Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Graduation Song - My Mom and Me and the Big Guy

Thank god for a MAC, built in mike and garage band, basically for our last YG foundation golf outing I put together, a promotional rap to help advertise the day. I never really polished it enough having only bare minimum tools but, but, found another beat, dropped a freestyle, found another beat, and then finally came to my favorite song ever, even better than Candygirl! I know GDD, I know, major. (CLICK ON TITLE TO LISTEN)

So basically i felt like doing a rap over it, I found it on you tube, let it ride, hit record on garage band after I wrote something out over the course of hearing the beat a few times. It's called freestyle writing, it's how Guru and Pac always did it. The penless paper rap ala Jigga, BIG and to some degree Kanye is much more difficult. I recorded my rap off what if I, from Something to Ponder in that fashion.

And there you have it, production in it's bare minimum. Kind of reminded me of rapping into my boom box, a blank tape and simply making a beat by drumming my hands on a table.

Oh well, big shouts to the Big Guy and mom dukes, my mother along with the Big Guy got me out of high school. And the basketball stuff you see, I post and my whole crew came out to support and my partner made happen, well, it just might be a love letter to him.

I was caught up in too much as a teenager but I had a good heart. And many times that doesn't factor into the equation or far be it a judges decision. And easily it could've been me, derailed too young off the track of life forever and ever. it doesn't take much, and one your off that track, outside of the circle of trust, you'd be surpirsed how insourmountable your obstacles may be.

But that ain't me, flying high, thanks to my ma and the Big Guy, here's my ode.

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