn State Nitnany Lions were the West Point of college football’s A class programs teams, they were. And they won, and they were tough, and everyone respected the widely adored Brooklyn kid, Joe Paterno. The author of tough love and marine like disipline.

If anything, this may be a case of, "um in hindsight maybe I should’ve called it quits when I was 75." That’s a big ten years, BTW Sandusky throws him under the boss in the Costas breaking the ice speak out tip interview Sunday night on rock city. What an awful, what a creepy interview, if you are not sexually attracted to young boys you answer and emphatic unequivicol, no. An immediate no, he repeats the question, ponders before jumbling a response that screamed , why!

“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Only this type of pain could have caused this type of melt down and there in lyes the fascination. Summer would ask me two days into it, “yeah what is this penn State thing?” And it’s tough to swallow, difficult to explain to non sports heads why it's eating up so much google news. And the sad part, we know it’s true. I respect the innocent to proven guilty thing but also respect the right to my opinion. Which in this case is a slam dunk. If you think he’s innocent and you don’t know him, you hold on to god too tightly. And the mighty Joe, at the height of his unfettered rule, passed it up, the bare minimum, and it went away. Like everyone involved at the state college level hoped it would. And it did, it became that thing, you never spoke about , ever. Like a mob wife a complete denial that becomes real the longer you don’t acknowledge it. Months, to years, victories pile on, 80 million a year, can’t fuck that up. This brings me to my always seems the same 2nd point, people do crazy shit for money. Granted it’s a tough conversation, and granted I do believe people tend to overestimate themselves, but I’d like to think I’d report him to the hospital via jail perhaps stick the dogs on him along the way.

And so again it occur’s, America loves the rise and fall which explains the always popular mafia films. I’ll finish with this on Penn State. I believe that this was Watergate. I believe this was a calculated cover up that runs up to the highest level of supreme court and political office in PA over the last decade. I think there is the case of the missing District attorney from the 1st Grand Jury prosecution years ago that's disappeared, disappeared? What the fuck is that all about? It’s 2012, my Snickers bar has a GPS attached, no one disappears, there are man hunts! It's the information age. Disappeared? The janitor that saw the most horrid detail to emerge is senile at a mental joint. Joe paterno sells his house, which might be a coincidence. But Penn State getting the Supreme Court to pass a protection law stating it would never be obliged to share certain documents in certain cases, which this is 1. ! Yikes. This was passed a few years back a defensive posture meant to mitigate the fall out should these allegations ever come to light. Years ago? Raises an awful eyebrow, and it’s believable.

And it’ll all coming out, there’s a holy element here in play big time, which makes it harder on the victims. That’s the mind fuck of it all. That’s how fucked up this situation is. The church once again, how many times do we have to see this? The people holier than though who about anything are actively the loudest are self sinners in that which they saw demonstrably exhibit against - everytime.

I’m glad my Uncle Clayt and CC baby are not around to see this fall from grace of a disgrace. I’m sorry fellas.
Boycott Kim Kardashian – she’s needed to take it down a level and concentrate on something realer than expanding the Paris Hilton mold that it seems the public is going the other way on now. "Kris" the mom’s self titled uncencorsed book which hit shelves last week as she ferreted around the country to promote it’s filth makes me vomit. In it she dishes about her own infidelity to her first husband, Kim's dad, great, and something about OJ, enough. OK, in the North End they’d say or used to say, take it ease. Kris Jenner is this weeks GDD winner for “need’s a break.” Time for a time out Kardashian, your forcing it. This transition from fame to fade from the spotlight will be hardest on big Khloe. Thank god Lamar has got her back, NYC, keepen it real brother. You read the sarcasm, right?

If my GDD readers remember my flute about the Riot’s in London earlier this year, and how we at GDD suspected it was more than just a few disgruntled teens it was more, well look what we have now. The arab spring came first, god bless it, Syria fall! The occupy movement in the US came after. And look what those kids started, and dam, Momar went out, the knife in the booty keeps a couple dictators armed and restless.

The Patriot’s crushed the Jet’s cementing my weekly happiness, I’ve come roaring back shorting the Redskins each of the last three weeks, bet your ass I’m short Skins Sunday against those surging Cowboys, although grain of salt Dallas fans, news flash, the Bills are not that good. I took Dallas and Miami last week at 1. I’ve loyally shorted the Skins since I got here ten years ago, simple dimple.

Lot’s of love, and sadly for many tea partiers and Republicans Mitt is like OB 1 Kenobi to the rebellion, you’re my only hope. Newt? I think the white house would welcome that challenge. Next campaign is going to get ugly and very threatening, fright tactics. Hoid your ground - long live our current US President! He's the man, Republican debates are the best on the so bad it's classic and funny tip. I don't think that equates into a winner come November, rule of thumb of course is that lot's can change between then and now - holla not a holy holla just a holla for you


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