Thursday, October 21, 2010

South America with Summer

Awakening. How it all started.

Greetings loved one´s,! I´ve returned to the (gulp) blog world under the auspices of something truly fitting to scribe about, and at the same time keep my mother´s anxiety mitigated as we rip through Peru en route to our new home in Buenes Aires for a couple months. How did we get here? A very common happening when sales guys leave banks and or are lured to other brokerage houses, there is typically sometime on the bench in between gigs. My former employers with it´s golden era in the rear view and on the block to be abosrbed by a mexican bank opened my ears to some other, more stable oppurtunites for self and client´s. This was combined with my new brides exhaustion at her social media gig and in conjunction with us being over the Claredon bugalow where we were living, a place where the heating bills caused my to vomit openly monthly. And that´s it, we placed our stuff in portable storage, moved back in with her parents and waited for her one month notice to run out the clock. And during that time, my former employer went bizerk, and standard lawsuits ensued. I do feel in the absence of evolving the business or doing anything new, client´s should be free to work with whoever they like. And this is only the case i believe when a broker closes them personally out of a phone book, cold calling (the worst) for a place that garnishes the lions share of the revenue for themselves. And at the same time, at one point did the exact same thing to be in the position they are.

Of course as we learned from the financail meltdown the financail rules don´t often make sense. In any event the legal side of my situation soon ran it´s course, and my time on the bench was figured out along with a few sticking points that broke in my favor that allowed all of this to happen, holla!

And so last Wed, a week from today if i knew what day it was we left from Dulles en route to Lima Peru to begin what´s already been an eye opening, cultural experience outside of the grand old USA. Little did we know that Wed, when the Super Shuttle picked us up that we´d be in the same clothes until Sunday but it didn´t really tax us like one would think with the introduction of so many sight´s, smell´s and accent´s. I always wanted to be the minority and in Peru it seemed that I would (outside of Roxbury and the DOT) finally get my chance.

Arriving in Lima after a grueling six hour flight which much to my good fortune I spent 3 quarters of passed out due to a couple a gout pills I had taken pre flight to knock out my mind and any lingering anxieties. And after a short lay over we flew to Cusco, I felt looking out of our window, I was flying to Luke Skywalkers home planet of Tattonine, the texture, color and mountains all conspired to flip the comparison in my noodle. It was the most amazing one hour flight I´d ever been apart of, trumping my beloved 45 minute flights from Oahu to Maui that me and monster were so fond of during our 1995 phony semester abroad in hAWAII. Of course these mountains were teasers as to what was awaiting us.

We found Cusco to be the shit, not really having a radar for this sort of travel it´s hard to stamp a simily, however the exchange rate was definetly a plus, half the reaon we chose this part of the land for an adventure as such. And the lack of Spanish was belied by our charming personalities and CBOT like waving hand signals. I´ll contend if you can´t speak the language in a foreign coutry you must be an aptly endowed player of charades. And even though I´ve come along way since microwave pretzals and fruity pebbles I simply could not eat the local favorite Cuy which was short for Guinea pig, my next store neighbor carolyn >Coppe growing up had a pet Guinea pig and besides they served it on it´s back legs up head and all, sorry fella´s can´t do it. Also we had been scared staright by our glee likecheerleading coach that was the ADMINISTRATOR OF OUR out of the country shots that threw in some free advice, ¨I live by one little rule in life, it´s called i ´ll never got sick in a foreign country, now what does that mean? OK I´ll tell you, no water, no ice, no ceviche in Peru and bug spray lot´s and lot´s of bug spray, because you know what? She´ll find you, oh yeah the one day you don´t bath in deek 40 and your out in about, she´ll find you. And when she does, she bites and you will go down, now Also if you don´t take this pill everyday you will get warts the size of yourkness all over your face, think i´m joking, i´m not. Now number 1 worst diareah on this planet is ceviche in Peru, don´t eat it. Now some people go to Peru just for the ceviche, and I´m telling you not to eat it, you will die. Now next if you don´t take this pill everyday you will get sick, lose your mortage if you have one and with the mediacal bills you´ll face your kids won´t go to school.¨ And it went on, half way through summer and I looked at each other like, ¨What the F our we doing?¨ And she went on and I´ll spare my small audience and family further gruesome dialouge and details, but she even looked the glee coach a bit, who by the way is from the south side of Chicago, one of my favorite spots on the planet that I currently do not miss outside of Maplewood.

And Cusco was poor, but Machu Pichu keeps it alive, one of the most visited shrines on the planet has to be accessed through Cusco which was the center of the entire Incan empire, an empire that spanned an entire continent utilizing the very basics. The Incans were rich in gold and silver but knew little of it´s monetary worth until the Spaniards arrived. It´s truly amazing to look at how vast this emprire stretched, also how they freaked mountains with basic chissels and what not. They were pioneers of irrigation and led a flourishing society which like any place else was not without it´s faults. The people of Cusco were dope, we could´ve stayed an extra two nights over the four we did, finally on Sunday after our machu Pichu visit our luggage meet the paRENTS STYLE ARRIVED. We both reeked of severe body odor but were quick to remindeach other the french women in front of us smeled much worse. The nightlife in Cusco was terrific and the many uphill ally´s unveiled countless gems of cafe´s, hostile´s, history etched into a small corner of the earth i knew nothing about. Alsi it´s worth noting that the original Tupca Amaru who our American hero was named after lives on in named tours, and cafe´s and streets named in his honor. The Spanish with their guns against Incan sticks unraveled 700 years of innovation and culture in less than two. And in it´s shawdow took everything including 25,000 tons of gold and silver, god dam. Tupac had royal lineage and after the Spanish felt they were done eviserating the tombs, cultural centers and society as a whole they had one more battle. Tupca raised one final, fatal overthrow that is worth cheering. I hope all of us in that same moment and position would´ve dared the impossible for their people and died for a cause or principal worth peacing out for. Anyway, this all led to Machu Picchu.

Mach Picchu, OK, i thought the flight from Lima to Cusco was amazing, the train ride from wherever, two hours outside of Cusco to MP was surreal and I guess what traveling is all about. The train was awesome, they played Spanish techo the whole time and the sights and sounds (you couod open a window!) replensihed any life lost through the vigor of changing brokerage houses. We have a ton of footage of the ride, hike and time spent chillen on top of the world that we will share once we figure out the best way to organize and display that shit. MaCHU pICCHU or something like that was a city the spaniards never found, tucked away high in the clouds it was truly a mystical, meta physical cut the imbilical type of experience. I was at a loss for words, how did they do it? A must see for anyone in this lifetime. Our tour guide wore a Busch gARDENS HAT AND HIKINg UP THETRAIL i PASSED of course at least one Red Sox cap, the nATION! gO rANGERS. Summer aNd I had many moments up there, one couldn´t help but think of the wondors of the human spirit, it was analgous to church in a sense giving one a greater perspective, past the menial day to day shit that sometimes in your mind holds such gravity but in the end was nothing you couldn´t rally past. I loved it and counted my blessings and kissed my new wife on multiple occassions.

From there we went back to Cusco crushed the night as much to our delight on return to our hostile which had a fireplace in our room! A real working one! our luggage had finally got to us!! And the next day we took a bus to Puno, on the shores of another mystical sight Lake >Titcaca, it is where this morning I write from. Puno is a bit more gangster than Cusco, which I like and much to my shock, cheaper! I can crush a few beers, have fresh grilled trout, pay for summers drink and cuisine and be out of there for less than 50 Sols, and with the dollar at 3 to 1 almost against that bitch, well you can be delighted by the math. Everything is cheap here in Puno, but how are you going to carry all the stuff one endeavors to buys at such steep discounts against our green back. This would be heaven for mymother on the deAL tip for great stuff.

The bus ride to Puno was adventerous, coming out of our second Inca ruin on the Inca express from Cusco to Puno our Asain driver drove too close to an ancient brick wall and we fel the bus drop. Wait until you see the footage of this mascarade, wow, i´m amazed it didn´t tip, I filmed allot of it, and the Asian driver risked his life proudly to get us out of what looked like at first an impossible situation. A whole tribe of Incan women dressed top to bottom emerged to carry heavey rocks and attempt to rebuild a foundation in the ancient stone wall the buses front tire had just rippled through. The bus was at a slant, it was a mushroom type of two hours, crazy. After two hours and the miracle of god allowing this bus dricver to get himself out of the crazy situation that was before us we stopped for a charming little lunch and continued. This bus ride was crazy, for most of the past couple of days I´ve been close to eye level with many clouds. The bus drive was not for sleepers, I was in awe of nature and promised myself at some point we´ll have to make this an arm or a focus of our fabled YG foundation, but for now we´re fine steering all of our raised funds (RIP Rick Zeoli) towards sports, Metco and inner city children.

Lake Titicaca was crazy we took a six hour boat ride to the island of Tequile, this was memorable footage and again brought back memories of hawaii as far as the stunning views from atop of mountains on islands, of course the culture, history and geography differ immensly. On the way to this sacred and now protected island we stopped at the fabled man made islands were familes today still live on this self made islands created by materials that come naturally from the lake. This was more great footage and a WTF moment w - out a doubt. Summer and I slept ontop of the old steamship that steamed us through our tours passage, it was 65 degree´s in sunny, lake titcaca´s is the worlds highest navigable body of water, it´s a beast, i felt literally on top of the world and gave numerous kitty head bumps to summer that thought maybe the first one was cute. We passed Bolivia to our left in steaming through the waters of Titicaca of Peru, one thinks he needs cocaine in the world captial of cocaine which was availble in several shady store fronmt in Cusco when we´re already this high!

On our tour of the islands of the lake their was a russian couple from Boston that lived in Acton, both enginners he from MIT and She NorthEastern, we had delightful lunch conversion on the island of Tequile, their son currently a freshmen at Worster Poly Tech was at home in Acton tending to their two cats. And in all of their happiness and easter european splendor I couldn´t help think of my dear friend emile Epelmen. Also it is worth noting that the make up of our tour consisted of four Peruvians, two Canadians, a french men, two swiss girls, us and the Russian Boston couple, AND AT LUNCH with beer on the meno the frenchmen was the only cat to follow me in threee cirvaza´s, beers on top of the world.

Today we head to Arequipa spelling is prob off, this is suppossed to be the Lexington of Peru if this were Mass and that was him, hahahaha. It´s a colonial type of city whom the books descirbe the locals holding a superioty complex about their city against it´s other in-coutry rivals for tourist dough, charm and pizazz. I look forward to nicer accomadations but will also miss the gritty splendor and natural wonder of our past two destinations. I´ll never front on anyone for how they make a living or what they make, unless of course it´s a lazy partner of mine in an entraprunarial outpost. OK gotta break, I must make breakfest, then walk, pick a lunch spot (the most important decision of the day) before my siesta and eventual bus to Arequipa, five hours. From there we head finally to Argentinia, Cordoba, which looks like a ridicuously hip city, i hope to get summer on the drink there a bit more SMILE! I like the ideas of electro rock techno blasting out of 15th century churches. After our stay in Cordoba we´ll head to wine country in Argentinia for a few days before eventually mAKING OUR WAY DOWN TO OUR LOCK POST hide out, BUENOES aIRES. Please excuse the spelling errors and grammer, as always. Much love to the fam, we are doing great, and I await everything life has to offer, one story after the next as they pile up. Much love to the YG foundation, Q b rothers, our familes and Coach FARIAS´S BIG NIGHT COMING up in November that unfortunaly due to all of this I will not be able to attend.

Happy someday!

C rat and summer C.

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