Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pop Shot !! Asians murder this timeless carnival game

Good morning GDD! It's been a longtime - gerat Rakim track and also apoligizing for my abbreviated hiatus. I'd spent the last week in Manhattan for work and yes, that city is the jewel of this country and there is simply nothing like it in America and perhaps the world.

In any event, keeping it moving with life, liberty and the prusuit of your side hustle! The basketball project has been cut back in it's entirety which brings us to a second phase of post production which in this crew = Nightmare's, work and uncharted territory.

We'll shall see if we can get this off, oh why boys, why didn't you let me fly with the Justin hartwig project? Gorrilla's , friends and business = traumedy , a term I use to describe our holidays home in Boston.

Anyway, live mutha fucken life, smile, dial and treat each day with respect. BTW this guy had hit about twenty in a row before I whipped the trusty Iphone out. I love the Rick barry two handed style, asian dudes thrive on the mini hoop - better built for it, no doubt!

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