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"Harry Laye Was The Tooth Fairy For The Whole World For Two Years, Let's Talk About That." Dream


The Roudhouse Blues and The Beauty of a Home Game....

It's very hard to go undefeated. And this was their first road test of the season, we walked into a buzz saw. At the time of this game Lexington high boys basketball was running a consecutive winning streak near forty straight victories in the MiddleSex league. At the same time the patriot's were set to break the NFL consecutive game regular season winning streak. It was the best and last of old times (06-07 season) for the mighty minuteman. If the recipe to beat the patriot's was blitz, hit hard, hit often, hit Brady, it seems Wakefield took a page out of that book. If you can't beat em with skill, hit them, rattle them hard, and discover if they have the apples to break records, at this point they'd won 38 in a row, amazing. Tonight the Minuteman found another posessed squadron. "People are gunning for you." The Big Guy

The chants were great, our grass roots love of the project comes through as we stay after hours and talk about some of the players of the past, inclding Mark Planskey, a Villanova and Wakefield legend. The spector of Planskey, playing at Villanova for "Rollie" the name of the ball in Lexington and our old friend merited a shout.

And I do remember Sean Sullivan being born, I remember Lisa putting me on Shirly's lap balling after a tough loss at Championship Friday at Hayden camp. But Sean Sullivan, no one single kid ever grew up more a part of the program from birth than Sean sullivan. Born literally with a basketball in hand, he was the cutest kid and spent his entire life from 0-18 inside a gym, amazing.

Also the best clip of this entire thing easily is when they bring it in after the Big Guy's scolding halftime as they were being pushed around, and needed a "gut check". They are fired up in that huddle and that halftime goes a long way in matching their toughness in the 2nd half to stay close enough to allow their star to make a big time play down the stretch, hit their free thrwos in the last minute and eek out a victory. Also state governer Scott Brown was a former WHS great, and the Big Guy mentions him to Nick a few times at practices, of course back in 06 when no one had heard of him outside of local politcal afficiendo's, and of course life long fans of Middlesex league basketball. This made them 4-0 heading into the best D1 Christmas tournament in New England.

Enjoy - two camera's.

who does documentaries better than us?

It's also worth noting the Minuteman lost many games last year with the best talent and height in the league. They did not make the tournament and they did not win a league title. A middlesex league title almost a birth right for any varsity guy that ever grew up dreaming to play for Lexington High Boys basketball.

Laura Lassa, the former bi-sexual (support it, just giving the composite) GI Jane, head coach of the womens team, sat on a comittee that pushed the Big Guy out, citing the basketball program as too competitive, too much emphasis on winning. And what strikes me as unbelievable, is this was the most competitive lady ever! But the old guard, symbolized with Coach Tighe's forced removal had one by one been eradicated, and the people that were left, adapted and did whatever it took to hold onto their won jobs. While the peopkle that made the high school what it was slowly withered away amongst a changing demographic in my beloved hometown, $$$$$$$$

Too competetive? What a strange thing to build your case off? I guess if he was coacing tee ball, but this is high school, division 1 on a city wide level. Take the hypocrisy out of it, and I'll leave you with this, I don't think we're socialists yet, we are not socialists yet.

And if Lexington, a top 1% community is indicitive of where our country is headed, I think it's worth being terrified. India and China our going to kick the shit out of us in the next century. The world is competitive and only will get more not less so. And for the seniors last year that missed out on a title, the seniors this year, and the kids coming up, isn't a shame they do not get to be a part of the program that was, the greatness that had elevated property values for years in Lexington.

And if they can't pull it off again, this year I've talked to three seperate coaches that said lexington might have the 3 best players in the league, including Ronnie Lee's nephew, wow! it's sad, I remember when we were filming this year (2006) and the principal announced 1 day we were at school filming the hoops guys, over the loud speaker mind you, that five different chants were being banned for Saturday's state tournament contest including, scoreboard, start the bus, hey hey hey good by, i couldn't believe it.

I'm happy to be a throw back, both in time and innate quaLITIES :)and I'm happy I was pushed because no one else was going to do it, thank you Coach Farias, and thank you Coach Sullivan. And it's those qualitites that continue to allow me to make a dollar in this crazy game. But no matter what they can never take away what we made, what we accomplished and the dynamic manner in which it was put down for thousands of fans to see over so many years.

There will be justice, and with that the project continues... Happy Monday, much love and wait for the holiday tournament, which actually makes this round of editing almost complete. From there we take our 40 or so 10-20 minute sequences, paper log the dialouge and settings and begin to put together our movie like only we can. I'm a make it hot (cajun).

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