Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm Dying To Get Sued

Greetings ladies and gentlemen how’s everybody out there this evening? Writing this live and direct in the early AM from So Ho where Summer C will c and end to her life as we know it in NYC. For the time being. All in all you have to say it was a pretty successful sprint they had out here in the big apple in the short two years they had to make something happen out of the gates.

For me I’ll always look back at the years designing lingerie here in NY with a poignant fondness, I’ll miss the shows; make up, models and Flirtinis. A great spot on E a week ago, Britney gracing the cover of US weekly in a crush original well if I wasn’t such a hot topic myself I’d be overwhelmed with an acute sadness, scared to let something so hip and self serving to me go away into the dusty recesses of ones noggin.

Counting endless interviews, magazine spots, shows, press you name it one doesn’t need the late Johnny Cochran (my jigga) to make a case that these girls have some momentum as they turn the next page in their young (24 years) dynamic careers. She’s leaving it all to start her own thing, the only way to roll.

Just like JQ who was once signed by the legendary Jim Steinman (the brains behind Meatloaf) to a multi album deal to Ravenous records back in the day, cool, totally, I mean your signed to a label to rap at twenty two years old but yet and still way up in your grill it was C-Rat always pushing that capitalistic drill into your grill. Sure they gave my boy 10K signing bonus that was a gone in a month as he flew ASAP to Amsterdam to celebrate with Pete Nice but at the end of the day what do you really have?

”I create nothing I own.” Gordon Gecko.

So Q brothers was launched and shit is getting there. Sure a little more leg work up front for a windfall of profits going forward.

“I’m working now so I can chill later on lampen in the shade with some fly gators on.” Guru.

Especially in rap it’s the one genre where artists were slaves. Record labels ran back plantation 1800 slavery on 80’s rap acts. The above mentioned Guru and my top shelf no dust homey the legend known as Preem are probably along with Tribe Called Quest the most visible examples of groups that made trillions and ended up with very little comparatively.

Of course JZ and Dame Dash flipped the script on that shit and gave birth to the hustler’s anthem, prayer, religion and blue print.

“I’m taking em all back.” Mouth Goonies.

Of course they have their fame, name out of the hood but no Ranges certainly not a fleet. Of course its OK because no one is starving, GangStarr finally finished their 20 plus album deal with Virgin or whatever and no one is mad skinny. But shit you watch some of these cats that have done so much less for the rap game both intrinsically as well as from an evolutionary standpoint on cribs and it makes me want to go grab my nine. Of course I can’t even drive so I certainly shouldn’t have guns around the apartment. I only once fired a glock nineteen and it kick backed into my face and nearly knocked me out. I was moving them through a guy in the neighborhood and thought I should test the product I was selling aspiring to be the best salesman possible.

Note to readers, note to kids. Selling glock nineteen’s is bad – plus they are mad expensive.

So JQ starts on label, summer starts own company and as I finish my first novel, well I’ll give that shit up to anyone that wants to give me a cent for it. But I’m different so don’t compare me to another.

Disclaimer being that I might heed my own advice of tactics and do the shit as well as the soundtrack myself. Gorilla dunk Productions.

Which brings me to my next point, I’m dying to get sued, I mean not just anyone from the crew but an up and comer. They used to say on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade that any press was good press – they also used to say if you asked them for change for a twenty that a twenty is change. And of course my favorite put the guns and cocaine away the hookers are here!

Jeez what jerks, who wants to scare the hookers away? Me of course cause I could never even in the face of everybody around me doing it get down with a trick. The cocaine wasn’t so easily avoided. I’m so hyper that whenever I’m out in the center of the universe chick-a-ties will always roll up on the kid and be like,

“oh my god I just totally want what you have. Can I have what you have, is it a pill?” It’s a gift of being so happy after having died so many times at a young age; I’m mad happy, bottom line.

Anything is possible if soldiers deem it possible. Ooooooooh almost freestyle tangent but hey it’s Veterans Day! To our troops bring them home! Republicans really have the best gig in the world and for the life of me I can’t figure out while I’m still not one. They have all the money and are the driving force behind support of wars that nobody attached to them has to go and fight

what a gig!

“Just send the negros out there god dam I don’t want no Muslim flying a plane into my business, go get em negros.” Some rich white hick that does not know dick about the game.

“Why is everything about race with you?” You’ll have to wait for the book.

Anyway being sued when trying to get exposure is the best thing ever. No not as good as Somanan (sp?) Girl Scout cookies but it be some a-ight shit.

My new band has a blog that I’ll lace you wit next time I don’t know what it is and am mad unorganized all which bodes well for the book. If I was mad neurotic I think my artistic capability would be limited.

Now day off and a few questions linger, day drinking with Magic and Monster, how aggressive will it get? I do NOT want to be a puddle by the time summer gets back with me after her 6th to last day at the undy gig. However these things don’t choose us and besides I’m a raging alcoholic with the lineage and proof of genes to prove it.

Two weeks from Sunday will be my debut performance of something to Ponder, original act, songs, etc. One of our cuts is called I forgot to take my Ritalin and in it all of this bad shit happens to us.

my freestyle raps are getting ridiculous.

Quite simply because I have so much god dam stuff to say.

Uncle Clayt you live on with me especially in NYC.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

K-Dawg and C-Note you are beginning an incredible journey as very impressive indivduals.

Been off the BLOG


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