Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lexington Legend (e) s Part I - Frank Reardon Commercial (Banned for Life!)

OK. Good morning gorilla dunkers! I love the misty morning here in our nations capitol, it reminds me of the philly game vs. Chicago, the great fog game with my man Randal, who could scamble and JZ reminded us of this on his mezmerizing track, "where's the love?"

And for the record, Kanye, saved JZ who was on his way out with the Memphis Bleek, and Beanie S heavily saturated critical flop, the Dynasty. Eminem saved Dre in the same way, check his last album sales pre M, although Shady did it with lyrics as a discovered solo artist, Kanye simply made most of the beats, especially the hall of fame tracks on his comeback album Blueprint I. This set off the Nas beef which was good for both of them. Anyway people forget that, just like they forget Dave Chapelle killed Rick Jmaes, unintentionally, but for real!

Anyway this is a post about FRANK REARDON LHS 1986. Frank was the high school football star / bully whose brother Lynx (who was the center for Lloyd Mumford in 1988) got me my start in the business. Anyway another football legend, Bart Graff (recieved the LHS Best Ever trophy) had an older brother (Jerry) that has written commercials for the past 20 years. He was the guy behind the classic Chef's commercial for Snickers! Yes, Lexington has it's share of legends.

And Jerry was always good for the shout out's, in every football snickers commercial he ever did, there was always a guy wearing #46 clearly visible. This was homage to his brother, the greatest high school running back I ever saw. I was the water boy for the LHS football team that went to Foxborough to play Brockton in 1985 (i was 9), which was the biggest high school east of the Mississippi in America at the time! We aplyed them D1, Lexington, for the Super Bowl, can you believe that? Each side had a dozen D1 prospects. This was back when schools were huge, Lexington was tough and our athletes didn't get D2, 3 looks, our stars were blue chips, big, big dudes. Come to think of it, Bart Graff had his own commercial in high school.

Anyway Frank Reardon was big and burly and actually attended my alma mata Curry College were he was a four year starter on the football team, and I'm pretty sure made at least a handful of kids eat lightbulbs on the peer pressure tip. When another lexington high graduate legend, Rachel Dratch made it big on Saturday Night Live, Frank was convinced the bully, drunk character was based off of him in her famous Boston prom skits.

Anyway this morning we have another gem. And there is not mistaking it this time, this has hit national airwaves, and what's crazy is the striking resemblance this actor (whose about to blow up, funny, funny dude) has to the real Frank Reardon whose a bartender in Boston. And I'm sure telling every local he has about this. So Pop the corn and please klayer the butter as this is a classicakl workshop. Enjoy our first segment on lexington legend (E) s.

Ladies and gentlemen, Frank Reardon, hahahahaha, classic, amazing bring back, big shouts to jerry Graf, from Fruit Loops, to Snickers to Nike and now branching out and producing his own shit for corporate America independantly.

Will the real Frank Reardon please stand up?

Happy hump day - and my gorillas, stay dunking!

Chucky P.


Liza said...

Who's the actor? Thanks, love this ad!

Frank Reardon said...

they picked a guy that looks just like me.