Friday, March 24, 2006

Something 2 Ponder.

Something 2 Ponder

So I’m in a rock band (name of band in subject line) now actually acoustic hip hop and shit is dope certainly a life calling.

check out the link to see live C-Rat footage. C-Rat and the following story which deserves to be told in light of such a sick moniker unfortunately doesn’t come out until book 2. The writing is going well but has been sidelined as one good thing after another pops in cadence.

More updates this weekend clawing back and don’t front 06 is my year and I’m the most interesting person you’ve ever not known. Yes we've crushed NYC already have DVD'S and upcoming album all in the works. C this shit works well for a variety of reasons that soon will not be new to you.

Ah dooms.

Much more to come. Writing is thunder

Its me.

Da rat