Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book 1. Legendes. Back Cover (Outcry. The sequel)


Follows the story of a dysfunctional child (Carl E. Easton) whose early brush with hyperactive death first occurred at the hands of a John Deere riding tractor lawnmower. This haunting accident occurred two days after his seventh birthday. His survival triggered the families agitation of the “gateway to Cape Cod‘s” gravel back to his fathers childhood hometown, Lexington MA.

On it’s surface, Lexington was the epitome of picturesque. A colonial masterpiece rich with historical significance and wealth covered a darker canvas of teenagers striving to be what older kids in town referred to as a legend. And from the very first time he heard this term, at his second home, the Hayden recreation center, this is all he ever wanted to be. The flip side of perfect was a dark world an aspiring legend would have to navigate full of loss and horror.

Legendes is ...
The story of a 1st generation “spaz” whose first brush with celebrity was surviving a haunting John Deer riding lawnmower tragedy two days before his seventh birthday on the “Gateway to Cape Cod.” It was in the intensive care unit at Children’s hospital in downtown Boston he’d first meet Larry Bird in 1983 which would foreshadow his own hoop dreams to come.

The accident triggered the families monumental move back to his fathers hometown and birth place of the American revolution, Astori MA. A town of seduction and mystery where tragedy occurred with a surreal celerity tucked neatly underneath an airbrushed colonial canvas of an American Paradox. A young Carl E. Easton would soon be thrown into a high flying social system it became his mission to over throw or self destruct. Left with a mother battling an acute depression, a prescription of Ritalin and a sister whose own daring of death belied a talented figure skating star which had covered up their fathers departure and the cancerous elements it furtively invited

Now unabated and fueled by ADHD, a longing for the 80’s, pills, panic and prosperity a school systems nightmare kids called Dream. Once in high school he senses grave inequalities, adopts a black persona honing his understanding of ghetto hustle against Camelot conspiracy’s thanks to the towns METCO program. A program designed to help inner city students receive a quality education became an unintended platform to capture his true high school diploma with honors. Pushing an unorthodox envelope under the simple mantra of “deny, deny, deny” and “I don’t give a fuck” his ambition and chimerical sense soon founded a gang of dysfunctional freshmen friends that proved a family / necessary army in his quest to change it all. He’d find the family

With unforgettable characters bridging worlds too seldom linked in our modern USDA, universal truths simply not taught lead into unique situations that are hilarious as they are heartbreaking. In the end one son of liberty with a family down on their luck created his own book in a town of legend.
A dysfunctional memoir of the classic “dreamer” this unique and modern true life tale ripped from the early 1990’s, takes on the timeless topic of coming of age with courage, wit and candor. From every corner of American pop culture, storied success and epic failures, the simple quest of graduating from public high school has never seemed so daunting.

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