Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scratch + Burn - Driving Instructor

To the Fam, this is JQ, (look how young he looks!) 22 years old after he dropped out of NYC music after his brother wrote the international smash the bombitty of errors. JQ dropped out of college and they all got movie deals. The cast went to Hollywood and JQ stayed back becoming the janitor in the theatre (45 Bleeker St.) that put them on the map, true story. And then they performed live in a Gatsby back yard off Long island sound for a group of MTV executives who green lighted 4 episodes of an original show first called "blunt" which renamed due to exiting copyright, "scratch and Burn." Jeffey's older brother GQ (the white nigga from drumline) came up with the title. I thought they should've called it straight from the fridge. I remember Jeffey calling me from the limo MTV provided after their private performance back into the city.

A month later MTV fully greenlighted their own show and Jeffy was whisked away from the Alaphabet city in the east Village to Hollywood.

They wrote, tarred and JQ made the beats. This was the first segment of the first show, 2002, MTV, Sat night , 10 PM, it was a program called the hook hosted by none other than Justin Timberlake who had met GQ on tour in Vegas after he filmed a huge role in the n sync movie on the line shot in, to make it perfect, Chicago, G's home town. When the credits roll he's standing next to Al Green in front of a Ferris Beueller set in the front of Wrigley Field singing let's stay together, and G, right next to Al Green busts a ryhme summarizing the movie in front of thousands of heads.

Here's a the beg. check out G playing the drums with Lance Bass in 2000 before 9/11 before the internet bubble popped getting PAID.

I'll never forget when the N Sync boys stiffed Pete-Nice on a bar bill in Chicago, pretty funny, I explained back in 2000, they probably just assumed it was taken care of.

Anyway the jigga man and I would always host Sat. night Scratch and Burn parties at the Meridian. And I felt like janet Jackson watching her brothers cartoon on Sat AM, what a memory. I simply couldn't believe my best friends had their own TV show rapping about kids shit on national TV. And between the four of these chaps featured in this and every skit they ever did, they have between them close to 20 major motion pictures under their belt.

And MTV watered them down big time, big time. And we had 20 people over that first night to watch this, what in our lives. I was psyched, I remember seeing JQ featured in the first skit and I went bizerk. He was just the DJ in the hit play, and he was left behind while they shined and he cleaned floors making B-Boy tracks. So, it was great to see my fucking guy clawing himself into the talented line up, and from there it's never ever stopped.

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