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Middlesex League dunk contest, all-star / Lexington presented with league title, the doc team in full effect, 20-0

This is some of my favorite stuff mostly because I'm in it and B) I get to kick it with the Big Guy just like old times. He had known me since I was a little kid, right after my lawnmower accident, I was eight years old the first time we met. And after that he would see me every year at all three of his summer camps, 2 at Hayden and the one at center courts. And that was until high school where he'd soon see my everyday.

He taught me as a kid to work hard and practice perfectly if any of us ever hoped to play for him, and that's all we wanted to do. And that's hard for some people to understand. And that's what this was, it was like a giant corporation that essentially ran itself, and that's what had been built, and that's the way it always had been. And the sadness for me comes to the kids now that are seniors or juniors or freshmen or eight years old maybe attending his famous Hayden camp for the very first time. Best quote of this extended clip, "Hayden, Lexington, what else ya need? Oh yeah Disney World." Listen for it, it's great.

And now more than ever it's vital this footage many of us sacrificed a great deal to make happen. Also shouted out in this clip is John Berg and Derek Evans, class of 89, we were talking 80's for a portion of the diatribe with Coach Brinklow (88). Anyway Bergy and D. Evans originally approached the Big Guy about doing an Lexington basketball movie, it never got done. Those guys, one produced Elf and the other the 6th Sense they went to Hollywood and blew the fuck up, up, up. The fraternity of former players and some of the startling successes equals the glory that came from playing varsity basketball at Lexington, a powerhouse.

And Bob would eventually become my teacher as well, saving me after losing 23 credits in one spring quarter my Sophomore year. I became the first varsity player at the time to be in his program, ACE, alternative choice education. And this allowed me to A) stay out of trouble and B) still be allowed to graduate on time, we all worked out this big crazy plan and shockingly Mr. Robinson agreed and then it was on me.

And my time in the ACE program which you'll hear a few stories in this extended clip was jubilation. I learned wisdom but also got knowledge and always every single day a great laugh. And you know Coach Sullivan, we filmed a ton of footage this same year when he was at Concord, Coach Sullivan, the last point guard to win a state title in Lexington believe it or not with Coach Bob Farias engineered the miracle that was my high school graduation. My mother will always be eternally grateful.

And how do you put a dollar on that? And the best part for us doing this is the realization of what a gigantic thing it is, going all the way back to the late fifties, when Rollie Massamino first hit Lexington and revolutionized the program by deploying a new defensive concept, ball, you , man. You can go back to Lexington High year books at that time and can see pictures of the fans at Lexington holding up signs that said, "ball, you, man." It was a big deal and like the Big Guy likes to say, "unbelievable."

So I warn gorriladunkdayers everywhere, I cannot shut up during this segment, it was brutal to edit, anytime someone spoke I'd get louder and act a little crazy, but anyway I was pumped up. Life had been good and much of my happiness in a large way came from my dreams as a kid of starring at Lexington High, and the work it took to make it come possible. And this was yet another great weekend for the film crew. I mean we were 20-0, first seed in the tournament and had 300 hours of footage, we were psyched! And like I said just great to kick it with my guy, Coach Farias to cap the greatest regular season he'd ever coached, 20-0, all in including capturing best in show at the sickest holiday tournament in New England, beating both Cambridge and then Wilbur Cross (deep history to match Cambridge and Lexington) and then we knew, this was a special team. And then he got his 500th too.

Incidentally the starting five that year were all seniors, and three of their parents had grown up in Lexington and were high school sweethearts. More than anything this program for us always meant we belonged to something every other kid at Hayden wanted just as bad, but not really. And for the record, the loss is the towns but it's also ours, Coach Sullivan rightfully would've returned home after Bob's shameful dismissal had he not known the dysfunction of Lexington school system. It's a joke.

Bob much like his old buddy Skip Karem (who won 3 state titles and 600 games at Bob's ala mata Durfee) spent the entire season fighting the school, they never made any thing easy, and they gave no respect. And it almost at one point turned me back into the old me, that had to be the day we were filming the kids in school when it was announced that chants, including na na na na hey hey good by, scoreboard and the always classic, undefeated, were now banned. And then Keebs had told me Framingham schools had banned tag last year and this was normal shit that happens in schools these days

And as for the hoops program? It flopped last year with great talent. No Big Guy no league title despite the must height in the league which is something you can't teach.

Side Note. Fall River Dreams came out when I was in ACE, (Chris Herren, Durfee high , soon to be a 30 for 30) early 90's, we all read it. All meaning the coaches and me. I remember reading it and being excited to learn more about where Bob had grown up. Chris Herren was a national sensation, and I remember we played Cambridge at a jamboree in Fall River at Durfee, Chris's senior year, Durfee is the father program in some ways of what Lexington eventually would become. And they had their on radio station and would place three thousand people at their home games as opposed to the 1200 sold out the old gym in Lexington.

We have great footage watching him read a couple of pages after I just by chance happened to bring it in one Sat AM practice.

I will say the kids in this group, on this team were dynamite. And they never did anything ever to jepordize their perfect season. And I was blown away by their composure and team respect. Like I said after all of these years and titles the program like a great company just ran itself. And having selfless kids was a lucky break for any coach. Coach Farias could just sit and watch, it's a great business lesson as well to any budding business directors, about creating a system, and what that takes and entails, anyway, enough! peep all star weekend 2006-7, peace

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