Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Shake em up, Shake em up, shake em up shake em

your thoughts and pour. South America, Pat IV the city, Buenoes Aires.

A few things, 1 Peruvian airport security is a joke, no ticket no problem! Leave your belt on, shoes too, don't take your computer out of the carry on, and please feel free to walk through holding your play station III equipped with the CB 4 right on through to the other side, great if your in a rush, bad if Sep. 11th still gives you the willy's. In any event i think it's great they don't have to be hyper sensitive to the myopic world threats we face everyday in 2011 on the 1 man show tip, the scariest part of the world today, don't need an army, just a couple Dylan and Jacob's to get buck wild on the Dennis Hooper in Speed tip.

A couple things about Buenoes Aires, one TV, on a steady diet of old Friends re-runs with Summer crush. They have a WB and I swear for the whole day all they play is Friends which is always the segway into our adorable afternoon naps on the Garfield tip. Speaking of Segway didn't the inventor just drive one off a cliff in the south of France not that long ago? It's like the Atkins guy dying from a heart attack on his own diet or if it actually happened, Thomas Edison dropping dead from an electrocution. BTW, I call me eyes Edison's sometimes in ryhmes and no one knows what it means, you see, they help me see, like light, get it, two pac's? hahahahaha

ADD is a treat and you can write how you talk if your slick with a pimp tongue and rattle the cage where you never belonged.

OK, Buenoes Aires is an east coast USA type of city, and yes I see much Manhatten in the interior and some flashes of Paris chiseled into the stunning architecture that makes up the downtown. Anyway right now we're living in an area called Palermo Hollywood, and they don't make movies here, so the playful ploy of marketing a neighborhood with the term Hollywood apparently worked like a charm on me as it's really besides the thick dope nature of the "spot" the only reason i reckoned to reach to a hood as such, it's very East Village. I appreciate the cafe's, the endless cafe's, and love the fact most close for an afternoon nap. I love the grafitti, and grit which to me often is greatness like a rose that grew from concrete, but you can tell by the "graph" homies being tagging for a while down here and I stress down. With the clocks having turned back we are now 2 hours off east coast time and already into November.

The Gelato down here is from another universe, it crushes the slinky place in Georgetown and summer says it's even better than Naples Italy! It melts in your mouth and since it's spring down here now, your hand too. The flavors are endless and I make endless sounds like the summer we're chasing, like Bob Wiley at Mrs. M's dinner tables whenever my pallet is wet with the creamy delight of these perfected concoctions. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and picked up two bottles of Malbach (Argentinian red wine), cheese, amazing crackers and CoCo Pops for $36 Pesos. Summer and I have been on a steady diet of Gin Rummy after she didn't take as well as I had hoped to the ganme of Spades, today I think we'll learn hearts, which was always my fathers favorite taste of card gaming, the queen of hearts is a bitch!

Also they serve beers down here in Liters, Summer ordered a Stella last night at dinner at a cute place that was loaded with picnic like tables and had a bevy of board games on hand, are tabled happened to be an antique sewing machine with the wheel underneath I crashed my knee into, fuck! Anyway the beer was twice the size of any bottled beverage in Boyz in the Hood. She had to send it back due to size alone which excicted me for the Igtuana beer I had just ordered, liters, amazing. It's pretty funny to see a girl holding what amounts probably to a fifty ounce of beer over a burger at dinner. Also the steak sandwiches down here are good dude, they are almost always served with egg and smothered in cheese with ham, they knock me out and serve as a wonderful protein for my siesta diet of afternoon napping. There's so much to see in this city and our own ten blocks is so crammed in stimuli that we have yet to venture too far, today we will finally hop the subway and check out a neighborhood called Recoltta closer to the downtown area, it's suppossed to be charming, and was one of the places we looked to live deciding on our long term crib. As for this haunt that I'm penning this from on the type tip, it's plush and pictures to follow.

My Spanish outside of ordering food is not coming along very well, I would've been better served hanging out in the "Dot" a bit more back in the day over the classes in Spanish I slept through, I essentially say Si to everything and sometimes at lunch we know not what is coming and wait with Jaws like dreary anticipation of the platterring of plate and what the hell will be on it, so far no real melt downs and everyone is healthy.

The place next to us, Palermo So HO also jacked from the states is the coolest five city blocks I've every seen, the colors are irrediscent and very Candy Land, the shops are slinky, and special, here is the antedote to franchising on a mass scale, this is individualism and it's inspiring as much as it's delightful, it's cherry.

Summer has been reading a lot off the kindle which i have to plug again as a wonderful device, a great tool for readers. I'm fisnhing up this side of Paradise this afternoon and have enjoyed it througholy. I see the Patriot's lost to the "snitch" and the Steelers won again, ouch. Life moves fast and time alot faster than it did in say 7th grade detention, dam that was slow, in high school detention time couldn't move slow enough as it was typically my favorire block of the day permemently etched into my scedhule with a few other notables I'll always adore.

The markets I watch with one eye brow up but pretty much am aware against some analysts, so called analysts belief that the FED ain't gonna do shit for a while here, they'll leave interest rates at zero until Brett Favre retires, basically scrap the dollar save the econonmy, lose the election, a rock and a hard spot, I also am rooting for Bank of America to fail, Country Wide should've been shipped to the same place where the Cub's blew up the notorious baseball the poor kid snatched at Wrigley hence ruining his and his families life for a few years, anyway send that company which is now part of that bank and let it meet a similar demise.

And why bail out Chrysler if they are owned by Fiat? One lesson Obama has learned is that health Care should've waited, too political, the economny sucked too much and his vaneer was still too shiny new not to be vulnrable in attempting a once in a hundred years overhaul of our nations health care systerm with the second coming of the great depression on his hands. Rememeber what Adam Smith said about economic periods as such when banks are stifled or being run on, credit has frozen and umemployment is rampid. He said even if the goverment hired people to dig ditches and fill them back up it was warrented in the economic conversation of preventing a further erosion and also sparking dollars or whatever currency is native to spend and spark. Anyway the bail out had to be done, but if it's to be, please don't throw BOA another lifeline, that's all. I miss talking about the markets with my client's. Getting Microsoft word on our little Acer down here has proved problematic and prevented some some of my passionate creative work, but we'll take another crack and hack that shit out.

The video's are tough to post but still have seen more footage than I did in the three years prior filming a ton of other stuff. I expect to have many more up here in the short. Finally on the real life a few items, one Chris O'Connell it's been reported has found a match. This is half the battle, and of course we stress half. A major hurdle has been cleared with a ways to go. Nonetheless it was amazing news! And I'll knock on wood and keep the brother in our prayers and foundation. Secondly on a much sadder note a close friend in Summers camp passed away this past week, she was my age, it was a blood clout in her arm, she was in the hospital with hospital like symptons and this wasn't even on the chart. A couple years back we had spent an entire week with her and some friends on the beach in a house with an elevator in it down in North Carolina. This was before Facebook became popular outside of college kids and myspace was the rage, anyway we laced a myspace page for Kelly because you know, everyone had to have one, and was delighted by the mutual affection we both shared for the song Sister Christian which we made her title track to a picture of a fmaily of kids with classic 80's mallets.
It's just that call you dread, the e-mail you wonder if your being punked, a mothers worst fear, and it happened. My heart, and prayers go out to her friends and family that will be celebrating her life today and this whole week in Virginia, our thoughts are with all of you. And as the linings of silver appear may your Edison's be alight with trust.
And if you can see me Kelly, word up friend, you were the shit, and I'll miss you, and all of your many friends miss you so much, they are all so sad, please watch after your little sister, mom dukes and the rest of the pack from the pearly gates you now shine from doll, word fucking up.

And if there is something else to say, I've lost it, it's a fitting way to end for a wonderful person has left us much too short and once again leaves us clamoring to celebrate not only her time here, but the time your afforded, love the ones your surrounded by. I can hear her saying something like that. Peace to YG and the east coast family, R.I.P Kelly your humor, the greatest thing in life, will be missed.

signing off from the BA,



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