Thursday, September 08, 2011

"I got your back Coach." Keebs

12/17/2006. After school Thursday before a Friday night showdown with 2-0 Woburn. I love this clip for a # of reasons, let's talk about it. OK, first off there is a spec of field house footage, i love the field house, anyway let's go down the list. Side note: Lexington has recently been placed @ #2 ranking by the Boston Globe on Monday's state D1 rankings.

Brinklow starts off the audio portion of this clip talking about Charlestown, a 5 time D1 state champ that ousted Lexington the year before in the north semi finals. Jack O'Brian was a famous coach, and for his startling success as a basketball coach had his own documentary. But like any outrageous success, a scandal followed, and the man broke many rules in his quest for state titles. Charlestown was a powerhouse by any definition in any state in this country, and jack O'Brian is one of the states most colorful basketball personalities turned cheat.

Anyway you'll hear many references to the powerhouse football town (Woburn)whose basketball team is coming to town tomorrow. And in the end their success on the gridiron would handcuff them in the lexington heat, great quote about that. Also Coach Farias heads back to his ACE program consumer education roots delving into Gatorade on the heels of last years captain and league MVP stopping by the lockerroom Friday night to accept the D1 Gatorade player of the year honor.

Also team captain and star TH (Jimmy Chipwood) seeks refuge from the battle like practices of LHS in the trainers room while a female admirer conviently pops up. Oh the life of basketball stars.

More concerning to the team and our project was that, TH, the league 's co MVP just last year was now dealing with a possible, developing stress factor in the ball of his left foot. This is concerning as another captain and football QB Ross Curly struggled to finally take the court for his 06-07 debut in what would be a huge Friday night test for the Minuteman.

Also the Big Guy predicts their un doing while constantly fighting the new ways the game has changed in the minds of the young players that constantly fight the fundamentals for vanity. Also Mike the trainer (the best!) responds to a crisis.

This is Charlie Paradise and I'am Gorilla dunk daily, happy thurz....... after school - also stay tuned for three new release over the weekend chroncling the Woburn game. It is there you will experience the full might of how we freaked this thing, how many angles we have. And as promised there is much more to come as we work our way through and put together our first trailer and 30 minute rough. And continue the production that will make this feature length a home grown reality, the realest. CP

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