Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Happy Debt Celing Agreement Day!

OK, happy debt ceiling day America! This is your captain speaking and I’m glad that’s out of the way, dam, do they make every inch of everyday difficult for this president. If Hillary were elected the tea party would not have been born. And to suggest that makes you the duplicitous ignoramus shamefully rousing the overplayed race card is wrong. But this is America, slaves did build this country, you wonder how much they inflated balance sheets? Free labor on cotton fields selling product, not too much different than say, oh Nino Brown in the carter?

Not at all, but it’s who makes the world and how you chameleon your way through the different shades of our whole game here. My indicator for George W. Bush stemmed from a question I’d often get as an adult grown kid that was called wiger until they realized I was actually just stuck in a white man’s body. I hated it until I realized in my 20’s the gift that was, what a sham, how fun! Trading races in real life, it’s remains unbelievable. But a question I’d often get in DC early in 1999, right when I got here and for years after and to a lesser degree before, “Carl when do you think we’ll see a black president?” And I’d often laugh and respond only, look how long it took as to get a Catholic president, and it’s true. “50 years” I’d say and then, after thinking about it another second, “75 actually.” I just new the ugly secrets of grown up’s playing it straight 9-5 for the cameras, Americans before yahoo internet comments. And it made sense to people. After all it really did take that long in the US for a Catholic president, and it was a huge obstacle for my beloved JFK. It wasn’t that he was a Catholic of course, just a minority a threat to the establishment in all things a religious way. White infighting in the US, how slowly we change, enter George W. Bush.

Just to re-cap. He inherits a balanced budget, pretends it’s the 80’s, and talks straight. No one was worried when people back then as a then Senator questioned what seemed like a lack of quick math by saying, “Oh hunny he’s surrounded by the brightest people.” Oh really. Burn then coffers, slash the taxes, get in bed with oil, completely misjudge your biggest responsibility and never find the guy who blew up our towers, fuck! He never found him, he fined Iraq, the man was in Afghanistan, they were not even friends, Sadam, Osama differing ideologies means everything in Muslim martyr world. But that’s what happened and people after 8 years, a nail biting election to go along with a gangster Joe Kennedy fraudulent attack on the polls he’d steal on the re up. He cuts education, re makes and subsequently re turns the US Supreme Court back a century, OK, supreme court, dam, that’s kinda everything. I can’t even go on, I’m panting.
Panting cont. And then mandates permanent tax cuts for the top 1% of Americans, while burning the coffers and running up deficits and starting wars and smoken out terrorists, yee-haw! And he had never left the country before being elected. And he argued like a 6th grader in the debates. And people responded to that. Now I made a thousand dollars at least betting early Barack would take down George Bush in DC. The fodder that he had and could eloquently shape, as a confident captain would resonate. Because all of that shit I just mentioned on his watch doesn’t make any sense. And he had the brightest people around him. And we learned about this dude B.O. in the 2004 Democratic convention in Boston. He was a beast and the more we learned about him the more it grew.
American wasn’t ready for a black president, their still not, the tea party playing the let it burn terrorist as freshmen congressman, is to me, the white man starting to fret mightily about losing control on his country. He voted these people in? With no experience ever in politics, it’s not as easy as it looks, and your behavior regarding our credit rating as a nation is abhorrent. So save the patriotic slogans. The biggest trick the devil ever played, oh to hell with it. The white man is not handling it’s soon to be minority status well. The shootings in Norway highlight this too, Chuck D told us this would happen a long timer ago, Fear of a Black Hat, children of today, find it and figure out what it all means. Chuck D and Krs-1 must’ve toured together at some point in their careers, right?
The white man is not handling this well at all. Who do you think voted this staggering number of let’s say 50 tea party people with no experience in politics exchanging one common theme out of the myriad of issues that face our nation. And what hypocrites, correct me if I’m wrong but as a kid when I remember the debt first becoming a serious dinner table conversation, at least in my family is when they got that clock in Times Square, running a mile minute tallying up our US deficit. It was amazing to see high in mighty Times Square, and anyone can look at the percentages, and how’s it’s climbed. Reagan, 2 terms, through the roof, Bush 1 term, slick Willy balances the bitch until Bush finishes what his father never had the chance to. But it wasn’t Herbert, it was his son, a much lesser mind with a far different upbringing, schooling and professional resume.
But let’s not fret too much over spilled milk, get it? Let’s instead focus on what happened today. And as a moderate, can you believe they actually exist in this country today, in this polarized, polar cold climate of bi partisan pissing leagues. This recession is the works of the 80’s, 90’s and 2,000’s. And something that took 30 years to build up as markets got bigger, risks became riskier, profits every decade exceeding and seem to run along with the worlds ever growing population, burst. Boy did Barack inherit a shit show. Listen Democrats have always wanted to make reduction of the deficit a top priority, always, Republicans want free markets, for free men, export jobs, compete world wide, spend on defense don’t worry about the deficit, we’ll all be dead. I love Space but fuck Nasa right now. You think they give a fuck about NASA in the hood? Of course not. Off track.
Obama nailed it today, I loved his speech and I liked the package before my last rant I was explaining this. No new taxes upfront, that’s good, we’re fragile economy, last quarters revision to GDP should signal everyone to buckle up, again. And serious deficit reductions plans which will be painful, but in this hole so necessary. I used to rile up conservatives on capitol hill down here saying that one day I believed they would plot a bomb attack dressed in a head scarf to bring down a president as soft on national; defense, and here is the consequence. They would do it to get their guy in. Many come from the corporate America so they know how the game works. I know how the game works. Anyway politically and on Wall St. wars are started, lobbied and contracts come to life, everywhere and they are lucrative, the kind of thing that could set your whole family up for life and then some, the American dream. But it’s rigged, not always but it has been in the past, and it was this last time. Osama was in Afghanistan back then, and Sadam had no missiles, people the Kool-Aid, come on.
And at a happy hour with these right leaning hill guys, I’d plant such an alarming thought they became distrustful and were taken back, I was told to settle down. But I knew their rep’s I think better than they did or “my guy” in hiller speak. Big business is just as bad, and it all starts with lobbying, why can’t people see that? John Mccain did, listen Mccain was a great candidate, but he was running against Bush, no shot, throw in Palin and you could tell he knew he needed a miracle and it was a floater (that was funny as shit)
In closing it was a great day, the president is cool hand Luke and he will continue to operate in that fashion. His manner is thought out, it’s never reactionary, and he went to Delaware to view one of our boys coming home recently in a casket from the desert before the looming pushed back and back decision on Afghanistan. And not, and I’ll take shit for this one on the right because of photo op’s and politics, but because these are real lives. And for the record gets out of Afghanistan and roll back spending on defense, the big war days are over. We need like 50 thousand A-Teams and fan those mutha fuckers out in Yemen and follow it to every lower and lower corner of the world. I’m not saying def leave a thousand of those A-teams in Afganny but wars and threats to our physical and not monetary safety have changed, we must adapt.
China, Norway, India, Europe, USA< Australia, we all have to deal with this. And it’s a much more grounded effort than removing dictators for Halliburton, yes I’m looking at you Dick Cheney. No missiles, Sadam hated Osama, Bush even said at one incredible insightful moment, “Of course I won’t to kill him, he tried to kill my dad.” We spend too much on defense as it stands now.

Politics has to be in the middle, there in lies the beauty, the tea party you can credit yourself for stalling national healthcare an issue much like gay marriage that will not be an issue in the next 25 years. It without any lobbying money which the supreme court just threw out all of Mccains efforts in the dumbest counter intuitive America move I’ve ever seen (un cap corporate donations to political candidates), would be very easy to figure out.

I’m no socialist but after what I’ve been through, this roller coaster and the consequences we have now, I’m left. Throw in the tea party the clearest sign yet the white man does not like what America is and will and is guaranteed to become, and I’m more left than usual. And even my extreme Russian NYC Jewish ad exec buddy, I never thought I’d see the day, E double has seen the light. But diplomacy and what happens in the world at large are just as important as our interest laden drawn out economic discussions. But yet in the 13th hour it got done. I love Barack O bama and I love the fact they executed a white man in Texas recently for killing two Muslim men on emotion a day after Sep. 11, 2001. And that’s because America even though it’s rigged and there are less exceptions than you think (I have trouble finding a kid that went to public school in my racket) well, is still America. It still can happen to you, there’s still justice. God bless America, and that’s every white, black, brown one out there. Together we’re a country, a great experiment the rest of the world feeds off our innovation and culture. A country in all its shine and glory makes me still believe our best days are ahead of us. Our greatest challenges our just on the horizon and another round of days of reckoning will remain sadly for so many American families. And that’s just the way it is. It makes me wonder why my old town, and elite Boston suburb, Lexington MA RECENTLY DECIDED TO DE EMNPHAIZE COMPETITIVE SPORTS. Maybe the game is rigged and some people that are born high life to it, really born to it, it doesn’t mater, maybe they should have as many trophies as the next kid. But from my vantage it only gets harder, the younger u compete the better and if we’re going to win this thing, globally, we need all hands on deck. To America winning the green war, our true greatest challenge Barack would be pushing if not involved with the let it burn tea party freshmen that really did a ton for their constituents, their country how about our country.
Because having said all of this, the clock is ticking and we, for many reasons of culture and recent history could very well lose. And it’s not rocket science. But I don’t believe that, I’m an American, and see the knowledge stacked away in our blends, our trends, schools and competitive sports. And how important we can be in shaping this next century. And it starts now; we have to move forward, not backwards. And maybe, just maybe it’s time for us to unite against the threats that face us rather than implode like the mob shattered by power struggles and in fighting. Try to think what this country means to you and go back to the documents on which this country was founded. You might even see the 2nd Amendment doesn’t only read you have the right to bear arms, there’s a comma, and it’s used in conjunction with raising a militia against an oppressive government. How interesting…..

Mr. Gorilla.

C-RAT aka the Dream, aka Charlie Paradise aka Chucky P.

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