Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hourglass / Sat. AM. 8/06/11

I’m beginning to look at life in an hourglass. Part of this happened today watching the clock tick down on the microwave heating up the Pomegranate tea I was crushing for summer. Something about seeing those seconds slowly quick down, like at the end of a game, for me a basketball game, the stage, the event, time was never as precious, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The moment, the pressure, 4, 3, 2, 1, and let your imagination as a kid take you away practicing. My sister figure skated. And she practiced more than she went to school. It never dawned on me back then but Dana (who I’d like to name my first son if I had one, and my way) went to Hayden more than me which is crazy.

Allot more and she experienced seasonal glory down at the Hayden ice rink. Anyway when she was competing on the solo Bobby Brown tip there were basically a few specific competitions you spent the year prepping for. And those events, the Boston Open at the Boston Skating Club for instance came down to really two or three jumps. And that was pressure, and the clock was ticking. Or maybe I had this moment at the microwave this morning because I almost died when I was seven. And in a story I’ve told a thousand times the thing I never mention and seldom remember was that stunning awareness, that first second, I was fucked and would not survive. I can remember that flicker in my head, and I was angry and sad. Like what the fuck, so soon but I’m just getting started? And time, as soon as your born the hourglass flips over and the games so to speak begin.

Speaking of the games, the Red Sox lost to the Yankee’s last night at Fenway Park. Baseball has saddened me over the last decade like pretty much like most everything else in this country. I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan, my father would take me to Fenway and we’d talk baseball and play catch for hours after. So you’d think I’d like the Red Sox recent dominance, and of course I do. And I love what they’ve done with Fenway. There were many people in the Boston area and you know who you are who were excited for the new Fenway as it went the route of the Boston Garden, that was different though.

But as a kid, I loved baseball and baseball cards were my first exposure to how the stock market worked. So that was awesome. By the way at work on Friday I earned a peer selected nomination for our quote board. “Dam the Dow is volatile today I went to take a shit and it was down 150, I come back and it’s up thirty.” And we have fun, and stuff like that is necessary anecdotes’ when you live in an office for most of your life. What I’m trying to say is I miss the smaller market teams competing and their franchises like kid stars turned to drugs and a life of anonymity kills me, I love those teams and most importantly their logo’s. Time to share revenue baseball like the NFL level the playing field, it’s rigged. And of course there are always exceptions. And on that note, go Sox this afternoon in the cozy confides, we can still take 2 of three and re gain control of first.

So we had a pretty good jobs # on Friday. In July we saw 120K jobs added, and listen is that a good #, yes, and why? Because it wasn’t a horrible #. I was at a party last night and met a great dude, married, that’s the life he works with a company that has 18 patents and teamed up with Microsoft to gorilla dunk enhanced operational back office, streamlining systems that replace large number of workers within corporate America’s biggest companies. And he said these guys were rocking and rolling grown and swollen, good for you.

I of course, been on the edge something awful lately, offered up a small rant on the too bad tip, the economy is never really going to be the same, jobs are lost and never coming back so you better look at the clock and think of something genius. But it’s that divide, like baseball, you have to think of the once proud Kansas City Royals or Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates and we could go on and on. And try to look at those amazing team histories as the middle class; you’re chipped away at more and more every year until your not relevant. And that sucks, so time for me today is what it should be, staring at that microwave counting down, the hourglass of life. I better get this blog in gear, and thank you for the love as of late, getting back the blog game. It’s a tool that helps me stay focused on my creative projects, having no TV experiment aids in this practice as well.

And in other news at this same party I get a text from my Turkish business partner he informs me our credit has been downgraded. I explained to summer think of the US economy as a giant credit card and the credit score on that just get hit. Thanks tea party, thank you very much. If the DOW was any indication of how wild it’s about to get up in here on the re-election tip, I’m awake, I’m ready, I’m going full throttle in. I take the nations credit worthiness very serious. Although it’s hard to reconcile what this means when we’re talking about Moody’s who brought us the hilarious the banks are cool as a fan report on the triple A tip before the collapse that ignited the great recession. I’ve always looked at this period as half of the great depression because economies are cyclical, right? At some point and it was fairly obvious hindsight on smash we’re we were headed.

But I look at it as half, so if we call the GD 1930-1940 roughly, and let’s say this began like that with a dramatic fall in equities we’ll call it the fall of 2008. So I say next year is when we’ll begin to see GDP begin to percolate. And it will take another year, two to really pick up the momentum, and look out; the sixty-year run I spoke about in “Blondie”. And Willow Smith soars to the Presidency. The big thing of course is the election. We who support this president must live in fear and play like it’s our last day. This tea party thing needs to continue its due course. I’d also like to ask the Hispanic Population to take republican campaign promises with a grain of salt after all they don’t even want you to be here. And it’s always funny to hear the proverbial go back to where they came from, from an old lady whose father had immigrated to the US to start her family. Irony is the funniest shit and apt teaching tool, with humor, powerful, I’ve found, sales 101.

In closing I might check out the Georgetown summer hoops league today, the Hoyas will welcome two official blue chips into the program as freshmen this upcoming year, summer hoop is the shit, I want to check these cats out. On Monday I can expect to see a weakening dollar the only silver lining is that Europe’s next, a race to the bottom, ultimately we’ll come out better than Europe who played the old, that shit never happened game with themselves regarding their banks health and exposure to US manure.
And Sat morning wouldn’t be complete without my new idea for a puppy Chow commercial. It’s a take on the smack that Akon beat, and features a puppy in shades loving life. And the chorus goes,
I’m a puppy blowen up for real,
I’m a puppy even chase me on tail
I'm a puppy, and I'll never grow old
I'm a puppy don't do what I'm told
I’m a puppy next up world tour
I’m a puppy get fans that adore
Puppy, I’m a puppy. And then the stale Robitussens commercial voice side effecting tone comes on, Your puppy is having the time of it’s life, so feed him like a rock star with Puppy Chow, for over four decades Puppy Chow has given puppies like your own the fiber in their diet critical to keeping up your puppies world tour going.

I also came up with a new joke last night to limited fan fare, one of the fellas kicken it by the grill asked me if I thought gold would go higher yet in still, I responded out of no where, first time, “does the pope shit in the woods?” And I burst out into laughter at myself, literally slapping my knee. Only one other person chuckled. I must be getting old.
“I don’t get it?” I hear you homy, I can say that about allot of stuff in our politics right now. Go get em team, the hour glass is upside down, Happy Sat morning!


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