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12/26/06 - Wed prac. Before Wilbur Cross (4-0 X-Mas break)

"Are you married?" The Big Guy
"Now it's a staple of the training." Mike Allen

OK, Happy Friday (evening edition) my esteemed gorilla dunk daily readers, viewers and fans. I must say I had quite a conversation with the Big Guy last Friday, I told him I was 35, and he said “you’ll always be 18 to me.” You see I wasn’t your average 18 year old, and it really was, well, just a coincidence of having been around for allot. But I learned humor more than anything else up in that ACE program and more from anyone else, from the Big Guy I learned comedy is timing, the healing power of laughter is stronger than a terrororists will, it’s amazing.

I wanted to write this morning about the black community, the heart and soul of American cities being forever altered by gentrification. And I wanted to focus on New York City, but I’m a relax. Those boys from Mission Hill (Boston) always thought their “bricks” (code for projects) were so “hood” and dangerous they were forever removed from the white mans arm. And that arm is that of gentrification, coming back to areas they settled in years ago, fled after world war II to live in the suburbs,, the new American dream only to come back once the tastes have changed and their pallet yearned for the proximity of the city, the history and culture again. A culture they'd (whose they?) had nothing to do in cultivating. No bricks are sacred, a classic case of Indian giving, although nothing was given. And the term Indian giver goes to the root of how fucked up this country can be. Why is that a term? Dam that is cold blooded, our manifest destiny included altering history the ultimate trick of a sassy devil, making them think you do not exist, usual suspects. Anyway those crimes are on a much grander scale than say the mafia, and JQ and I always say “white” giver when referring to that idiom of American sayings.

Health. I’ve noticed that even eating shellfish and drinking regularly I have not had a gout attack in months, and this has coincided with getting to the gym and on that treadmill 3-4 times a week, 3-4 miles a whack. What an amazing link, it’s like the best way to not pour over your investments and 401K contributions is to make more money. Well so many medical worries for individuals would be alleviated if they could just get in the gym.
METCO. Their was a great article in the globe that Matt Scully forwarded us (Mike, TR, Limerick and Brian) about a head football coach coming back home to face Bently. He came from the mean streets of Boston and spoke of the METCO program as being the catalyst for him to change his entire life, and make 1. The facts are in, and just like global warming it's real and METCO works.
NFL. I came up on top Sunday, but the Giants killed me, how could you not bet against the dead skins? If they lose, I win big, Patriots and the Over and Oakland made for a big Monday night, and I look to the Cardinals to upset the skins this Sunday at Fedex field, the Bears took me by surprise, I lost there too. But I balanced it back with the Bills and the Lions, I’m ahead of the curve on those.
Today’s footage, well, there is much going on. The Big Guy and I reflect on many memory that had to be deleted. They roast Nick, and the rumor mill confirms the high jinx that made the ACE program famous to all of my friends. The Big Guy also reflects on Nicks career on the scoreboard, priceless. The Middlesex league eventually banned him from the scoreboard, then the books and then of course famously the time (see Watertown knockout) our old friend was eventually shipped down the road to Coach Sullivan, you can’t say we don’t take care of each other.

Also as the Minuteman prepare to take on the best of New England in a select Boston holiday tournament. The happy undefeated vibes were suspended temporarily when Mark Mcdonald (Big Mac) calls the Big Guy and tells him first that he has quit the basketball team at Brown University (D1). They (Brown) didn’t take it seriously, “it wasn’t life or death.” And that’s the attitude you have coming from Lexington basketball and when it’s not like that something’s off and in his case he couldn’t even play another day, for now, then.
And into regards of the footage I’ve cut up enough sequences to begin putting together a longer sequence I’ll develop and to send to LA and try and get our friends of the program in Hollywood involved. And those are the two that actually approached Coach about doing something like this back in the early 90’s which would’ve been sick if it coincided with my run, back to back state titles (92-93) cut short by the death of Santo and Stretch blowing his knee and scholarship out at 6-8 a month or so later. We still finished strong, but were a shadow of the team that we had hoped to be. I had D1 state title dreams before my senior year my record on varsity sat at a # you find in the doc of 06-07, I was 40-4 with losses at UMASS and Salem, so close to the Boston Garden, again. We also won the league my freshmen year, I played of course for the freshman team (9-1). After our senior year they tore the Boston garden down and aware of that happening years before, well, that played into the vision, the dream, the unwritten, written. I could never find closure.

And maybe a part of me came looking for that again, thinking my own dream could manifest itself 12 years later with our presence, cameras and energy alone. Maybe that’s what we came looking for, maybe life got so crazy, I just needed to head home, maybe I missed the Big Guy and was never able to properly thank him what he did for me. I don’t know. But I’m glad we did it, and when we finish, if you come to a film festival in your area we’re shopping at, or even opening night in Lexington, I’ll probably have an answer for you. They went undefeated and the Big Guy won his #500 and hall of fame calls for various stops in his playing and coaching carer filtered through regularly.

What I do know is that my class 94, the last of the internet less classes signaled an end of a classic, gilded ear of GLD merit at LHS. The sacred ring was broken and life and kids and Columbine and the internet changed the nature of what a legend would be defined in that town by teenagers for years and ever. And I return (it’s crazy to think how many fucked up things happened in that town and high school during my years there, especially for such a wealthy to do place like Lex) so many years later to capture what turns out to be another eras end, not a chapter, and this time the famous Big Guy and the cherished institution of LHS basketball. And that same year I team up with Big C and record our first album (Dying to get Sued) from my acoustic hip hop group Something to Ponder while filming a super bowl championship through the eyes of Justin Hartwig all the while bringing up the junior mafia’s, writing a very rough book about my childhood and making the dreams of our charitable foundation a reality.

And that’s life you have to play desperate because time is not fixed. And this all occurred in just a few years (06-09) I’d hit lightning in the bottle and it didn’t stop until my old friend the court of law stepped into give me a breather with the Super Bowl tapes, que the lawyers, yay. But it reminds me of what’s possible, and getting back to the post production of my first loveLHS doc. WTDB) has been cathartic. Stay gold Pony Boy, and gorillas all over the world, ride with me, I promise one day soon, you’ll be glad you did. Happy Thursday, September goes quick and is the best month of the year next to May. My birth month, same with E Double, Galloway, Jay and Aaron, oh and for the record our hero Gordon Gecko. And without GG I’d never been inspired to clock the 9-5 (I moonlight as a currency broker) that helps put all of this into the mix.

CEE (American)

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