Monday, August 15, 2011

J. Wig drives by Heinz Field for the first time in Pittsburgh en route to a Super Bowl championship

Happy Monday, and sorry for the late post. This is candid footage of Justin Hartwig, J. Wig driving his truck from Carolina after he had been released from Carolina before deciding to sign with the Steelers over the Chief's, Miami, Oakland just to name a few had courted him heavily.

This is the project we did after the basketball, so just a small teasing clip, this is him pulling into Pittsburgh for the first time, we filmed J. Wig close to 200 hours over a three year period. He chose Pittsburgh for less money than he could of got because Mike Tomlin said every year they have high super bowl expectations in Pittsburgh, and he was right, and Wig went on to capture a Super Bowl ring and we filmed the whole god dam thing, holla - his shit is immense, what a story

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