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Gorilla Saturday - We Must Leave Them Cheering

The most important day of the season is today, practice makes permanent, if you want to fly with the eagles you can’t walk with the Turkey’s. Help and recover, take the charge, hold your ground, do not fire unless fired upon.
Bail out a teammate, balance your life outside of basketball and basketball can flourish. Hard work after all it all boils down to 1 question, do you want to be a player?
If the answer is yes, you can be, hard work is the answer and in sports wealth and color is not a factor. And that what’s amazing to me. Only through sports can we find a demolition of mobility ceilings related to stereotypes and racism. Winning trumps everything, so I ask myself, scratching my head curios how that doesn’t transcend into corporate America. Is the ability to play basketball that much different than the demands of corporate America? Are gifted athletes just dumb, never studied and ill equipped to handle a meaningful purpose in America’s corporate landscape?

I think if you work hard and our given the right opportunity anything is possible. I think having the right job is more important than the right school. And if it’s a great place, great connects, team and history than that is life. And those gifts, which will forever be thrown out, our guarded much closer than a free ride to your favorite ala mater. Hard work pays off in sports and very rarely does it pay anymore in our new American cultural reality. If hard work really paid off in American the descendants of the slaves would be the Carnegies and the Rockefellers. I myself concluded this week that I can drop everything creative in my life, dreams deferred thinking of rivers, a white boy and focus solely in money.

Not only the hard work necessary to even think about making more money weekly for myself and my boss but the laws, loopholes, licenses and potential breaks I might find looking to run a shop of my own. And it’s all out there for those who bother, look right and can play the part, still. You do whatever it takes to become compliant and get the licensing. Once you get people working for you, you never do another real days work again. And it’s alarming yet pales into comparison to the idiot’s on Wall St who have taken the grand casino way too far, and this is post 1980’s, unbelievable.

And that is another reason why the great divide, the ever-shrinking middle class has become disenfranchised. For many in America life couldn’t get better. We all love to pretend we know and accessorize with the famed 1%, a dream world to many reality to a few. And nowhere is the correlation of hard and mega money more apparent with proprietary trading on Wall St. And the answer from the right can’t be the flip flop universal answer to everything ala Gorge W the second round against John Kerry. In this case the answer is, add s liquidity to the market, to explain any new product you guys create out of thin air to trade and confuse. For those of you not familiar with how a new product like the Mini S & P contract for example which was introduced when I was on the floor in Chicago or credit default swaps let me explain the golden underlying principal of what a regulatory agency we’d see in the chapter on this topic. There has to be a clear and underlying economic justification for it. And this is right out of the CFTC, the commodities exchanges in Chicago which introduced futures hundreds of years ago to trade corn, wheat and soybeans and ultimately protect our nations food supply has become lost in translation. Leo Malemed, a Chicago president of the exchange and trading legend soon introduced futures trading on currencies and soon indexes and one day everything else in sight. And overnight one little exchange in Chi became a billion dollar pricing house for the world at large, pre-internet, changed the game.
It adds liquidity to the Market anyway is the slogan not once but always heard when you ask, Why do we have a mini Dow Futures pit next to a Dow Futures pit. “It adds liquidity to the market son.” Said trader would say proudly working from 915AM -1:15PM everyday thinking he’s doing a huge service to his country. And that’s what happens too, people tend to believe their own bullshit a lot more when easy money and the right set up is at your feet. Anyway the argument is that more liquidity is good for investors because of the ease to get in and out of additional financial mechanisms that in theory your money manager uses to protect and grow your finances.

A stock broker in the 1940’s for example who still had the same life and benefits of a rigged game would say, “this is all wrong” / fucking crazy if he no she (40’s) had a glimpse in to today’s trading world. He’d probably run and hide freaked out at the growth of China alone, note to everyone, stay away from the Chinese once that bubble pops. They will be angry and they will crack down and we’ll be reminded of Chinas true identity. Right now its being cloaked by the sirens of greed and western wont and delusion.
Because we know money managers are like college football programs. If you win big there is going to be an investigation because in today’s world of high finance, just like, in the 80’s and of course big time collegiate sports, you can’t not cheat and win big.
And that’s the message, following a bull market watch the indictments come down, and it takes years to unravel the layers that time, time and again had added to the complexity from bowing to lobby money and pressure for the elite to never quite re-write the rules of how are biggest banks earn the majority of their profits. I always wondered holding a deck of tickets like a winning lottery ticket in CBOT, who actually invested in corn? I mean the pit was hopping somebody, right? But the truth is your hedge funds managers that you pay big bucks too probably have you invested in Apple, jumping in and out on the guidance of paid informants called , (drum roll please) specialists. I’m a specialist myself so I guess that makes sense. Last week I was a consultant, this week I’m going Charlie Paradise in real time and calling him, director, what!
And what to do? At this point, I can think of only one remaining avenue, occupy Wall St. I love to see the people shit, I used to laugh at it, thinking I was 1% but never was but who wouldn’t want to pretend that? After all pretend was a big part of my early survival, general hospital at 3. Limit lobby money, which will never happen as W’s biggest legacy would’ve been transforming the supreme court. And for all of these off the beaten path reasoning I contend not to pretend just portend sports namely basketball to be the greatest game in American life. If you know what it takes and pay the price you can. I remember an unnamed basketball legend from the 80’s working at a law firm Magic and I had a part time summer gig at. We couldn’t believe he worked in the mail room, he was a hero of ours and it made our day. I told my father he did the IT work there and the next day, the former legend that had worked there for a couple years was being hounded by partners to please play for their basketball team. And it really got me down thinking about that on the way back to fairytale Lexington, my town.
And what a drag it is getting old, or a privilege depending on your past sacrifice good luck or luck there of again depends on your angle. What I do know is that it’s a beatiufl fall day, and I’ll always love my country. I’m today, for sure, posting my latest mix up, the team has come back into the fold as well from all directions proving once again the solid foundation that has to be under your dreams in the clouds if your ever seek to mix everything and anything. And coach Farias, my dearest big guy, I wasn’t his best or even favorite player, top ten, 20, 30 or a hundred. But I was his favorite ACE student of all time sitting high alone in a class by myself. And that’s important to me, and with the help of all of you, this thing get’s done and we move onto the next of which thankfully we’re back- logged.
My favorite part of the Justin Hartwig project for my sister was 12 games into his third season I was filming the tailgate (my favorite part of Wig’s 3 years on camera in the NFL, filming the different tailgates) in the pouring rain with a light and everything but not the camera on. The red light meant it was on, OK, Dana lost it, tears started flowing down her face and she couldn’t calm down as the Steelers prepared to take on our new England patriot’s in Foxborough. That year I rooted for the Steelers, this was impossible to explain to Coach Sullivan or anyone really back home that day, week and year. But I hope this film would make a point, represent a legacy and rich history and give another round of thought to the circumstances surrounding his removal as head coach. But above that it’s also a love letter to my favorite teacher.
And the world around us has changed so quickly in the last five years, and old friends long ago removed a changing playing field. Coach Sullivan was joking about all I had seen during my time in the ACE program years ago, and I don’t think he understood when I said everything I needed to learn, I learned in the ACE program between 1992-94. But I learned the adult side of the game, mostly through watching coach Farias conduct life and run his team and program high above our basketball locker room of juvenile delinquents. I learned the secret to comedy and had an endless and qualified adult audience of coaches to constantly test, tweak and improve my act. Coach farias’s support of me academically took the spotlight off of me enough within the confides and protection of ace and the Big Guy. I was enabled to slip out of high school in four years on time. All until years later vice principals would fondly remember me as not that bad at all, a great kid and I’d listen as they talked discerningly about how much worse things and kids are these days.
Stay tuned for today’s mix up and mash, project will slow to viewers ere as we Ram up, store and mix, the streaming in posting takes on more time as different cameras, clips, and what not merge to life. This was an enormous project that we took on because through Lexington basketball and our own launch pads of life and personalities we knew dreams enough to make them possible. I hope the Big Guy can help out the Woburn Tanners this winter at practice and on the sideline. Rollie Mix #1, soon on the way like bills to pay.

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