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Legendes 2.0, and the YG Foundation, July 29th Golf Outing.

Legendes, 2.0 and The YG Foundation
It was the turn of the century and I still wasn’t where I needed to be. Too much happened, and no one understood. I had a niche but it was more like a happy hour thing. I’d tell story’s they were good, always original and never ever boring.

And most of the gems came from these dark turned happy places, which in some important way helped eventually form what became the genesis of this post, the YG Foundation. Another way it happened was a group of childhood friends. It insures are collective friendships will endure. And I’m excited more than ever to hands these checks over to the on point people who work our sister organizations and give their life’s for the betterment of children.
But in 2002 it hadn’t happened yet and emotionally I didn’t have that fall back. That no matter my own anxiety I could always find some good in the time, effort and ultimately money we had been raising. We had a very specific scope. Sports, and kids, and kids in targeted areas, the places where it truly might make a difference. Just getting your own basketball or soccer ball and shin pads, a launch pad in of itself. Our old Coach Farias used to tell us at his famous Hayden summer camps that Rollie (what he referred to as the basketball) was the only friend you needed. And he was right. And as a kid that was powerful, Rollie always comes back to you.
We also support the METCO program for self-explanatory reasons. Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself, 2001, and really I just had these stories. I was working in the operations department of a large financial firm making errors left and right getting paid zilch. And living far out side the city, I just had these stories, and eventually I started turning it up, showcasing if you will.
And these happy funny sad stories helped me make friends, get paid, move into the dope spot in the city, take cabs everywhere (which I did when I was broke too) and open darling doors time and again. And finally my Turkish buddy turned foreign currency business partner suggested I write them down. And I did, and then I could not stop. I said to myself, start with high school and go from there. And at some point in the summer of 2001 I began rushing home after work was done, grab some beers, smoke some la and sit at my computer for the rest of the night typing a mile a minute looking down with three fingers smashing the keyboard remembering the 9th grade.
It had just poured out, and I loved it. I was hammering away, never even looking at what I was writing, it was theraputic, just me, it felt great. I felt as though I was hot at Hayden for the twenty-fifth night in a row, smiling like that before passing out and hitting repeat. It was a schedule.
And three months later I’d written twelve hundred messy pages. And they had no order, no outline just my beloved ADD raging away. It was written poorly, just rushed through make it to the end and you have yourself a book. I wasn’t that young when this occurred and awareness was out the door.

And it was hard to read through because of this. My first editor committed suicide so I was hesitant when my boy Jay asked to take over. I assumed it was great not knowing it all had to go, every single original page.
And it would take that long to figure it all out, I wasn’t a writer, I didn’t go to English class, Grammar repulsed me, I had a story to tell, I just couldn’t write. I’d focus on everything but the point, there was so much fodder I could tell stories. It gave me something to do and since I couldn’t play basketball anymore I needed something to do. Telling a good story and writing a story our worlds apart, one doesn’t necessarily have to have a point, the other one kind of does, that’s big.

I was a storyteller not a writer. And I learned how to tell them, how to read my audience not describe it and mold the stories for that moment rather than a much longer period. But I believed in my story. It got me everything and then the new stories roared to the point of unfathomable and somewhere along the way I had to stop and take inventory. Who was I, what was lost, what was gained?

I learned, arguably some social graces along the way everything reminded me of something. And it was the best it gave me an edge against the endless kids trying their hand at that American dream of turning phone listings into hundreds of thousands of dollars. And once I finally got out of debt (27) I realized why childhood is war, and never underestimating the value of getting on the right track, with the right people. And the respect of that thin line that can white wash someone, anyone at any given moment of time. And when life finally came to me an enormous wave I jumped as high as I could. And then the new stories came faster, they were better, I was just about where I always wanted to be. But I still had nightmares about high school. And this triggered an avalanche of everything else that happened and shattered the team our friendships promised us we’d be.

It was something bigger than everything else, I couldn’t reconcile my fucking retarded teenage years, and it stayed with me every single day like dead weight until I began the process of unwinding it all out over the course of several keyboards and many years. It will end when I finish, I couldn’t do it alone now like then and am grateful to those who have supported and believed.

I want to thank again and again and again those of you that have supported, come out and added value in your presence, to the YG Foundation, thank you from all of us. Together we are all so much stronger, please come see us for a day of golf and day drinking July 29th, Friday, and for more information please refer to www.yg-foundation.org or just get at myself or Mike P.

The golf starts early 7, 8AM, but the BBQ and party are all afternoon. Volunteers are needed! This year we’ve put a bigger focus on the BBQ and after party as I know there are many non-golfers out there. As always with the support of doing good, we’ve had many donations up for raffle. This years list is it’s usual sickness, Jim Rice signed ball, Kevin Durant signed Nike sneaker, Johnny Cash signed photo, signed Steve Nash jersey, free tickets and gift certificates.
Cash prizes also in the golfing, which played in teams, best ball. It’s going to be a great event this year, our best one yet on cast and clowns. It’ll be Legendes, get it?

Reach out to any of us now for more info, I’ll pulling heads out of everywhere, half of the best part!
Carl E. Easton on behalf of YG-Foundation.org

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