Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taste Good. Retar Crew

JQ my hero, another gem he penned and put the crew on. If JQ was any iller he'd be dead. I like when they sing. This is a great track, props to Jackson, making these video's better in production. I'm glad even though I fucked the sound up, I copped the valentine's day footage in Chicago last year as it made it's way into the Everything Is Going To Be All Right joint. And again it seems Jacks is running that play back, but also grabbing footage from everywhere, if you can overshoot, everything, all the time.

Jack Daniels needs to pick this track up, dam, i gotta sell this joint to a booz co.

enjoy! Also it looks like the Q brothers have been commissioned to write, direct and star in a hip hop remake of Othello. This will be performed in the exact location and replica of the original outdoor theatre where Shakespear claimed fame and immortality. And as part of the entertainment surrounding the 2012 summer olympics, it gets no realer.

"If JQ was any iller, he'd be dead." c-rat O-Ree

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