Friday, September 16, 2011

No Homo - Retar Crew, Happy Birthday JQ!

Happy 30th JQ! Down in Austin Texas (sippen on lonestar :)with Q brother crew playing the festival again. I've had to pause on some hoops posting, as I back up material and clear space, it got ridiculous. I had the best time at ACL with three years ago with J and G. I watched Arcade Fire in front of 40 thousand people outside, under the stage! Among other highlight's which included watching the Killers Sunday inside the yellow rope, JQ high fiving Common from a moving golf cart back stages en route back to production for free drinks and messages. Let's see our own personal driver in a suburban, watching Bob Dylan smoking a joint as he headlined sunday night and opened with Everyone Must Got Stoned. hanging out with Damian marley who was the only artist to join us on the kiddy stage, oh yeah freesyling about Captain Crunch for the kids Sunday as a smiling Damian Marley watched approvingly from behind us, great photo's!

Plus the hip hop workshop they do for the kids, it's so amazing. And go Bears, do it for JQ, his birthday our brother. Love you fam, I'll always be your coffee. Kill it with the workshop and performances on the big stage Sunday. And gorilla fans enjoy.....

Please download their free album for their other side project the retar crew, these guys are the best thing out in hip hop now, their particular brand and still remain outside a loyal clut following relatively under the radar.

Anyway Happy Friday! Enjoy these guys at their best. Stay posted for more hoops, I'm looking forward to festivals already after suffering through some painful and also some brilliant shorts at the DC dilm festival last night. I know we will succeed.

Chucky P

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