Friday, November 11, 2011

Bridge School 5th Grade Camping Trips, May 1987. (Poor Quality)

I'm hoping to do a couple things here, as this is very old footage and didn't translate on-line at all at first, so hoping to up the quality of the streaming down the road. Also for anyone that comes to YG Foundations Wed party at Waxy O'Conner's will receive a free DVD of above sequence on which the quality of pixel is astronomically improved.

I'd like to thank whoever filmed this, thank you very much. There's so much to say about this footage, I don't know where to begin. I'll gorilla dunk daily it (Blog) one day here soon. Bridge School in 1987 had to be the most diverse class in the country. And it's easy to figure out who the Ritalin kids were.

Anyway I wanted to post just to show anyone that was there, to be made of the footage's existence. YG Foundation has put some production into it, and it's reasonable to think we 'll have it re mastered into HD, sick.

What a classic group of kids, anyone that was there will remember everyone. The last year before Junior High, the waning days of the throne although we were always kings. And of course, the 80's.

I love that I broke up the fight. I loved Abby in the 5th grade as evident as my thunderous ovation after her Lolipop skit at the talent show. And even though we never even kissed it's nice to love another person. She was my Winnie minus the make out (pilot episode) for the whole 5th grade.

And I love the B reel, the wetlands, the mighty Atlantic, you know your older looking back through VHS lenses at a world that was.

I'd also like to mention Billy Dalwin and Matt Santosusso, both who died at 12 and 16 years respectively. And to a third Eton Chrichlow whose time here would fail to permit his own entry in the talent show (where Terrence and I bring down the house). Magic whose mom was a chaperon barred him from particapating in the last # after our first performance. Eton would've rode with us, made his banner and become a legend at the high school like his brother Eric before him. Eton was hit by a bus in the 4th grade, crossed the street and went back for his winter hat that he had dropped. And this is what the traffic cops would always tell us kids never to do when they visited our schools annually to review general safety.

Billy was also hit by a car, both drivers were devastated, and Billy was struck in our neighborhood, myself, Magic and Mackey among others. Billy was going over David's to trade baseball cards, getting out of his mothers whip on a blind side, bam, the nicest kid. He loved Penn State and gave me his Penn state sweatshirt on this very trip. OK, let's be realistic I probably took it, I loved Penn St (back then) via my Uncle Clayt. I thought they were America's team. But Billy, bright and soft spoken was the nicest kid.

Tragedy never could escape this group, year of graduation and town itself. And in that Penn State vein I was rocking a Steelers sweatshirt in my first performance of the talent show, forshawdowing via Justin Hartwig (!!!) glory to come.

Matt Santa, as we called him then and you can hear people call him that, in this sequence died of course when we were in high school at the sweet age of 16. This almost made it worse, we got a taste, dam, we would've been a great team. By high school at Coach Farias's re-naming everyone started calling him Santo which means "saint" in Spanish, coach w / his Portuguese roots was aware of this. It was a great audible. And three kids, and so many more after, Santo is all over this footage and is our loyal saint. And again too much to say here.

And finally thanks to Alex Popp, simply the greatest 5th grade teacher ever, inspiring really. What the hell am I doing? The last thing Heavy D tweeted, "be inspired" let's.


PLEASE REMEMBER. YG Foundation annual Wed night, night of the year party, we'll be giving a free DVD to anyone that was there, free of charge, much clearer viewing. A must for any family treasure vault. Waxy O'Conner's, the site of the old Hartwell House. Lexington, MA. And for my brothers in the city or living out of state, I got you.

** I'll only ever say Epic when referring to Hatty's air guitar around the 19 min mark. Wow tough to see but you can, pink shirt, no Ritalin, sick air guitar. And lastly lastly lastly no one had more fun then brian Lavalle's wife, Sara Saufield our homegirl from back when. She goes air guitar on the trombone during Mr. Lee and it's wonderful.

Last last last thing,I love when I drop the dime on Mike for jetting early for the bus, false start, five yard penalty repeat first down.

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