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White Terrorists in America, Time Magazine, July 11th, 2118. (The 1 year anniversary)

Mike Scolars was often teased as the last “all American” kid in the United States. He studied hard to keep average grades as a star athlete at a big high school His teammates respected him, kids looked up to him god had delivered that rare combination that made life come easy. His girlfriend was a popular cheerleader and with his blonde hair and blue eyes his was an old apple pie story that never really happens anymore. But in some corners in America the transmogrification that came with endless free information social mobility amidst new superpowers and startling advances isn’t as easy to see. The reality had somewhat been postponed, in some places, few and far in between and this was one of them.
“I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so mad at him.” His girlfriend Kristina was quoted as saying to the underground on-line news outlet Sea Rat. “Nothings ever made less sense.” And for Mike Scholars today is sadly something he along with fifty-four of his classmates will not be apart of. For Mike Scholars last Tuesday walked into his class’s virtual play of the first failed human exploration to the Red Planet aboard @#$%^&, July of 2035. It was senior week, the prom and perhaps athlete of the year were in the cards for Mike. And by all accounts of pill infused depressed children on hydrlators, Mike Scholars had it all a eighteen year old kid could want. Everything besides his own company a billion dollars and the mental insecurity that came along with his fathers recent corporate problems and to a greater degree, his race. Mike Scholars identified with numerous small white hope groups which found his accolades and up beat statements worth advertising. He was in besides as his father would tell him “your grandfather when he played could never get paid for something like this.”

A year ago today, his girlfriend had put a great deal of work into promoting and advertising their classes senior play during senior week. Graduation was Sunday and on Tuesday night at approx. 915; SCT, in under a minute he changed forever what collectively as a nation we’ll associate with our happy high school graduations. Mike the star QB with his blonde hair, blue eyes detonated three pounds of clear C cection 39 encased on his hip-case and with 1 spoken word a seismic blast that killed 54 students many of them kids he had gone to school with since the first grade shattered their reality. And just like that he blew into history becoming the first protestant blue eyed terrorist to kill more than 3 people in 1 hour in American history.

Since the beg. of this century we’ve been faced with the threat of anyone with a heartbeat blowing himself up in the name of a holy cause unbeknownst to most of us here in the United states way back then.
And since the early 22nd century, with the fear of China ruling an increasingly uncompetitive US, and the eventual sale in equity of a country (USA) before our first financial world war that steered eyes away from the conventional explosive experts and at the same time harbored a unifying spirit that would soon help bring the good times back we currently enjoy today.
By all measures it had been a remarkable comeback. It had all started way before sea keys back on sep.11, 2002. Americans were vulnerable and the world stage was changing. Our schools were failing, the heartland was closer to collapse than anyone could have imagined. Wall St. executives were crooks that had entered international politics and would stop at nothing to beat quarterly estimates. Apparently Wall St. had gone so long paying for it’s own judges and rules akin to the mafia that even ruining the world for a profit they’d avoid paying US taxes on never crossed their mind as something not to do. And people still didn’t get it. It would take on many more bottoms, like a heroin addict, a slow grind it felt like the collapse of the modern day Roman Empire.

And soon we defaulted, political in fighting, another war and a jittery middle east made the comeback all the more remarkable,. On the brink of selling outright to the Chinese as well a separate collation of informative countries, it slowly began to change.

The US began a historic turnaround with Obama shepherding the “the newer Deal.”
And at that point America had long ago accepted he was a president for the ages. And using everything he had learned and believed he fought for the policy’s that would soon be key in our own as well as global salvation with a decreased US global presence. The lessons of Chicago politics had transcended into the white house and at his directive Obama kept these policy’s of our nations revival from default and soon brought back the single A Moody’s rating attached to our bonds. And lost in the fervor of a good American comeback was the shrinking influence of the once slave herding American white man both in power and wealth. Social mobility became a theme, a new dream and its track was faster and more catered to the comforts of you and your family than ever. The other side of that theme was the downward social mobility and the shrinking identity of whites as a dominant theme in our countries most cherished neighborhoods and zip codes. And that’s where it starts. And it was a long fall from there. The ironic “trickle down” made famous by George H. Bush was happening in a manner no one back then could have ever conjured and surly made their forefathers content in their dirt nap hence they have to live and see this.

After Obama’s second term, the beg. of the 60 year expansion, through the two terms of Hilary Clinton and soon the gorgeous and bubbly Willow Smith the daughter of old time tinsel town movie legend Will Smith, became the 65th president of the United States and as our nations first female black president (with a gay cabinet) oversaw a decade of relative peace and mighty bulls in the midst of the famous 60 year run (60 years of global GDP above 7.5%). And allot of the blueprint for the relative stability we’ve had from foreign terrorists willing to risk their lives for nothing stemmed from the 2015 peace treaty in the middle east hashed out between Israel and Palestine, still going strong. More than any other political even of the last century the resolution of a centuries old conflict has to be #1, number #1 in stemming the threat of molding Arab terrorists towards Jihad from the last remaining jungles on earth.
The fact of the matter was that a two state existence was the centerpiece of the signed treaty back then in its fragile commencement is still going today.
For more than any speech from an inspired radical’s framing of history, and or modern day geo political events the liberation from poverty to a class removes 99% of the fodder a predator emotionally pray on. And within this enormous truly global transformation the white American man drifted out of the public eye and into obscurity. It seems now only fitting from the judges of history that George W. Bush remains the last white American president. As the world unified against special interest politics the planet changed in a bigger way more than it ever had. And the early colonization of our global air space and even the tricky but still growing human presence of the moon (85,000 Americans spend at least three months out of the year) had taken away, for the most part, a fear that had paralyzed many Americans and in early 2048 brought us to the brink of nuclear world war.
For those of you who no longer eye scan in aging Obama had been called to fly to the middle (not so easy) East with a delegation headed by Willow Smith and future president (Columbia. Linebacker in college) Jackson Saint as the unresolved tensions of the middle east amongst the last few remaining earthy dictators had resulted in a stand off of nine different super nations appeared ready to launch directed nuclear missiles in what would certainly set off a chain reaction that would destroy most of our earth and billions of people worldwide in a couple of hours. And miracously it was diffused and one nation at a time starting with the last of the great dictators North Korea first disarming and one by one everyone followed suit, South Korea, to Taiwan to China, us, to India, to Pakistan, Israel, Europe and Russia.

And it’s not that the threats will ever vanquish themselves, but the technology, cooperation and global unification, taxes and welfare concerns while sometimes fleeting have eradicated a fear we lived with highest priority on for half a century, almost escalating us to the brink of world destruction at the hands of nuclear weapons fifty times the power of the predecessors, and that’s scary. And as sad as the loss of most of our natural wonders has been we’re still all here, and there’s allot of us.
And there was opportunity cost at work as the 60 year run took place. A more viable world direction you looked around you realized their was more to lose being vested in a more cooperative worldly system then operating as a lone wolf against it. It didn’t take that much to live in comfort.
And a year ago today last Thursday night at a small school in Natick Massachusetts that all changed. A seventh generation Irish American from the historic state of MA, walked into a graduation week event and blew himself up, and killed 54 of his classmates in the shock of the century (knock on wood). He wasn’t trained elsewhere, radicalized as the old saying went, he was one of us, as were his parents, and grandparents and on it went. And he took his own life, his girlfriend’s parents and six of his teammates in the bloody conclusion to a story that has gripped our nation with a new fear on green grass in a present time, the white American terrorist.
It had happened twice in the 2. 70’s, both in the Deep South, a place where white had been sold further and further aside into what now looks like a permanent shabby underclass. Not able to rally beholden by an unshakable grief of what they once possessed and lost we’d seen the ice broken with limited effect or notice. Michael had grown up quintessential and forever different, Michaels great grandfather has a dormitory named after him at Curry College. Michael was a marketable blonde haired blue eyed teenage American fairy tale a forgotten reality that will forever strike marketing gold. His father had been CEO of Milton technologies, which was recently acquired by All China nod he was forced to resign amidst a probe into his insider dealings of the firms skyrocketing stock price. It became a scandal that dragged many of his partners including his older brother down and everyone knew. The run was over, many of his teammates we spoke to now in college said it wasn’t that, he never recovered from the Super Bowl loss his senior year. “It was for his dad, he was still going to make everything better, I mean let’s face it, every white person in the state was rooting for us because of him. I still can’t believe he did what he did fucken brain guts woo.”

And that was just 1 year ago yesterday, and people close to Michael talked about things beg. To change for him during the latter half of his senior year. “He was sick of being the poster boy of a time everyone in wheel chairs loved that didn’t exist anymore. There was too much pressure, to succeed as this type of person it was bigger then him. It wasn’t about sports.” Said another classmate that did not want to be identified in any way as FBI agents have been swarming across this elite town even a year later eying remaining whites nervous of the clockwork copy cat. And in many ways the town and the tragic path of Michael scholar’s serves as perhaps the climax of what had been a troubling downward trend for the once mighty white American.
“There’s no fucking white pride, were looked at like idiots, like cheats, dishonorable wastes of human organs and hygiene” Michael was quoted as saying in the school paper earlier this month when asked for his reaction to graduating, he wanted to make a point, three hours a year ago yesterday he did. The quote went on to say, “People don’t care that it’s hard, I mean there are a few organizations but barely and they survive with an occasional aid from a rich Indian family in the city, Indians pity us but at least they give us money.” Michael’s father was in many ways the last of the traditional white tycoons. He’s somehow survived the avalanche of foreign engineers, leaders and doctorates, entrepreneurs flooding our shores during the 60 year expansion, many close to him found him inept, but a very good looking man who aids close to him said survived on a good cricket game and a hate of Tibet. The white mans stunning fall from grace in a county that fast became a super power, a promise and the land of everything is almost as disturbing as the past that has brought us to this conclusion.
Time magazine spent the last week from Natick and spoke with many of the residents primarily in our interviews Indian, and angry. They’d speak in a hue reminiscent of the famous Indian game shows (take the money!) that once dominated all thousand challenges on your boxes between the wide spread zones 4 and 5 on your touch highway.
“I don’t want any white person in my neighborhood. White man not to be trusted, OK? If I see one after this day, I will move out immediately. I’ll pull my business and three hundred and twenty five local employees.” He said with a very serious look in his eye the man who wanted only to be identified as Mr. Rahid like so many American employers, Rahib stopped many years ago the practice of hiring white men born in the states. “They cheat, steal and our lazy.” Another resident a darkly skinned women of a traditional Indian accent who wanted to be known as Pam said, “I always knew he, that Michael was crazy, they should all be put in a refrigerator and sent back to Antartica. History had taken a step back over the last century as the now is too much to keep competitive with, and we left it at that. Her last words “I’m fucking serious” couldn’t help but strike a discord of the irony attached to this new American reality, white terrorists.
What happened to the white man?
What happened to the American white man putting him on a crash course of endangered human species not seen since the American black man in the last 17th-21st century? How could this happen here? It’s ironic to write how American the fall of the white man has been. And it’s not always for want, but the white man seemingly in every facet has been outworked over the last century. Out thought, invested, created, and designed. The rules became exceptions as the game really started to change half way through this century. And it was more than the surface issues of now. With every passing second the globe becomes more integrated and in so many parts of America the pure white family is the thing of the past lost in rampant miscegenation engrossed in a planetary numbers game whites cannot win. Hall of Fame rapper chuck D’s album warning over a hundred fifty years ago seems now like a prophecy of what was to come. The swaths of areas that are considered all white have become the underbelly and the ugly and forgotten victims of the sixty-year run. Michael didn’t need charity but clearly in the pressure and in some cases racist threats he did.

See Michael hadn’t grown up listening to his grandfather speak of lynchings, segregation, busing and civil rights. He didn’t hear about a family escaping from the land of Russia to become professors here in the states. He didn’t hear of the Indian family that somehow escaped new deli and worked it’s way at a deli harder and faster each generation into the elevation condo fleet they now author today. He didn’t hear that, his was a time he was sad to have missed. That he heard his whole life his teammates say. He heard of a time when Indians couldn’t golf at a club they used to own. In a town his great-great uncle was once the mayor of. And the perks, the life, the way it was, always the fucken way it was, he was quoted as often saying. And school had come harder for him than most. He started somehow smoking. His father had lost everything they had and everything still, even after all the events that shaped the last century, made them different than the other white families. One Chinese student who wanted only to be identified as a competitive cheerios eater and beat talker said, “For the couple white families in town, it’s not that bad cause you still have money, that cheddar makes everything better. Hi-ya!” But most of this first anniversary of the MA (USA*) terrorist the Chinese Gov. call “Blondie” all there was present was sadness, so many innocent lives lost only thickened the silence in the air. The feeling was such a void on Friday we believed his actions took more lives than just the ones lost on that day a true and tragic end of an era.


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