Thursday, September 29, 2011

dream1 - Where The Defense Began (Lex Basketball)

Instead of rooting for the Red sox, I'm going to root for the full production of Where The Defense Began. I'm going to root for the Justin Hartwig project, I'm going to root for the office we're running here in Washington DC. I'm going to root for the completion of my book, Legendes. I'm going to root for my DC currency sales office. And I'm going to root for the family and the YG Foundation.

These clips encompasse mostly the two Watertown matches from 06-07 and what a heated rivalry it was. And by rivalry I mean heated games, Lexington always used to win their Middlesex league games.

In any event I've begun mixing episodes and moving towards a demo mixed up mash to present to a few heavy hitters to implore the possibility of brining LA on board. I'll also begin to return to some daily written posts. So much to talk about. I leave you with a poem.

In the event of my Demise
when my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle
or A Belief that I had Lived 4
I will die Before My Time
Because I feel the shadow's Depth
so much I wanted 2 accomplish
before I reached my Death
I have come 2 grips with the possibility
and wiped the last tear from My eyes
I Loved All who were Positive
In the event of my Demise

Tupac Shakur (my hero)
I miss this man and at times feel both his guidance and wrath. Happy Thursday - Gorrila dunkers -

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pop Shot !! Asians murder this timeless carnival game

Good morning GDD! It's been a longtime - gerat Rakim track and also apoligizing for my abbreviated hiatus. I'd spent the last week in Manhattan for work and yes, that city is the jewel of this country and there is simply nothing like it in America and perhaps the world.

In any event, keeping it moving with life, liberty and the prusuit of your side hustle! The basketball project has been cut back in it's entirety which brings us to a second phase of post production which in this crew = Nightmare's, work and uncharted territory.

We'll shall see if we can get this off, oh why boys, why didn't you let me fly with the Justin hartwig project? Gorrilla's , friends and business = traumedy , a term I use to describe our holidays home in Boston.

Anyway, live mutha fucken life, smile, dial and treat each day with respect. BTW this guy had hit about twenty in a row before I whipped the trusty Iphone out. I love the Rick barry two handed style, asian dudes thrive on the mini hoop - better built for it, no doubt!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lexington Legend (e) s Part I - Frank Reardon Commercial (Banned for Life!)

OK. Good morning gorilla dunkers! I love the misty morning here in our nations capitol, it reminds me of the philly game vs. Chicago, the great fog game with my man Randal, who could scamble and JZ reminded us of this on his mezmerizing track, "where's the love?"

And for the record, Kanye, saved JZ who was on his way out with the Memphis Bleek, and Beanie S heavily saturated critical flop, the Dynasty. Eminem saved Dre in the same way, check his last album sales pre M, although Shady did it with lyrics as a discovered solo artist, Kanye simply made most of the beats, especially the hall of fame tracks on his comeback album Blueprint I. This set off the Nas beef which was good for both of them. Anyway people forget that, just like they forget Dave Chapelle killed Rick Jmaes, unintentionally, but for real!

Anyway this is a post about FRANK REARDON LHS 1986. Frank was the high school football star / bully whose brother Lynx (who was the center for Lloyd Mumford in 1988) got me my start in the business. Anyway another football legend, Bart Graff (recieved the LHS Best Ever trophy) had an older brother (Jerry) that has written commercials for the past 20 years. He was the guy behind the classic Chef's commercial for Snickers! Yes, Lexington has it's share of legends.

And Jerry was always good for the shout out's, in every football snickers commercial he ever did, there was always a guy wearing #46 clearly visible. This was homage to his brother, the greatest high school running back I ever saw. I was the water boy for the LHS football team that went to Foxborough to play Brockton in 1985 (i was 9), which was the biggest high school east of the Mississippi in America at the time! We aplyed them D1, Lexington, for the Super Bowl, can you believe that? Each side had a dozen D1 prospects. This was back when schools were huge, Lexington was tough and our athletes didn't get D2, 3 looks, our stars were blue chips, big, big dudes. Come to think of it, Bart Graff had his own commercial in high school.

Anyway Frank Reardon was big and burly and actually attended my alma mata Curry College were he was a four year starter on the football team, and I'm pretty sure made at least a handful of kids eat lightbulbs on the peer pressure tip. When another lexington high graduate legend, Rachel Dratch made it big on Saturday Night Live, Frank was convinced the bully, drunk character was based off of him in her famous Boston prom skits.

Anyway this morning we have another gem. And there is not mistaking it this time, this has hit national airwaves, and what's crazy is the striking resemblance this actor (whose about to blow up, funny, funny dude) has to the real Frank Reardon whose a bartender in Boston. And I'm sure telling every local he has about this. So Pop the corn and please klayer the butter as this is a classicakl workshop. Enjoy our first segment on lexington legend (E) s.

Ladies and gentlemen, Frank Reardon, hahahahaha, classic, amazing bring back, big shouts to jerry Graf, from Fruit Loops, to Snickers to Nike and now branching out and producing his own shit for corporate America independantly.

Will the real Frank Reardon please stand up?

Happy hump day - and my gorillas, stay dunking!

Chucky P.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holiday Tourny (Chelsea) Lex advances to Finals / Local Poltics (prose)

And this made the season 5-0, later that evening they learned they'd play their old rival Cambridge Rindge & Latin but this wasn't Rumeal or Patrick Ewing, Lexington had taken back the overall edge in the series. And we were all pumped at the pairing, I was psyched Lexington played Cambridge the year we decided to film the season.

Lexington actually beat Patrick Ewing and this was confirmed by him, when I introduced myself to the man on the floor of the Verizon center in DC after a G-town game in which he was honored as the greatest player ever. He was surrounded by handi cap kids and cameras, I with floor seats and the fruits of Justin Kaye connections walked casually over and said Pat, congratulations man, I played at Lexington." And he turned, shook my hand smiled and said, "Ya'll beat us." And that's what the Big Guy means when he says, "that's what it means to play high school sports." Patrick Ewing, 1 of the NBA's 50 top players of all time, national title winner, former #1 pick overall said, "ya'll beat us." On his home floor of Georgetown, as a proud father whose son played his ass off at Goergetown for JT3 said that. I was happy as a clam I said, "We did." And got out of the there, he thought I played on that team, and I cut my losses, I said to myself, "nice one dude."

And Lexington beat Patrick Ewing, and the year they lost to them, a recruiting violation had taken place that placed an * next to their victory, the only time ever in D1 MIAA basketball that a state champion was not declared. The following year they'd beat them outright but still fall short of the state title. Coach Farias came close so many times since he won in 78 right out of the gates. A small town like Lexington, what a program. And that's what it means, it'll never leave you, and your teammates will always be just that. The sacrifice, success and hard work can never be challenged. They can take away the coach, and do it in a somewhat brutal manner. The school system forced out a man that in any other place would have a statue. Anyway the Lexington school system is fucked up for real.

The system changed with the town. And as the town got richer and richer the last vestiges of the teacher legends, coaches and administrators that made it the amazing place it is, one by one retired, passed away or get cut back. Coach Tighe from football fame was forced out. And with Coach Farias the 5th grade teacher, ACE director and head boys basketball coach, the angle they chose to play in making this an issue, an issue that led to his dismissal, was that basketball was too competitive. Specifically his style was too competitive time for a change in the middle of a golden run. He could've won 600 and maybe broke the all time record, that's how fluent the system he inherited, made better and stuck with had become.

And the philosophy of being less competitive, in an elite town with the stakes so high for our country on a global scale frightens me. It's more than a game, it's more than a documentary on Lexington basketball, and I will show a story and you can decide.

Coach Farias every year in the yearbook had the same quote next to his photo for 40 years, "catch a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish" you know the rest. And it's a great quote for a teacher and the veracity unquestioned, powerful as it is short. And be sacrificing the last remnants of the fibers that fueled the successes so many enjoyed out of the fear of the parents with money and mediocre children, it's just plain said. They finally won out. I saw those parents with clear lenses when I was coming up through the school system and basketball program. What was even crazier is that parents could hate us. They would come to the game but privately fume at the so called life the basketball players had. And often times they were older parents whose kids didn't have what it took. And that is not America but everyday to my horror it becomes truer. Half of the greatest generation roll over in their graves constantly. What do you think caused the earthquake in DC last month? That was Arlington cemetery, all of the soldiers that fought for our freedom and #1 status cringing from stories like this unfolding across our country in places of education and expectations on a daily basis. And they rolled over in abundance and we felt it on PA ave.

And I'm not saying my position is the correct one. But it is my belief so much in the school system these days is backwards, and Lexington is my barometer.

"The teachers live in fear of the school committee, the school committee lives in fear of the parents, the parents live in fear of the kids and the kids fear nothing." 1993 Fall River Dreams.

And there is a systemic problem there that has only got worse in conjunction with our country sinking lower into the tubes. And my beloved Lexington is the epicenter of the wussification of America, it's amazing this town was so good at basketball. It's a true miracle.

Anyway in today's episode LHS finished off Wilbur Cross to advance to the finals of the best holiday tournament in new England. Leo Papile of the Celtics called it the best tournament in the best four teams playing. Leo Papile is worthy of his own documentary, I might get to that one day, very intriguing guy. Also we see Sean Sullivan make perhaps the pass of the year, and see the birth of radio announcers SL MAyfield The Great and Brownie Earl behind the scenes to take us home with Jimmy aka Max Fisher. Lexington #2 ranked in the state moved to 5-0 and faced Cambridge the next night to compete for the Christmas title. Their performance tonight solidified their high #2 Globe ranking to many on the outside looking in.

"Hey if someone's going to get a little press, it might as well be us." The Big Guy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scorekeepers fight at Watertown (Mass.) versus Lexington High School

God bless you Nick ! Happy Sunday, good to see TH and Rosco Beeko train yes - my dudes, deep breath, relax, you R stars and everything is going to be all right - great track Retar Crew for life. And yo Santo, still miss you homy, still know you would've done crazy in the game if you stuck around. For you heaven couldn't wait forever 16 forever Lexington basketball.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Battlegreen Dream and Keebs 12 26 06 - PLEASE WATCH PREVIOUS 1ST

Please watch the immediate and previously posted video of practice before this post practice snippet we captured just to represent the green and the integrity of the chronological.....

12/26/06 - Wed prac. Before Wilbur Cross (4-0 X-Mas break)

"Are you married?" The Big Guy
"Now it's a staple of the training." Mike Allen

OK, Happy Friday (evening edition) my esteemed gorilla dunk daily readers, viewers and fans. I must say I had quite a conversation with the Big Guy last Friday, I told him I was 35, and he said “you’ll always be 18 to me.” You see I wasn’t your average 18 year old, and it really was, well, just a coincidence of having been around for allot. But I learned humor more than anything else up in that ACE program and more from anyone else, from the Big Guy I learned comedy is timing, the healing power of laughter is stronger than a terrororists will, it’s amazing.

I wanted to write this morning about the black community, the heart and soul of American cities being forever altered by gentrification. And I wanted to focus on New York City, but I’m a relax. Those boys from Mission Hill (Boston) always thought their “bricks” (code for projects) were so “hood” and dangerous they were forever removed from the white mans arm. And that arm is that of gentrification, coming back to areas they settled in years ago, fled after world war II to live in the suburbs,, the new American dream only to come back once the tastes have changed and their pallet yearned for the proximity of the city, the history and culture again. A culture they'd (whose they?) had nothing to do in cultivating. No bricks are sacred, a classic case of Indian giving, although nothing was given. And the term Indian giver goes to the root of how fucked up this country can be. Why is that a term? Dam that is cold blooded, our manifest destiny included altering history the ultimate trick of a sassy devil, making them think you do not exist, usual suspects. Anyway those crimes are on a much grander scale than say the mafia, and JQ and I always say “white” giver when referring to that idiom of American sayings.

Health. I’ve noticed that even eating shellfish and drinking regularly I have not had a gout attack in months, and this has coincided with getting to the gym and on that treadmill 3-4 times a week, 3-4 miles a whack. What an amazing link, it’s like the best way to not pour over your investments and 401K contributions is to make more money. Well so many medical worries for individuals would be alleviated if they could just get in the gym.
METCO. Their was a great article in the globe that Matt Scully forwarded us (Mike, TR, Limerick and Brian) about a head football coach coming back home to face Bently. He came from the mean streets of Boston and spoke of the METCO program as being the catalyst for him to change his entire life, and make 1. The facts are in, and just like global warming it's real and METCO works.
NFL. I came up on top Sunday, but the Giants killed me, how could you not bet against the dead skins? If they lose, I win big, Patriots and the Over and Oakland made for a big Monday night, and I look to the Cardinals to upset the skins this Sunday at Fedex field, the Bears took me by surprise, I lost there too. But I balanced it back with the Bills and the Lions, I’m ahead of the curve on those.
Today’s footage, well, there is much going on. The Big Guy and I reflect on many memory that had to be deleted. They roast Nick, and the rumor mill confirms the high jinx that made the ACE program famous to all of my friends. The Big Guy also reflects on Nicks career on the scoreboard, priceless. The Middlesex league eventually banned him from the scoreboard, then the books and then of course famously the time (see Watertown knockout) our old friend was eventually shipped down the road to Coach Sullivan, you can’t say we don’t take care of each other.

Also as the Minuteman prepare to take on the best of New England in a select Boston holiday tournament. The happy undefeated vibes were suspended temporarily when Mark Mcdonald (Big Mac) calls the Big Guy and tells him first that he has quit the basketball team at Brown University (D1). They (Brown) didn’t take it seriously, “it wasn’t life or death.” And that’s the attitude you have coming from Lexington basketball and when it’s not like that something’s off and in his case he couldn’t even play another day, for now, then.
And into regards of the footage I’ve cut up enough sequences to begin putting together a longer sequence I’ll develop and to send to LA and try and get our friends of the program in Hollywood involved. And those are the two that actually approached Coach about doing something like this back in the early 90’s which would’ve been sick if it coincided with my run, back to back state titles (92-93) cut short by the death of Santo and Stretch blowing his knee and scholarship out at 6-8 a month or so later. We still finished strong, but were a shadow of the team that we had hoped to be. I had D1 state title dreams before my senior year my record on varsity sat at a # you find in the doc of 06-07, I was 40-4 with losses at UMASS and Salem, so close to the Boston Garden, again. We also won the league my freshmen year, I played of course for the freshman team (9-1). After our senior year they tore the Boston garden down and aware of that happening years before, well, that played into the vision, the dream, the unwritten, written. I could never find closure.

And maybe a part of me came looking for that again, thinking my own dream could manifest itself 12 years later with our presence, cameras and energy alone. Maybe that’s what we came looking for, maybe life got so crazy, I just needed to head home, maybe I missed the Big Guy and was never able to properly thank him what he did for me. I don’t know. But I’m glad we did it, and when we finish, if you come to a film festival in your area we’re shopping at, or even opening night in Lexington, I’ll probably have an answer for you. They went undefeated and the Big Guy won his #500 and hall of fame calls for various stops in his playing and coaching carer filtered through regularly.

What I do know is that my class 94, the last of the internet less classes signaled an end of a classic, gilded ear of GLD merit at LHS. The sacred ring was broken and life and kids and Columbine and the internet changed the nature of what a legend would be defined in that town by teenagers for years and ever. And I return (it’s crazy to think how many fucked up things happened in that town and high school during my years there, especially for such a wealthy to do place like Lex) so many years later to capture what turns out to be another eras end, not a chapter, and this time the famous Big Guy and the cherished institution of LHS basketball. And that same year I team up with Big C and record our first album (Dying to get Sued) from my acoustic hip hop group Something to Ponder while filming a super bowl championship through the eyes of Justin Hartwig all the while bringing up the junior mafia’s, writing a very rough book about my childhood and making the dreams of our charitable foundation a reality.

And that’s life you have to play desperate because time is not fixed. And this all occurred in just a few years (06-09) I’d hit lightning in the bottle and it didn’t stop until my old friend the court of law stepped into give me a breather with the Super Bowl tapes, que the lawyers, yay. But it reminds me of what’s possible, and getting back to the post production of my first loveLHS doc. WTDB) has been cathartic. Stay gold Pony Boy, and gorillas all over the world, ride with me, I promise one day soon, you’ll be glad you did. Happy Thursday, September goes quick and is the best month of the year next to May. My birth month, same with E Double, Galloway, Jay and Aaron, oh and for the record our hero Gordon Gecko. And without GG I’d never been inspired to clock the 9-5 (I moonlight as a currency broker) that helps put all of this into the mix.

CEE (American)

No Homo - Retar Crew, Happy Birthday JQ!

Happy 30th JQ! Down in Austin Texas (sippen on lonestar :)with Q brother crew playing the festival again. I've had to pause on some hoops posting, as I back up material and clear space, it got ridiculous. I had the best time at ACL with three years ago with J and G. I watched Arcade Fire in front of 40 thousand people outside, under the stage! Among other highlight's which included watching the Killers Sunday inside the yellow rope, JQ high fiving Common from a moving golf cart back stages en route back to production for free drinks and messages. Let's see our own personal driver in a suburban, watching Bob Dylan smoking a joint as he headlined sunday night and opened with Everyone Must Got Stoned. hanging out with Damian marley who was the only artist to join us on the kiddy stage, oh yeah freesyling about Captain Crunch for the kids Sunday as a smiling Damian Marley watched approvingly from behind us, great photo's!

Plus the hip hop workshop they do for the kids, it's so amazing. And go Bears, do it for JQ, his birthday our brother. Love you fam, I'll always be your coffee. Kill it with the workshop and performances on the big stage Sunday. And gorilla fans enjoy.....

Please download their free album for their other side project the retar crew, these guys are the best thing out in hip hop now, their particular brand and still remain outside a loyal clut following relatively under the radar.

Anyway Happy Friday! Enjoy these guys at their best. Stay posted for more hoops, I'm looking forward to festivals already after suffering through some painful and also some brilliant shorts at the DC dilm festival last night. I know we will succeed.

Chucky P

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taste Good. Retar Crew

JQ my hero, another gem he penned and put the crew on. If JQ was any iller he'd be dead. I like when they sing. This is a great track, props to Jackson, making these video's better in production. I'm glad even though I fucked the sound up, I copped the valentine's day footage in Chicago last year as it made it's way into the Everything Is Going To Be All Right joint. And again it seems Jacks is running that play back, but also grabbing footage from everywhere, if you can overshoot, everything, all the time.

Jack Daniels needs to pick this track up, dam, i gotta sell this joint to a booz co.

enjoy! Also it looks like the Q brothers have been commissioned to write, direct and star in a hip hop remake of Othello. This will be performed in the exact location and replica of the original outdoor theatre where Shakespear claimed fame and immortality. And as part of the entertainment surrounding the 2012 summer olympics, it gets no realer.

"If JQ was any iller, he'd be dead." c-rat O-Ree

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Sunday

Solo Sunday - chillen at the new spot in paradise

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Harry Laye Was The Tooth Fairy For The Whole World For Two Years, Let's Talk About That." Dream


The Roudhouse Blues and The Beauty of a Home Game....

It's very hard to go undefeated. And this was their first road test of the season, we walked into a buzz saw. At the time of this game Lexington high boys basketball was running a consecutive winning streak near forty straight victories in the MiddleSex league. At the same time the patriot's were set to break the NFL consecutive game regular season winning streak. It was the best and last of old times (06-07 season) for the mighty minuteman. If the recipe to beat the patriot's was blitz, hit hard, hit often, hit Brady, it seems Wakefield took a page out of that book. If you can't beat em with skill, hit them, rattle them hard, and discover if they have the apples to break records, at this point they'd won 38 in a row, amazing. Tonight the Minuteman found another posessed squadron. "People are gunning for you." The Big Guy

The chants were great, our grass roots love of the project comes through as we stay after hours and talk about some of the players of the past, inclding Mark Planskey, a Villanova and Wakefield legend. The spector of Planskey, playing at Villanova for "Rollie" the name of the ball in Lexington and our old friend merited a shout.

And I do remember Sean Sullivan being born, I remember Lisa putting me on Shirly's lap balling after a tough loss at Championship Friday at Hayden camp. But Sean Sullivan, no one single kid ever grew up more a part of the program from birth than Sean sullivan. Born literally with a basketball in hand, he was the cutest kid and spent his entire life from 0-18 inside a gym, amazing.

Also the best clip of this entire thing easily is when they bring it in after the Big Guy's scolding halftime as they were being pushed around, and needed a "gut check". They are fired up in that huddle and that halftime goes a long way in matching their toughness in the 2nd half to stay close enough to allow their star to make a big time play down the stretch, hit their free thrwos in the last minute and eek out a victory. Also state governer Scott Brown was a former WHS great, and the Big Guy mentions him to Nick a few times at practices, of course back in 06 when no one had heard of him outside of local politcal afficiendo's, and of course life long fans of Middlesex league basketball. This made them 4-0 heading into the best D1 Christmas tournament in New England.

Enjoy - two camera's.

who does documentaries better than us?

It's also worth noting the Minuteman lost many games last year with the best talent and height in the league. They did not make the tournament and they did not win a league title. A middlesex league title almost a birth right for any varsity guy that ever grew up dreaming to play for Lexington High Boys basketball.

Laura Lassa, the former bi-sexual (support it, just giving the composite) GI Jane, head coach of the womens team, sat on a comittee that pushed the Big Guy out, citing the basketball program as too competitive, too much emphasis on winning. And what strikes me as unbelievable, is this was the most competitive lady ever! But the old guard, symbolized with Coach Tighe's forced removal had one by one been eradicated, and the people that were left, adapted and did whatever it took to hold onto their won jobs. While the peopkle that made the high school what it was slowly withered away amongst a changing demographic in my beloved hometown, $$$$$$$$

Too competetive? What a strange thing to build your case off? I guess if he was coacing tee ball, but this is high school, division 1 on a city wide level. Take the hypocrisy out of it, and I'll leave you with this, I don't think we're socialists yet, we are not socialists yet.

And if Lexington, a top 1% community is indicitive of where our country is headed, I think it's worth being terrified. India and China our going to kick the shit out of us in the next century. The world is competitive and only will get more not less so. And for the seniors last year that missed out on a title, the seniors this year, and the kids coming up, isn't a shame they do not get to be a part of the program that was, the greatness that had elevated property values for years in Lexington.

And if they can't pull it off again, this year I've talked to three seperate coaches that said lexington might have the 3 best players in the league, including Ronnie Lee's nephew, wow! it's sad, I remember when we were filming this year (2006) and the principal announced 1 day we were at school filming the hoops guys, over the loud speaker mind you, that five different chants were being banned for Saturday's state tournament contest including, scoreboard, start the bus, hey hey hey good by, i couldn't believe it.

I'm happy to be a throw back, both in time and innate quaLITIES :)and I'm happy I was pushed because no one else was going to do it, thank you Coach Farias, and thank you Coach Sullivan. And it's those qualitites that continue to allow me to make a dollar in this crazy game. But no matter what they can never take away what we made, what we accomplished and the dynamic manner in which it was put down for thousands of fans to see over so many years.

There will be justice, and with that the project continues... Happy Monday, much love and wait for the holiday tournament, which actually makes this round of editing almost complete. From there we take our 40 or so 10-20 minute sequences, paper log the dialouge and settings and begin to put together our movie like only we can. I'm a make it hot (cajun).

Stay real


Friday, September 09, 2011

Wakefield Part 1. "110 and 7 in the last 5 years." Carl Easton.

12 22 06 3- 0 @ Wakefield, all in. Their first tough road test of the 06-07 season @ Wakefield warriors

"That's how we do in Lex." TH

Woburn Part II (watch after the banners)

“Everyone Thinks They Can Play Like Lexington Until They Play Lexington.” The Big Guy.

Episode #9 (Early)

Lexington Minuteman welcomes the 2-0 Woburn Tanners, a traditional football powerhouse to their home gym on a cold Tuesday, December night. Legends of the past return and Coach Farias runs through the current Lexington players in the college ranks, saying, if combined they would be a D2 national championship with their own alumni coach Jay Lawson at the helm. The Big Guy confirms the toughness of the cameraman, saying “we’re tough top to bottom.” Cuhna clears out the locker room, and Lou the legend sneaks in with the team as Jimmy O’Keefe receives the Gatorade player of the year honor for his efforts the season before which ended at Salem in the semi’s in a heart breaking loss to the eventual state champion Charlestown. A state champ that would later succumb to recruiting violations and give back that title.

At the heart of the project is a family, a Lexington basketball family, and it’s crazy to think in 2006 (Dec) then, that every home game you stepped into a time warp. It was just like the 1950’s, no matter how much the outside world had changed. Every home game was a re-union of sorts, almost always at home a win is guaranteed and with 40 years of banners behind it, the legends of the past are never in short supply.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

"I got your back Coach." Keebs

12/17/2006. After school Thursday before a Friday night showdown with 2-0 Woburn. I love this clip for a # of reasons, let's talk about it. OK, first off there is a spec of field house footage, i love the field house, anyway let's go down the list. Side note: Lexington has recently been placed @ #2 ranking by the Boston Globe on Monday's state D1 rankings.

Brinklow starts off the audio portion of this clip talking about Charlestown, a 5 time D1 state champ that ousted Lexington the year before in the north semi finals. Jack O'Brian was a famous coach, and for his startling success as a basketball coach had his own documentary. But like any outrageous success, a scandal followed, and the man broke many rules in his quest for state titles. Charlestown was a powerhouse by any definition in any state in this country, and jack O'Brian is one of the states most colorful basketball personalities turned cheat.

Anyway you'll hear many references to the powerhouse football town (Woburn)whose basketball team is coming to town tomorrow. And in the end their success on the gridiron would handcuff them in the lexington heat, great quote about that. Also Coach Farias heads back to his ACE program consumer education roots delving into Gatorade on the heels of last years captain and league MVP stopping by the lockerroom Friday night to accept the D1 Gatorade player of the year honor.

Also team captain and star TH (Jimmy Chipwood) seeks refuge from the battle like practices of LHS in the trainers room while a female admirer conviently pops up. Oh the life of basketball stars.

More concerning to the team and our project was that, TH, the league 's co MVP just last year was now dealing with a possible, developing stress factor in the ball of his left foot. This is concerning as another captain and football QB Ross Curly struggled to finally take the court for his 06-07 debut in what would be a huge Friday night test for the Minuteman.

Also the Big Guy predicts their un doing while constantly fighting the new ways the game has changed in the minds of the young players that constantly fight the fundamentals for vanity. Also Mike the trainer (the best!) responds to a crisis.

This is Charlie Paradise and I'am Gorilla dunk daily, happy thurz....... after school - also stay tuned for three new release over the weekend chroncling the Woburn game. It is there you will experience the full might of how we freaked this thing, how many angles we have. And as promised there is much more to come as we work our way through and put together our first trailer and 30 minute rough. And continue the production that will make this feature length a home grown reality, the realest. CP

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Graduation Song - My Mom and Me and the Big Guy

Thank god for a MAC, built in mike and garage band, basically for our last YG foundation golf outing I put together, a promotional rap to help advertise the day. I never really polished it enough having only bare minimum tools but, but, found another beat, dropped a freestyle, found another beat, and then finally came to my favorite song ever, even better than Candygirl! I know GDD, I know, major. (CLICK ON TITLE TO LISTEN)

So basically i felt like doing a rap over it, I found it on you tube, let it ride, hit record on garage band after I wrote something out over the course of hearing the beat a few times. It's called freestyle writing, it's how Guru and Pac always did it. The penless paper rap ala Jigga, BIG and to some degree Kanye is much more difficult. I recorded my rap off what if I, from Something to Ponder in that fashion.

And there you have it, production in it's bare minimum. Kind of reminded me of rapping into my boom box, a blank tape and simply making a beat by drumming my hands on a table.

Oh well, big shouts to the Big Guy and mom dukes, my mother along with the Big Guy got me out of high school. And the basketball stuff you see, I post and my whole crew came out to support and my partner made happen, well, it just might be a love letter to him.

I was caught up in too much as a teenager but I had a good heart. And many times that doesn't factor into the equation or far be it a judges decision. And easily it could've been me, derailed too young off the track of life forever and ever. it doesn't take much, and one your off that track, outside of the circle of trust, you'd be surpirsed how insourmountable your obstacles may be.

But that ain't me, flying high, thanks to my ma and the Big Guy, here's my ode.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

12 15 Sat Practice cont - 2-0 , 2nd 1/2 remix

y The Most Important Day the Season IS TODAY.

Proverb the The Big Guy coined circa 1980

today's episode, sat prac
12/15 AO1l, 2

And that quote explains this clip. And we're further intrigued with the revelation of taking the charge as the cornerstone of the program @ Lexington basketball. Think you can be happy @ 2-0? Seniors coming off a big Friday night win @ home and coming off a 20-1 season last year?
Sat morning after a big Friday win? Lex-Vegas baby, the banners, the show?

Think again, sorry shout out to my actual Gorilla readers that, for some reason slimmingly exist appreciate me espousing on the world as we find it, well, the basketball footage just done got me. I'm going to post this through until opening night of Where The Defense Began next to Theartre pharmacy in the heart of the town and just steps away from the magical basketball arena we came back to discover.

Anyway in today's episode Coach Farias blesses us with wisdom while explaining the charge, invoking Ronnie Lee + revealing the heart of the program (the charge, it's that simple) and ultimitaley what we came searching for trying to understand the programs 40 year reign of success. There in lies great lessons for corporate America inside this camera.

The Big Guy should be lecturing at Microsoft

Friday, September 02, 2011

Sat Practice lockerrom + stickers 2-0. Doughnout's and The Big Guy

Today's Episode.

"That's when of the disadvantages of playing AAU ball, you pick up the worst habits in the world." The Big Guy

Stimulus dollars at work