Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zip Line. Chucky P.

If you listen you can hear me scream "allah!" as I take the plunge juicy fruit style. Sing the song in your head if you know it and the taste (fleeting at best) moves ya. This was Sat. And it was overcast, October, down right cold, but never let the weather get in the way of some good footage! Rusty had manufactured this zip line many moons since dimmed and the wooden planks to climb and stand on were rotten at best. The rusty nails and murky corrsosion made me think I was an envelope pusher. And I didn't throw on a face mask and let those assholes shoot paint balls at me like Remy did on the follow up.

And this was next to an old abandon schoolhouse from the turn of the century that made me think of the Outsiders, the burning schools, not letting those kids burned to death, greasers, yup, they can be hero's too. Not to mention the swing on the My Girl tree, all in all it was quite a weekend. We had a man down, flown in from a bashful city in the middle of a full blown crisis. And the early silver lining was how quickly the family responds into action. The flower farm whose coordinates will remain secretive like Asain wrestelers whereabout's in the 80's, is our thing our Camp David.

I shot a 12 Gage with Buskwick on the headphones, watched Russ shoot a baby deer, on a moving vehicle with a rifle, drinking beers at night, and then watched in horror as he legends of the falled it, jumping out of his 4 wheel Gator (make that dam gator move boy!) and pulled out what appeared to be a serated war knife from Rambo's first blood. He tracked down that dam hobbled Doe and slit it's throat right there and dam gutted that bucks offspring, whoo wee! We had it grilled or roasted come to think about it Sunday in a sandwich format for lunch.

And paint ball, duck hunting, flower immersion, fork lifts and of course zip lines my friends made for unicorns. The country side while maybe not for a smooth talking mobster such as Charlie paradise certainly holds something for everyone at some point, it's cathartic. We saw the stars and I casually remarked in a deep country slang @ a cookout Sat afternoon, 'all of America used to look like this.' What a true statement, time, time, time, why don't I rock a CLOCK AROUND MY NECK?

And I was falling in love all until a polical conversation with the hicks sprang up, a couple N bombs later and I was yearning for city life. All in all it's a place of healing like Merz Apothecary. We pray for our boy and I wanted to post some footage from our farm weekend with the boys. SEE BELOW VIDEO'S WHEN DONE READING. Stay tuned tomorrow when Gorriladunkdaily blows the doors off of what really happened the day JFK was shot in 1963, who was responsible and why. I know, crazy. And thanks to sneak previews at the Nat Geo headquarters and thanks to the miracle of film restoration into High Definition we've unlocked the greatest crime of the 20th century. Yes, it's without saying amazing, left me straight flabbergasted and I spent much of last night in the research tank putting it together, just another day at GDD minus the A, that's what we do, yeah we do it for you, it's the mutha fucken re-tar crew.

Happy Tuesday, if your cold calling, get 3 QFY'sm excuse my while I kiss the picture of the sky on my cubicle, holla.

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