Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Bridge is buring! A better world and Matty Langone


Happy Thursday my gorilla’s! It’s 6AM up in here and we’re going to sew this one up today tight, why? Because it’s Thursday! The slope of the week is in our favor like forward points you keep on a big contract with a naive client. Finance sucks for the record, and my favorite Tupac quote of all time for the record is, “I never had a police record until I made my first record.”

The trappings of fame, of course I’ve been famous in my own mind since I first met Larry Bird in the emergency room as a kid. Larry Bird was not known around Boston as being a nice guy. OK, today I’d like to dish on London, the mighty London, father of capitalism way before the US geared up it’s own banking system on the we’re even further west than you guys dawg. I actually got in a bit of a verbal scrap with the summer crush the other day reflecting on what was happening in London. At first glance it’s awful, who would do that, riot’s, kids, burning storefront punks. But the more I read, the more I actually started getting behind these kids from the slums of London,
What was interesting, to me, was that no one could really point their finger as to why? And this wasn’t Jihad, and this wasn’t so much a Rodney King, LA situation or was it? Yes, the acquittal of officers Lawrence Powell and I can’t remember them other cats names was the straw that broke Mr. Ed’s back so to speak. Have you ever watched Mr. ED? (ADD) This was a great TV choice for my father as a kid parallel to the great space coaster for moi.
Anyway people used to call black people lazy in America, and I tell you this, you try walking 35 city blocks with twin leather couches from downtown Watts back to your crib, and then going back for matching end tables? Lazy, playoff’s? I think not. You have to kidding me, that’s hard work! And in any event, and on the underdog theme, London and almost all of Europe for that matter has to deal with their own class struggle and maybe just maybe take a look at the social design of the whole system. Once again you go back to America, and even though the game is rigged, you can still be, what the fuck, you know what I mean.

Big Shout’s to Bradley Ward, a devoted gorilla dunk reader, Brad is a curious case like Benjamin button, I think he might be aging backwards ala Doug Scott in Lexington ala Tupac, which is a good thing for me on the happy hour tip. Also big shout’s to Pete Nice, yes dude we can do the Yankee’s first week in Sep up in the Bronx. My new company Commonwealth Foreign Exchange has an old BOA space in Times Square which means your boy can work up there anytime I feel I got some client visits to knock out as well. MY former employee were such amazing sales people they never in ten years authorized one client visit, amazing + it’s real money, and oh shit that cash makes you act a fool! And when it comes easy, and your timings right, boom! You begin to change, and it’s sadly, cliché and never fails. Money heightens the perception of your own importance.
And lack there of does the same thing just in reverse, and it’s crazy that the writers and police of London had a hard time figuring out just what this was in response too. Some hinted at a police killing of a minority in a slum area, OK, so there you go. There’s the Rodney King acquittal. Police brutality in a countries slums is always a trigger for possible riots, it’s like my gout flare up’s, it happens when I overdue it on the drinking, crabs, etc. There comes a tipping point. Same thing with the police brutality, there is an event which proves to be a tipping point, and you snap. We saw The Help last night, instant classic, wonderful novel, amazing movie albeit, long. But down there in racist ass Mississippi in the 60’s, they too would riot when one of their own was taking in the struggle. And in this case it was no hoodlum but a civil rights leader taking out by a sniper in the clan. And I’ll say this about the sixties in conjunction with this thread and after watching a 3 hour interview, just filmed, Nat Geo to air in September with the famed historian Henry Kissinger, it made me feel a whole lot better about out problems in the 21st. Stress levels and panic were at premiums kids today could never siphon off to understand. And casualties, cost and potential nuclear conflict were much closer to the brink then we are today. You see the number of casualties and the scope of sacrifice to accomplish your end wartime means, it’s crazy and that number gets lower and lower every war every year every century and that’s comforting to a wiger like me.

Now you knew you were a METCO student if the first time you heard the term wiger you knew it was wrong. Wow did those hockey players love saying it, with a full dip in a tough Boston accent. I love Boston. I can’t seem to shake face book, and the convo, you knew you were a METCO student if… is amazing! MY favorites to date was my own, “you hit the deck if a door slammed loudly.” And then one cat early posted you could stay at their house anytime or as much as you wanted, but as soon as you asked them to stay at your house in the city things got awkward. Hahahaha, what a great program that METCO is, and I’m so happy to report we’re days away from cutting the program yet another check from our fundraising efforts. The programs benefits are crystal clear to me. And shout out to the Lexington Minutemen for their press today covering our bustling YG Foundation.

And so anyway, just to reel it back my faithful following of Fudrucking eating lunch boxes  The Arab spring somehow has leaked into the United Kingdom. And it’s fair to say studying the history of that little island in college, that most of the worlds ill’s came from the imperialism of the white man stemming from the royals on our best friends island there across the pond. And that was a long time ago, and I don’t live in the past but we always must try and learn from it. And I’m behind these kids rioting, yes, I said it, sorry store shop owners, I mean they have insurance in London right? Anemic economic times really spotlight disparities between the have’s and the have not’s every time. And for the neighborhoods where this thing began to crest, unemployment is way over 10%, their few programs have been cut and kids like the US in the 60’s had, well, had enough. Fuck that, I have to watch this royal wedding and you cut back my recreation center, closed the shit? And maybe it’s much more basic than that or maybe like usual I’m completely fucking wrong typing away hazardously in my own fog. Or maybe this socialists are just peering into the beg. Certainly as this economic crisis continues to unfold, and banks continue to disclose their retardation and austerity measures are implanted again and again to stem the tide of economic failure, this is just the beg.

Like I mentioned the other day, it’s half of the great depression for the US, and as the stock market tanks, I advise you to buy into your 401K, if you’re my age a crash is good, buy on the dips every week or two or month. And scrape up the bargains, in 30 years you’ll be glad you did, I think. I mean the fact that the homeboy Monster was working on the floor of the NYSE in 1999 when it first eclipsed 10,000 and we are now facing that as a huge downside technical level makes you think, WTF or where thee fuck do I put my money? I mean if we get back down towards 10 G’s, where talking 11 years with no growth in stocks, baby boomers! Your cavity is about to get stretched.

And I think Paris uprising is next, talk about an unfair system if you’re say, Muslim in the slums of the charming Paris. Ask a family man in Paris that has a flat in the city, house in the burbs and mansion on the south tip of the coast what he does and you will never get a straight answer.
The Swiss France the safe heaven in all of heaven is trading close to a record high against the USD, sucks for my client’s buying Swiss, these are trying times, but take solace my brothers in knowing the stress threshold and panic level of the world today is nowhere near where it has been traditionally throughout times stressful corridors, esp. 1968
And lastly I want to again touch on the firing of the Big Guy at Lexington high school almost three years ago with an 80% career winning percentage over 35 years, believe me it’s not the water in the town, that only makes kids crazy and spawns accidents, doesn’t equate to hoops talent. But I’ve been putting together some footage of his late grandson Matty Langone who was diagnosed with a bone cancer, I think it was bone cancer, but in any event, he caught that rare .001 % and god put him upstairs in kid heaven. And they fired him one season after his death rattled his world and those closest to him most notably his siblings and parents and of course his grandfather, my guy, the Big Guy.
And it just gets me incensed, and once again I get overtly involved with something that doesn’t have anything to do with me. But this isn’t aggression at a rude person at the airport or some drunk dropping N bombs, this one pains my soul. This is a man that got me out of high school, I know so many back in the day would’ve loved to seen me get stuck in that bitch on the #3 tip can I help you behind the counter tip. What joy the nay sayers could bask in seeing me back their, stuck in the town I grew up in, apron on, it would’ve been a big I told you so to the ruling elite and established order I’m always ready to shake up on the Cars tip.
A child dies at before a seventh birthday I barely reached myself. But so many don’t have any experience with that, and this kid, this kid, was an angel. It’s been a difficult task finding the footage, a needle in the 400 hour haystack of footage we compiled during the 06-07 tip. And I was looking for some assistance to help as I’m not the technological guru you might expect, and there was none, people are busy they have their own lives and like Sonny from the Bronx Tale might say, no one cares. No one fucking cares, but like C might say at the end kneeling at his casket, you might be wrong about that.

And not only was little Matty a model kid, with cereal box good looks he also loved Lexington basketball. And the footage we have proves him to be a very thoughtful child. It also shows what a hoops game he already had. When I attended his wake (choked up, pause) Coach Farias had spotted me back from DC once again at the Douglass funeral home, he came over and lost it a little bit telling us he wanted the casket to be open, he still looked good, Cancer hadn’t ruined his beauty. He was buried in his favorite Paul Pierce Celtics jersey and he like his grandafather and pops (much love Philly) was tough. Cancer hadn’t ravaged him to the point of a blister in the sun.

I’d heard he kept a picture of the Big Guy under his pillow in the emergency room at the hospital, and it’s that singular visual more than anything else that repels any ears for any side of this argument as it pertains to his dismissal from Lexington High School.

And for me it goes back to something I said earlier, money heightens the sense of your own importance in your own eyes. And it desensitizes your heart, makes you colder to the worlds ills. As the wealthier you get the lesser amount of rules apply to you anyway. And these people were cold, and ruthless, led by parents of idiot sons who for years had complained at their sons indigestion of not making varsity. Lexington High school basketball was 1 thing you see they couldn’t buy. And maybe I was born with a big heart, as a tear trickles down my check even now *(pause). I’ll always, in my own life go back to Children’s Hospital and Easter Seals, Uncle Clayt, charity, dying kids, what a perspective I gained from my own handi cap and the 6 year old next to me he said he’d never again walk, and that I was lucky, holy shit.
It’s fucked up and happens, and how do you tell that little guy, that angel, how do you explain what’s happening to him and how do you quantify any of it in your own world, job, family and life?
I don’t know, but I do look forward to posting some footage with the families consent of young Matty dribbling away, diving around the gym and cleaning up after his older brother and sister water spills on the sacred LHS hoops gym floor. Of course no post would be complete without a silver lining, and that’s you, my readers. JQ once said, “God bless any fan that I might find, I hope you like me for my stand up and fight rhymes cause I’m a poet with a chance of a lifetime.” And in that vein, I’ve attached a link to a must read review of my boys holding down the good vibes and Karma at Lalalpooloza again this summer in their native home of Chicago,
Because there is so much good out there and life really is amazing. We have our health, jobs and for a few fleeting men in America, even though this number is alarmingly low, have are dicks in tact.
The dog days of summer, with fall’s calming charm a month away, and football! And back to school, sweaters and college football, power rankings! Betting and the blues, Walt Disney knew you can’t have the happy without the sad, love those guys. And I love you all, Mr. C-rat Easton aka the Dream (thanks Coach Farias for the best nickname ever, even if it started out as the nightmare) everyone have a great day, the world is your Oyster! And it’s up to you to use the write fork (get it? I don’t, does the Pope shit in the woods?)
Peace. (before the METCO program I said by-by)

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