Friday, August 19, 2011

T.G.I.F. This Gorilla Is Funky


Happy Fri! And the amazement of such a day for the working day American can never be understated, what a reward for your hard weekly work, if of course you got after it, which I didn't.

But still don't sweat the small stuff, of course many gorilla readers might ask, what about the big stuff? And yes, I'm afraid we have to worry about that shit too. It's kind of throwing the towel in half way through the semster, the old fuck it. of course in this enviroment you better have the skills to still earn or you'll be under the creek. I apoligize for not having today's blog up earlier but I was up late last night chopping up footage like Edaward you know who, hey without that we would've never had Charlie and the Chocolate factory,. a re-make I still stand behind, Hatty deplores me for.

The gold rush remains in tact as Gorrilla dunk has uncovered massive lines forming outside hoody DC pawnshops that haven't seen action like this since the riots.

I spoke to my father this morning who was angered I hadn't tipped him to my buy of gold around the $1400 high's, he said uncle Van had sold everything and went all in at a G. He's still bullish, waiting for that dip which is getting harder and harder to see as the latest view of the world econopmy comes into a great focus in Q3, 2011. I quote Gordon Gecko, "I liked it at $35, it's an insult at $40." hahahaha of course high gold is here to stay, inflation is on the creep and the worlds problems against the same world when gold, in 1980 traded to a pre adjusted highs of $2400 an ounce are of a far greater scope and magnitude, I believe that. In 1968 the dollar was fixed to gold so there. So buy gold, I liked it at $1400, I love it at $1800, there it is.

Of course you never went to be 12th on the deal team, last to know, if everyone goes one way, the winner runs the other direction, but hey, I just can't see a scenerio right now and hindsight may very well prove me the fool. It's also an emotional hedge, which is huge for me. If gold drops considerably, I'll happily take the loss amid a calmed down world. God bless the hedge and futures markets around the globe. Dam, the local guys traded contracts in Chi town hate that Dodd act.

News. Was it any surprise that the first ever reality TV suicide occurred on the real house wives of Beverly Hills? Have you ever read what what's his name said about Hollywood after living there and hitting it big post NoteBook? He said they should have people move rocks back and forth a couple of hours a day just to have something to do.

Imagine being depressed in a place where everyday is the same. Think about it.

The Patriot's are sick. I love them against the spread for at least the first two if not three. Once spreads jump to college like levels, we'll begin to talk shorts, they'll still win and we can still profit, paradise. What people need to understand is that big Albert Haynesworth no matter will be in the line up week 1, even if he misses the entire pre-season ala Randy Moss 2008. And he will be a force people have yet to fully embrace next to Vince Wilfork, scary with that offense.

I've been trying to make last second plans to Chicago to catch this Sunday Retar show at the double door. This will be a bizerk, still very much underground, happy, happy live performance.

Next up, Georgetown college basketball team against the top Chinese military basketball team, yes you read that right. They played the army, fouls called went something like this; 52 against the Hoyas, 13 against the Red Army, these dudes went too far. Now back to the university of Miami and yesterday's post, I wish they sent their men's baskball team to KTF out these over stepping / ruff playing foreign gorillas, this was uncalled for. The picture of a crazed Chinese fan kicking my man Jason Clarke defenselss on the rgound, who would whip his ass anyway caught my Friday joy off guard. Fuck that, I was a big Chinese fan after watching the Kissinger doc on Nat Geo and now I'm reeling it back. It's our sport anyway fellas, and it was invented in my home state. my parents home state and their parents before the long sail, so take it ease, and show some respect.

Incidentally Dr. Suess lived on the same street in Western MA that Dr. Naismith (baskets) lived on, imagine that, hip hop and basketball have deep roots fans don't entirely comprehend.

I watched a program to air on Nat Geo last night called Brain Games with David Copperfield, and wow, it's interactive and I failed every test. The movie sought to explain magic and how our brains process information. The opening phrase of the entire episode was, "attention is like currency to your brain." I knew I was fucked, I'd wish I could raise the attention ceiling in the congress of my brain, waut, a moment of clarity, "dam no wonder my Ritalin is so expensive" Dam now wonder why they have yet to drop that into the generic form. And the diagnosis per Google / Gorilla news per captia has surged 18% over the last 24 months in the US.

And lastly as always, and to quote the Big Guy, "unbelievable."

Let's take it home below with some good old happy Pac, Happy Friday ya'll. Stocks close sharply down, OK, it's OK, own the weekend. And remember this weekend, it's all bout U. 1 time!

Charlie Paradise

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