Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday August 17th, 6:17 AM, dunkage time.

Good morning Gorrilla’s.!

What it is low, what it is. Happy AM! Now get out and see a sun rise, it’s my goal to watch it come up this Sat from the high steps of the Lincoln (I freed the slaves yo!) Memorial, basically the lead off hitter as you make your way from the south tip of the nations glorious mall. Anyway, I’d like to start this morning with once again the Arab spring, and how glorious it all is minus the bloodshed, but this is Casablanca and not say Dances with Wolves.

Casablanca is the single greatest American movie ever made, end of our conversation. It’s about our world and what a critical time it was, “welcome back to the fight, this time I assure we will not lose.” Goose bumps, the greatest American movie of all time you see can’t be sci-fi adventure. Anyway this morning’s piece jumps off the sizzling nature of my key strikes with the trial of Mubarak in Egypt. And quick shout out to my now 3rd office mate Aren Furaq, a player from MN that came back to us after escaping the uprising in Egypt after working on the floor of the stock exchange over there in Cairo. He slangs next to me, and on the phones like Gangstarr I’m one of the best yet. Anyway I don’t know who I blame for this, but whose fucking idea was it to put this man on trial, televised to the world laid up in a cage ala Hannibal Lecter, excuse me Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Now gorilla dunkers, you don’t think the maniac in Syria saw that footage and didn't say, “fuck that! It ain’t going to be me.” And not coincidentally the violence in Syria following the Egypt’s dudes first day in court televised ramped up the “crackdown.” In fact violence in Syria has surged 200% since the first airing of day 1 of the ridiculous specter of Mubarak’s trial. In fact that’s all any dictator needs to see to mince thoughts and chop away any remaining fibers of hearty mediums. Now I’ve read that the mighty India might have an uprising of their own, well to do Indians that have migrated and now our American rich might tell you the poor our happy over in India, but I find that’s rarely the case. Their system reeks of the white mans rule, the white man did a number on Indians and their ruling cast system which basically defines you day 1 should come under pressure. So you wonder if this fizzles, this Arab spring, it’s already taken down a few dictators, how many legs does it have left? And is their a place for men and regimes as such in the 21 st century, I think not.

And this Arab spring, it once again with all these evil men walking the plank right now or staving of the will of their people as they live 100,000% above the level of the men and women they say it’s their job to serve, well it makes that dam Iraq mistake by Bush all the more glaring, why Sadam? Oh yeah, I forget because he tried to kill your father. The world wasn’t at a shortage of ruthless dictators.

Anyway moving on to a fun (er) topic, my favorite hood scam football program in America, the University of Miami Florida affectionally referred to by their startling number of players in the NFL over the last thirty years as only the “U” is back in the news big time guy! Ok, I love this story, you have to pay college players anyway, you can’t get around that. But I love the guy, currently in jail after defrauding investors out of up to 950 million dollars in the old ponzi scheme. What’s with Southern Floridians falling for Ponzi schemes again and again? But this guy is a trip, I especially loved the fact he was referring to “Uncle Luke” (Luke Campbell, 2 Live Crew), and that someone had to be there to continue what he had started. Mainly lacing the fuck out of the players, creating that image, that life we tune into MTV cribs for. The bottom line is that big time sports schools our corrupt, and I’m willing to bet that the millions the football team has netted, might say billion at this point goes towards paying some of the massive “administrative” costs and high salaries of the university’s board members.

College is a scam, wait (burp) let me say that again, college is a scam! And I love the recent silicone valley billionaire that started a program that has come under heavy scrutiny for urging kids to drop out of school and become entrepreneurs. This leads me to my favorite quote, “Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” Fucking college, what a joke, pay the players, you have too. It’s akin to slavery once again the white man does not give up his cash coffers easy in this country. And traditionally the law is on his side, judges our in their pocket. The money this program brings in is eye popping and where that money is spent is ambiguous at best. If you want a job that probably pays too much with amazing benefits and job security work for a major college in America, you’ll be glad you did, fuckers.

Anyway, you know me, I love the idea of this guy down there throwing 50 G’s at Vince Wilfork partying on a yacht. If adults behaved in a somewhat adult manner then the bad lessons kids take from sports starting at a young age would be minimized. Other sports tid bits, this just in Vince Young has told gorriladunkdaily that the reason the former AFC MVP QB deciding on signing with a team clearly to be the back for years to come in the prime of his career was simply, “Yo fucken playen four years at Texas burnt me the fuck out.” And I can live with that, and I’m sure it did. The man delivered a championship to Texas, the University of Texas after chopping up many hard years on their sacred football gridiron. You know how fucked up his view must have been of the world after winning a national championship at Texas, and of course just being their starting stud QB for so many years / games? Very fucked up, the man was on suicide watch in TN a few times, as a multi millionaire.

And speaking of Vince Young, I remember our friend and super Bowl champion Justin Hartwig telling me a great Vinnie Young story. J. Wig who had a signed U. Texas Vince Young game helmet on his mantle at his Carolina mansion when we first met, he told me he had first met Vince Young at an NFL event down in Austin TX of all places. Wig had been in the league for five years at that point and at first loved Vince Young. He said they got in his truck and the man lit the “L”.
Wig. “Bro what are you doing? The last thing we need.” Wig asks Vinny Young aware of what a nightmare in the press this would be if they ever caught a weed beef.
Vince Young’s response choking out a cloud of haze, “We straight, this Austin, I hope we get pulled over!” Crazy shit for the brothers out there that have been tailed their whole life simply walking into a white CVS to pick up medications for their family\, well hard to imagine it could be like that?

The rules can be a myopic discussion / illusion.

OK, I’ve gone a little crazy posting Lexington basketball stuff lately, and I intend to peel back some of the posting minus a few gems as I come along them. The goal is to complete. The goal is still to unify and the goal is still to tell this crazy story about what happened to the Big Guy, I should call him today, Fall River and their famous Lizzy Bordaine murder from the early 20th century was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal this past Tuesday. More than anything I want the players of the day done captured to be able to see some of this stuff they have desperately asked us for over the course of now almost five years, holy shit.

My goal this year is not to be sued. I’d also like to bring my meat vs. Vegetarian intake to a clean 50/50. You have to change with the world and I’m not trying to get prostate cancer.
I’ve been operated on in an ECU five times in my life, that’s a big number, I basically live in fear I’m going to die everyday and that explains some of my output with the film, blogging, the charity, the book, etc.

Favorite mom quote from back in the day.
Mom. "Carl why don’t you just take your Ritalin, it helps."
And me because I hated taking my Ritalin unaware in my childhood indolence of how much it actually helped me. “Shut up ma, why don’t you take a Zanex?
Mom. "I just took 2! I have to living with you!"
Oh doctor that’s so funny in hindsight frustrating I’m sure in the pulpit of the seventh grade. Speaking of back in the day, all hand s on deck, we call on you Mr. Mike Presnky to post that footage of our 5th grade camping trip! It’s been sitting on DVD at his place for years, and there is an appetite to view. Even our old fifth grade teacher Mr. Popp has requested dearly to see. It’s amazing and I bring the house down with a fight for your right to party rendition with T. Nolen, the stage is rushed and the house is brought down, I’ve been killing them all since jump ball my ninja’s. The coolest thing about that footage minus seeing Billy Dalwin , one of many classmates of ours that died, ironically enough in Lexington public school systems over the years. A car in Mike and my neighborhood hit him; he died in the summer going into the 6th grade. But during my Beastie Boy stage eruption I’m wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt, foreshadowing glory to come, funny. Half the reason I want Magic to post that is so I can show Wig, me, busting the Steelers gear in the 5th grade, random cause I was such a huge Patriot’s fan.

OK my gorillas, and speaking of ninja’s I need to post the gem the retar crew concerning this very topic of ninja’s. It’s a classic. You can see the Ninja vid below. Please take in a hilarious vid with your coffee this AM.

OK, time to edit and wrap, phone calls start in just over an hour. Stock futures are down big time, the debt contagion spreads and much like the Arab spring refuses to die. What’s sad if I’m a European is that American slick talking power bankers, brokers and traders are to blame for your banking crisis. They created shit and new no matter what, the Germans (yes, your reading this correctly) the Germans would always buy it. And now their banks are failing. We need to curb the scope and the instruments we use to speculate in this country. And it sucks, and we might double dip, and these are uncertain times and the US dragged the world into quite a mess with this sub prime and Houdini act pulled off by Morgan and Goldman, the street. Push stuff they dump and insure yourself against it. All the while netting billions for a lucky 1% and spin the world into the recession of our lifetime, a great recession, that might now be double dipping, remember what I said half of the great depression, we got a ways to go and the GDP # might not turn up a few ticks in time for the next election.

IN any event we’re here now, think Pretty Women, what are you going to do today? Work out if you don’t bike to work, open the door for a stranger and open that door with a smile. I’m still amazed every week at the contagious power of a random smile to a stranger; smile more, life is not a New York subway ride. And do you dawg.

Peace and love yourself.

CEE AKA Chucky P.

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