Monday, September 19, 2011

Holiday Tourny (Chelsea) Lex advances to Finals / Local Poltics (prose)

And this made the season 5-0, later that evening they learned they'd play their old rival Cambridge Rindge & Latin but this wasn't Rumeal or Patrick Ewing, Lexington had taken back the overall edge in the series. And we were all pumped at the pairing, I was psyched Lexington played Cambridge the year we decided to film the season.

Lexington actually beat Patrick Ewing and this was confirmed by him, when I introduced myself to the man on the floor of the Verizon center in DC after a G-town game in which he was honored as the greatest player ever. He was surrounded by handi cap kids and cameras, I with floor seats and the fruits of Justin Kaye connections walked casually over and said Pat, congratulations man, I played at Lexington." And he turned, shook my hand smiled and said, "Ya'll beat us." And that's what the Big Guy means when he says, "that's what it means to play high school sports." Patrick Ewing, 1 of the NBA's 50 top players of all time, national title winner, former #1 pick overall said, "ya'll beat us." On his home floor of Georgetown, as a proud father whose son played his ass off at Goergetown for JT3 said that. I was happy as a clam I said, "We did." And got out of the there, he thought I played on that team, and I cut my losses, I said to myself, "nice one dude."

And Lexington beat Patrick Ewing, and the year they lost to them, a recruiting violation had taken place that placed an * next to their victory, the only time ever in D1 MIAA basketball that a state champion was not declared. The following year they'd beat them outright but still fall short of the state title. Coach Farias came close so many times since he won in 78 right out of the gates. A small town like Lexington, what a program. And that's what it means, it'll never leave you, and your teammates will always be just that. The sacrifice, success and hard work can never be challenged. They can take away the coach, and do it in a somewhat brutal manner. The school system forced out a man that in any other place would have a statue. Anyway the Lexington school system is fucked up for real.

The system changed with the town. And as the town got richer and richer the last vestiges of the teacher legends, coaches and administrators that made it the amazing place it is, one by one retired, passed away or get cut back. Coach Tighe from football fame was forced out. And with Coach Farias the 5th grade teacher, ACE director and head boys basketball coach, the angle they chose to play in making this an issue, an issue that led to his dismissal, was that basketball was too competitive. Specifically his style was too competitive time for a change in the middle of a golden run. He could've won 600 and maybe broke the all time record, that's how fluent the system he inherited, made better and stuck with had become.

And the philosophy of being less competitive, in an elite town with the stakes so high for our country on a global scale frightens me. It's more than a game, it's more than a documentary on Lexington basketball, and I will show a story and you can decide.

Coach Farias every year in the yearbook had the same quote next to his photo for 40 years, "catch a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish" you know the rest. And it's a great quote for a teacher and the veracity unquestioned, powerful as it is short. And be sacrificing the last remnants of the fibers that fueled the successes so many enjoyed out of the fear of the parents with money and mediocre children, it's just plain said. They finally won out. I saw those parents with clear lenses when I was coming up through the school system and basketball program. What was even crazier is that parents could hate us. They would come to the game but privately fume at the so called life the basketball players had. And often times they were older parents whose kids didn't have what it took. And that is not America but everyday to my horror it becomes truer. Half of the greatest generation roll over in their graves constantly. What do you think caused the earthquake in DC last month? That was Arlington cemetery, all of the soldiers that fought for our freedom and #1 status cringing from stories like this unfolding across our country in places of education and expectations on a daily basis. And they rolled over in abundance and we felt it on PA ave.

And I'm not saying my position is the correct one. But it is my belief so much in the school system these days is backwards, and Lexington is my barometer.

"The teachers live in fear of the school committee, the school committee lives in fear of the parents, the parents live in fear of the kids and the kids fear nothing." 1993 Fall River Dreams.

And there is a systemic problem there that has only got worse in conjunction with our country sinking lower into the tubes. And my beloved Lexington is the epicenter of the wussification of America, it's amazing this town was so good at basketball. It's a true miracle.

Anyway in today's episode LHS finished off Wilbur Cross to advance to the finals of the best holiday tournament in new England. Leo Papile of the Celtics called it the best tournament in the best four teams playing. Leo Papile is worthy of his own documentary, I might get to that one day, very intriguing guy. Also we see Sean Sullivan make perhaps the pass of the year, and see the birth of radio announcers SL MAyfield The Great and Brownie Earl behind the scenes to take us home with Jimmy aka Max Fisher. Lexington #2 ranked in the state moved to 5-0 and faced Cambridge the next night to compete for the Christmas title. Their performance tonight solidified their high #2 Globe ranking to many on the outside looking in.

"Hey if someone's going to get a little press, it might as well be us." The Big Guy

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