Sunday, September 04, 2011

12 15 Sat Practice cont - 2-0 , 2nd 1/2 remix

y The Most Important Day the Season IS TODAY.

Proverb the The Big Guy coined circa 1980

today's episode, sat prac
12/15 AO1l, 2

And that quote explains this clip. And we're further intrigued with the revelation of taking the charge as the cornerstone of the program @ Lexington basketball. Think you can be happy @ 2-0? Seniors coming off a big Friday night win @ home and coming off a 20-1 season last year?
Sat morning after a big Friday win? Lex-Vegas baby, the banners, the show?

Think again, sorry shout out to my actual Gorilla readers that, for some reason slimmingly exist appreciate me espousing on the world as we find it, well, the basketball footage just done got me. I'm going to post this through until opening night of Where The Defense Began next to Theartre pharmacy in the heart of the town and just steps away from the magical basketball arena we came back to discover.

Anyway in today's episode Coach Farias blesses us with wisdom while explaining the charge, invoking Ronnie Lee + revealing the heart of the program (the charge, it's that simple) and ultimitaley what we came searching for trying to understand the programs 40 year reign of success. There in lies great lessons for corporate America inside this camera.

The Big Guy should be lecturing at Microsoft

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