Monday, August 29, 2011

You Won't Eat That Lightbulb (The Peer Pressure Song)

a song I wrote for me and Chris that we never got around to recording. We did a couple of versions like this live on a few occasions at the end, happy 2006. :) The Retar Crew bought the rights and as of press time had yet to release the peer pressure song This was Jungle land for STP on the Boss tip hahahahahaha, i imagined it being performed like a musical, theatrical rap

You won t eat that Light Bulb
Bitch you want do it. A legend would do it
You won’t eat that light bulb
Jump start your social status
You won’t eat that light bulb
It might even get, the acne off your face
You won’t eat that light bulb
There’s only 1 reason that you feel out of place (because)
You Won’t eat that Light Bulb
Verse 1.
It’s the worst shit in the world bitch you know shit is true, Peer Pressure with a P, you’d be surprised at what you’ll do.
2 Just fit in maybe make a few friends, the smoke and the shits, thrown up never ends
Hard 2 make amends Got you hooked on dem Med’s. The school just feds Klonapin to your heads
And all alone at school @ home in your yard the only kids you got laugh and call you RETAR!
And that’ll leave a scar that you won’t soon forget
And you break and you cry pray to Jesus just let
Me get a foot, just a toe in the door, I got mad heart one shot, they’ll adore
(Cause you won’t eat that light bulb)
cuz anything be better than this shit right here
It’s dark and it’s lonely and only the lame. Understand what it’s like with no friends and no game
Time to raise my aim cuz yo maybe shit is me
Maybe I’m the reason dad left and I’m in therapy
(cuz you won’t eat that light bulb)
I gotta admit , I love therapy
And yo enough is enough time to elevate and flip
up my whole status start calling nice girls bitch!

And its funny how this school misinterprets what I need, sometimes I need an interpreter 2 convey what I need. But that’ll all change act deranged play the part, steal an I Pod plus a dock sell my own pot!
(cuz you won’t eat that light bulb)
Construct my own stories, I’ll be so cool now
the derivative of me be quite profound.
And what do you know a few detentions I got friends. Stole a whole locker row of wallets in the gym now I got ends.
And now them dope kicks that my mom couldn’t afford are here on my dogs and I’d like to thank the lord.
For my shiny gold bracelet mom I’m no longer bored, before I GET A LICENCE GOT TO BOOST AN Accord
And just like that yo I rocked my first suspension, then I got an invited to a party in the towns richest section
(cuz you won’t eat that light bulb)
what would you sacrifice to burst on the scene
And the next day at school, “R U that kid that’s fucked up.”
“Yeah Trevor you saw me in suspension, what time you pick me up.”
“Well let make it clear a spaz like you roll with me, a stupid broke sophomore better score some hits of E,
and better do what’s he’s told if you want to get in,
my mom’s black Mercedes and be ready on a whim,
(cause you want eat that light bulb)
to roll and thank upper class pull rank Whiskey shots get drank all night we smoke denk.”
“How far will you go, we got like 10 other ASSHOLES,
in the 10th grade, that make such assholes
of themselves and degrade, and it’s just part of the up, but you’ve shown me allot, be at the center court parking lot (tonight)

Cause you won’t eat that light bulb.
Jump Start your social career
You won’t eat that light bulb. Peer pressure, Peer pressure

Friday day @ school and I can’t sit still, say what’s up to Trevor with Brad they say hi, it’s so ill!
And I get a chill, when senior Sarah eyes me, I loved her ever since I first saw her u see!
And it’s easy to me, slap a Freshman, high five
this other cool junior that I met getting high,
skippen class is the best, so psyched I failed that test,
everybody be sorry in this school that ever messed! W / me I C them other cats that called me retar,
hanging in the played little section of the school yar,
and I yawn as I pass can’t call me Retar no more.
Not going let no more phonies shake me to the core
And as I gaze and I limp with the stride of a pimp I see them ten other assholes in my grade starting shit
(cause you won’t eat that light bulb)
(mad laughter as I approach)
“who the fuck does this kid, fucking think he is? Fucking lawnmower spaz retar kid.”
And as they all crack, and laugh, I ask who’s in detention,
they all lay silent so naturally I mention
that Trevor’s picking me up in a Mercedes for Porsches
party tonight so light the Tikki torches
(cause you want eat light bulb)
I trembling with the pssoibilites of what!
And collectively they say no way gay out
But then I drop the pick up time to enshrine my new clout
And then the location got inside information the strangest thing happened the way they looked, so amazing!
(cause you won’t eat that light bulb)
10th graders be so fucking corny
And ten becomes eleven them cats forget about me
I’m sad but relived when a van out of the B
And that B the blue, so fast not a clue, get kicked in the gut
Suffocated ate glue
(cause you want eat that light bulb)
Chug a beer, take a shot rip a pipe and I’m fucked
And it’s all just tradition so dizzy I’m assured
That lines get blurred runnen with the herd
And Trevor gave his word as the van pulled up
To this packed private party tons of girls getting fucked
Up, up, we went, so many stairs I’m bent, the cribs ain’t like this where I live where we rent.
“Yo! kid, your feeling good cause that was part 1, another couple parts, trilogy and your in son”
And entering the spot, Cajun dope so hot, can’t force another shot, but I’d sacrifice allot.
And it feels like cameras snapping off as we enter, and Trevor yanks my arm and yells, “latest contender!”
(crowd roars)
And Lindsey asks Trev, “is this your latest greatest victim.” And woozily I stand and proclaim it’s just the system.
But fuck I’m hear so I lacerate her ear and said I’m not the latest just the last have a blast and a beer.
(cause you want eat that light bulb)
And gingerly she chuckles like I had much to learn, sit down at a table play Cards blunts burn.
But something strange happened ignorant to the rules
I kept fucking losing and filled with booze. And a shot became a beer became some scotch came some pills I think I ate a tampon and kissed Kenny Mills,
And the party cracked up when I smashed that can on my head and they all laughed astonished “give a fuck!” is what I said
And I high fived Trevor, pass a bottle any bottle be it Vicodin or Valium legnd for a night, full throttle
‘I can ‘t believe he’s still standing’ this fat bitch muttered
this entire house is biscut and I think I just buttered, and I can hear the whispers as I made fun of this dude, and then I smashed a glass on my nose, which Trevor thought was so cool.

And then I whipped it out cause I just saw the doors, and came out as rock as I stared down these whores
Tonight be the night straight put me on the map, I can hear people talking and feel all the dap
And Trevor got the guys and they all rushed back, to the kitchen to jump start my panic attack. Cause I will do it all, I just want to be a legend, so ironic how it started with an in house suspension
And as the party filled up and my eyes broke red, IT WAS SO UNEXPECTED WHAT the fuck TREvor said
You want eat that light bulb (points) “right there?” (laughter)
What?? Um, Im drunk but did you say what I just think you said??
Bitch you won’t do it, bitch you won’t do it
You want eat that light bulb
A legend would do it, a legend would do it
You won’t eat that light bulb
It might even get the acne off your face, there’s only one reason that you feel out of place, because (everyone sings!)
You want eat that light bulb..
And as the crowd swelled my school screamed my name
You only get one shot for fifty-five minutes of fame,
And crept and it crept, and they clapped, and the clapped
My energy came back center of attention is crack.
And I glanced at the bulb now unscrewed on a plate and brought it to my face like a T Bone steak
And the kids from the van propped me up and I could see standing on this cherry table what looked like a sea
of infamy and red faces gone tilt gone mad,
bursting face veins for the kid shit was rad
(cause you won’t eat that light bulb)
Do it man, do it man (caddy shack sample)
And never had I felt so king so fast, look at all my friends therapist kiss my ass,
(Look at me, and look at this sea, and look at that light bulb right there just for me!)
And I dash and I grab this bulb from its stand, the crowd roars its approval GE in my hand, and man a rock band yup, next on my docket, and I yell for dessert “put some cool whip on the socket”
And they all crack, laugh, so jacked up, I’m such a funny cat
and that’s what’s up.
And as Trevor kicks my behind (hurry up) out of the corner of my, me eye, I see that gorgeous senior Summer, peering me in the eye
And her face says no, but the masses scream go, the restless crowd is so awake gotta take make this show.
(cause you won’t eat that light bulb)
the moment of truth, shit it won’t hurt that much, point a finger in the air insert and just crunch,

and put that lightbulb down down it like a Champagne brunch.
The party gets silent as I slowly look up
and swallowed for effect slash, just keep it real, and I turn for my cash for a different sort of meal and the crowd just erupts bumps jumps up my nose as I grab the closest ho and say ‘baby no clothes’
is the next game I’d play I’d like to play it with you
not because your pretty or cute just the closet big boobed

ho out to cap size capatilize on the strength
of my new poll numbers at this party shit is great,
and I yucked and answered with mad authority
more popular than Brad, Trevor, Toz ever be.

and Cassidy on my hip so easy in my ear, said ”do with me what you want I'm with you now dear."
and my rock bleep bloop just caught some extra strength like Bounty Paper Towels shit could handle extra weight. And fondishly I flutter feverish without no stutter, thanked my audience and Brad’s rock star mother and I thanked Porsche
the host with the most
she gave me a room and said “tomorrow morning we’ll toast” (over mimosa)
And I asked Brad and Trev to be safe when they drive and I assured them tomorrow I’d shit the glass from my hide. And mad they couldn’t hide the hate they oozed from their eye, as I slapped the ass of my bitch as she turned and said inside of her wetness is where Jimmy
and I longed and I thought for my dad who’d be proud. Of me and I know my Godfather Uncle Clayt long lost up in heaven looken down can’t wait, for his long on the lost confused god son, to finally step it up and fucking get some,
and this way u see saves me from shooting up this school dotting up its exterior killing rich and cool
kids that prep and rep that peer pressure
friends ain’t ur friends buddy don’t let it get ya.
And yup, no regrets as I stepped to Porsche’s parents, room and checked for massagers and inhalants *

And yup no regrets, as my pants fall down
And hazily I watch as this ho slurps my clown, and I’m such a clown do whatev to get down as I start to shake, nut and bust I cough to the ground

That was the very last second I could stand, throwen up I could hear “get an abulaaaan –ce, cause I’m puking shit, the very least which be it blood, I saw the vampries race to the floor for their suds, and fuck, shit I’m dizzy, I think I just coughed back on a nasty little cocktail as my digestive systems crack!, and no it’s not the shit, as a shit illiterate Porshe’s now screaming cops be hear ina little bit,.

(Back ground chatter) ‘I mean seriously what the fuck is he doing? This is like my parents bedroom, who said he could come up here?’
“Who asked you! OMG, what the fuck!”
“I think we should call an ambulnce.”
“To my parents house so they can see an underage keg and drug party, um, I don’t think so, oh Trevor.”
“Yea baby”
“Take lover boy out of here and leave him in a park, stupid fucking asshole! Oh!) So annoyed, throw him out of the car.” (Banter back ground innocuous chatter)
sounds drowned out.

Chorus comes back, as only the hook can be heard softly

You won’t eat that light bulb, you won’t eat that light bulb
A legend would do it. A legend would do it.

Over and over again little bit softer style like Shout.
A legend would do it, a legend would do it.

And then it flips it flips and starts to get louder.
It might even get the acne off your face, it might even get the acne off your face
(And click in the video the kid wakes up, alone, and sweaty but feeling lucky as fuck. Maybe bet changes All About the Benji Biggie style)
Cause that was just a dream fucked up as it seem you live long enough and they all become dreams and that’s just an ode to them cats who not forgotten,
I mean everyone else lost, seems to forgotten,

but know not me, pen a song, no fee, JQ bring the heat and we’ll never concede.

Anything to non believers cause we done saying haters, and maybe just maybe we can flip a few traitors, cause that thing with the light bulb kid could be you, your parents are the only ones that can ever tell you what to do, stay away from the games that they beg you

and that’s why I stay so true, and true is this track JQ as usual his heart is my back, cause there is a kid that can (express yourself, NWA jack sample) and never ever ever disrespect himself. And we see it clear think peer pressure stops there, you won’t buy a hundred lot of that stock Doc your still so queer,
and you don’t have the nuts to make a little easy coin, I got a hundred other doctors long July pork loin.
And Manson played it best, that’s some Peer Pressure crazy shit, you won’t dismember that director and his pregnant wife and spit, and scrawl in their blood, I know it’s so tough to hear, but these are the defenses you need when the dark side’s in your ear.
And your foolish yet to think, the shit still don’t go on, on the highest level thankful my president is on
A higher level the next and another one, in these trying tough times need cats that ain’t dumb, like our little dumb light bulb eating friend, and his stupid following cronies I swear to god get it back in the end

Be proud of the fact that god put you here, there’s greatness in your smile if you make it ear to ear! Don’t shoot up the school, holler at us if you need a friend.

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