Monday, August 29, 2011

"Number 4 can shoot the ball so don't let him shoot." The Big Guy

Episode #3. Game #2. "Number #4 can shoot so don't let him shoot." The Big Guy.

1-0 Lexington welcomes undefeated and eventual D2 state champ Belmont onto their home turf. Friday night, college coaches are abundant as old players come back. A once rivalry tries to restore itself. Bob is interupted by cell phone (Benny). Lexington aim's for it's 4 straight league title.

RIP. Herman Taylor II, who would've been a senior in high school, and varisty guard for Belmont. he was shot and killed coming off his school bus in another episode of random violence, and as always regardless of the skeptics, he was an all American president of the class type of kid. Boston had over 300 gun deaths that year, most were black, young and of course in the inner, inner city.

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