Monday, October 10, 2011

I knew it was a scam!

My favorite clip of the Big Guy and me. Great quote, this was still a point in the season where Coach was still trying to figure out what the heck the movie was about. The smokey voice we do at the end is in reference to an old student in the ACE program, Doug Renna. Now when I was placed in the ACE program was being crazy, Doug had just come back to try and earn high high school degree, he was 23.

He was an east Lexington, blue collar kid that had dropped out of high school for the grease market dollars only to return years later to finish what he'd given up on back in the 80's. He was forever telling me top stay in school and warning me of the many trappings he found in the world but hadn't thought about at sixteen. He'd tell me that $225 a week seemed like he was rich at 16 only to discover 5 years later without benefits and or a meaningful chance to earn more he'd made a mistake. He was like our elder statesmen in ACE, up there, back then everyone had a story.

He drove to school typically was the flagship driver that Coach Farias selected every morning on the fabled ACE doughnut run, we had some good times up in a ACE. A great story for us was later that year in 1993, Doug attended his 5th year high school re-union while still a member of the ace program officially still enrolled in high school. For only in the ACE program could you find a kid attending his 5th year high school re-union, still in high school. Doug told us the next year he simply told people he was still in school, and people must've thought it was chasing an associates or bachelors degree.

Also we get Sammy talking about the BBQ steak sandwich at Jimmy's, he brings this up a dozen times throughout the season. Also we answer a few questions to senior Matt Cuhna about where we grew up in town and what schools we attended almost fifteen years ago. For seniors, starts and life long best friends, Matt, TH, and Sean Sullivan, their parents like both Keebs and my father had also grown up in Lexington, so their were deep roots at play for this entire project.

I love being able back then, then and now to always be able to hug or put my arm around the Big Guy, the ACE program and my time spent up there had added another layer to a long life relationship. And since for years everything out of my camp as a kid was a scam, the Big Guy was watching, but in the end he'd green lighted it anyway because he knew I'd come along way and B) my heart was in the right place. It's just funny for us because we remember the fight of the day and every savvy move and discipline we put in place to deliver the miracle of my high school graduation.

Ace was tough back then, the high school as it was in the 70's, 80's until 1994, the year of my graduation ended another era like the one we've captured in our on going hoops post production. The Big Guy was tough, Fall River was a tough city that boasted the states finest basketball program. Lexington changed so much over the course of a decade, money got newer, bigger, newer, bigger, it became a place devoid of tough kids, it's all about trophy kids, no one fails, meetings and being in fear of your own spoiled (1% wealth) kids. And through that fear the athletic department overhauled the entire coaching fleet of the big three, #1 football which they correctly should not even play in Lexington anymore, #2 hockey and of course the big one, the Big Guy and mighty Lexington basketball program.

One day we will win, and we will bring back Coach Sullivan and get this thing right. However the word is out on crazy Lexington sadly the AD that pushed these changes and found the backing will probably leave that opposition to climb the corporate I mean academic latter for better salary and benefits having no idea the effect cause changed. Anyway had to post this on the heels of losing my running experiment, at 30 years old could I still run a pair of 28's on the suicide tip? Would my nightmares of basketball, Santo, Stretch, my sisters accident and my gambling business and our 13-5 senior season finally be put to rest? Before we lost Santo we like these chaps had one goal, state title. My Lexington basketball dreams were everything until they were nothing. Our dreams died on April 2nd, 1993 with Santo and were further crashed when our 6-8 possible MVP on the league scholarship center Stretch went down on the first play of the first day of practice. I'd been suspended for the week by the Big Guy for school trouble and my sister that night had been in a horrific accident that was later described as a suicide attempt.

Man that was a tough year, and we saw allot, lost allot and eventually through life conquered our demons for the most part. Those were tough years and the Big Guy through the foundation that basketball provided the work ethic and understanding of what it takes allowed me to get loose on the corporate as I got older. I failed my run in this post clip from the practice in which I disgraced myself conditioning, but also you see real love between a former player, pyhscopath (according to the MANY at the time) and coach, really at that point straight pals. I love that Big Guy and have a compelling story and more motivation than you could believe to see, steer this thing through. Where the defense began.... stay up - GDD still attuned to hoops soley right now, dam

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