Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Great Movie II. Sat Practice, priceless Matty Langone Footage.

In today's Blog, well this was really something I put together for Tina, Phil and the Big Guy. Matty was taken much too early, this footage reminds us of the Justin beieber movie, clips of him hooping it up, he even looks like the Bieb. And it's obvious the kid has skills, Matty dons his favorite Paul Pierce jersey in today's episode. Anyway after watching it several times and crying outloud maybe just as many times I wanted to share it with my gorriladunk community, we've passed 1,000 views for the month, so I'm a keep posting and I thank every reader / viewer out there.

The good news is we have footage to post for three lifetimes, but relatively soon we should have a private promo DVD, seeking to attract a handful of investors to help us finish this thing (Where the defense began, Lexington Basketball, a documentary), we still need Ronnie Lee interview, and we still need Rollie down in Florida and maybe Skippy Karem probably the Middelton's + Lloyd.

I also look forward to sharing some of the super bowl stuff with you guys, you'll flip, we have hours of footasge with Big Ben in the boys after their miraculous win down there in Tampa bay a fwe years back.

In closing, I'll be posting a new METCO story tomorrow about a huge inspiration in my life to keep writing, working, loving, healing and growing, the Black Knight, aka keith Bodden, a METCO love letter, what a story he has, what a story he told me yesterday, more to come tomorrow. But for now check out this angel, Matty Langone and please friend friendsformatty on face book if you haven't yet, http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Friends-For-Matty-Foundation-Inc/178279153465

Happy Tuesday, go get it,

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