Friday, October 07, 2005

A Mind Shift

Note: This was suppossed to barring tech difficulties to appear before "a breath and a pulse." If you want the chronological read then read this after it's predecessor.

A Mind Shift.

A change in perspective, a shift in direction, a twist into the Jedi ways one always covets to capture. A realization of a bigger equation but above all else a revelation, you can never take yourself too seriously. It was the epidemic that I always thought money to be, heightened narcissist illusions of ones importance to the world based on monetary worth to be exact. (Brief staged cough) anyway,

You can never take yourself too seriously. Which brings us to laughs, bubble baths recess pieces studded candy paths and wraths of that bug we all have in our stomachs.

OK lets Chantilly lace the laughs.

George Bush continues to fall dramatically in the polls.

“Yo I thought you said you were Chantillying a chuckle.”

”I forgot to take my Ritalin”

The laughs, the crafts the smiles that make white kids say that’s a “dial” urge me to keep the rank and file and focus positive as I sprinkle a little Chris cringle. A miracle is possible if soldiers deem it plausible when we realized we legends is when we crushed that which was colossal. A fossil? Yes want to be “ig” all the fame and celebrity cause a mind shift like john Legend a lift to holla at life and slow down a wee lil bit……….

take a breath. That’s the shit

I took a breath.

“Slow down your moving too fast you got to make the moment last.” Simon & Garfunkel

Speaking of taking a step back I must dutifully report in my estimation the overall grade for my overall family is dope..

“The state of the union is strong.” What every single sitting president will spit at the state of the union address regardless of whatever happened to be going down when he spit his spot.

Retarded maybe but I will tell you,

“Since I have joined these men I have seen shit that will turn you white. Winston – Ghostbusters.

Anyway just a meager and quick experiment in the annals of the poverty that is my language.

“Self deprecation will get you into law school.” Uncle Clayt

holla at the book! If this thing is anything it’s been a major absence. The red Sox and patriot double summer fall slam has been a brick wall in my personal scheduling. With few resources but brand new fall banana republic pin striped pants I forge ahead. Silently breathlessly I bid you five thousand.

To random script that someone might read. I praise it’s soul and of course……..

The family on every angle is trading very close to all time highs.

Next Blog on a streak.

For my dear Red Sox faithful, for my blood, my heritage, lineage and soul, well tonight in my stomach an ultimate freight. On my soul its tragic might well it weighs on me. In my soul breaths are contractions and they lead TO LIVE FACTIONS WHERE I KNOW innately who the ruler done be. Sports I treasure, a critical game my heart and athletics is my pleasure however a hedge is prudent ‘I don’t think you’ll do it.’

This is my blog and I want to make it beautiful, dutiful I must forge ahead and thrust every opinion that’s suitable and fruit able OJ to me was irrefutable but I was a champion of his acquittal. Because it was exposed the pitiful truth about race and how we can’t displace facts about rizz-ace wipe you out without a trizz-ace and being of that dark color I must verbally lace

and face a crime of how an era of slime got twisted right or wrong please just sever warped jurisdiction and wrong that was wronged it’s not right OJ Simpson killed a bitch that night he should’ve been locked for life.

It’s not supposed to make sense because the people that feel it they have that real scent that no matter how society is going to judge me I’m going to always be that bright thinker I see within me in lives like a wild beast inside of me.

Picking it up the pieces when they all fall down, whose going to be there day care everywhere so much to tackle on the ground is where I want to be strive to see the gifts in me and spread that shit out deliberately and “ig” all the rest to be the best before thirty is part of the story stupid.

Book three and as the Jedi in my own life long trilogy I’m always fascinated with how it will all end? Cause it hasn’t ended and the trilogy ends when I finish the first book. So every moment that grinds by and flashes past is book three which is happening right now.

My fare friend gently I bid you peace out – comforting like the inn on the five star paradox tip.

Big white house scandal developing – did you think this Karl rove thing as earlier reported here on this blog was just going to flail away?

Indictments soon to be handed down possibly indicting many white house staff and officials. Maybe just more muck at a time when we need all the muck we can get.

No more politcken / just want to sing and keep the breeze.

Be easy.