Thursday, September 15, 2005


Ok - preface - true story I'm at Kinkos - that's the heart of this blog. Truth is that my book has gone through three computers one of which I lost - long story. Anyway when I blow up I'm def going to have hot computer. My latest piece of shit crashed/fried no more on line. Word as always still works - anyway still writing - book good. Peep the latest entry

Politicken –

I’ve earned it like Egon deserved the candy bar in Ghostbusters. I’ve earned it because I’ve just orange summer crushed the book for two hours. Leading me past X-Mas and into January as I’m just about into the spring of Freshman year and making progress dear Watson.

Sure my back hurts, sure my fingers are tired sure I took work off yesterday due to zilla like tendencies and sure,

I have panic attacks.

Especially the day after drinking one after the next after the next from eight AM to a little past eleven, c-ya.

Today life is good on the hood carton tip not the ghetto.

Let’s strip it down,

Politcken –

The illest thing I ever wrote.

“Let’s pretend for a minute that I don’t anything about science.” Dr. Peter Venkman

Earlier this month I learned what GOP stands for. I must say I was surprised then tickled, putrefied finally transmogrified in a terrible fatal way. The GRAND OLD PARTY well it’s not for everyone. IN fact it’s barely for anyone.

Let’s look at New Orleans. Three items for FEMA terror attack in New York, earth quake in San Fran a flood (everyone knew New Orleans was a bowl, like third grade trivia) and New Orleans cat 5 flood. First off politicks is a game and it’s a grand old party. These educated men spewing the idealism and heroic prose of Edmund Burke are smart chaps ABSOLUTELY. Until of course they start getting defensive, covering asses and trying to hold onto their power like slave owners.

These guys knew New Orleans was vulnerable, 911 tapes out tonight they’re fun. I myself not one for meteorology watched weather channel for days before.

“Look at the size of that thing.” Red 2 approaching the Death Star.

So we knew it was coming and for hundred plus years warnings have been issued rooted in the bare naked fact that it’s below sea level –

IT’S BELOW SEA LEVEL!!!!!!! – again a first grade fact.

My beef comes with the race; my beef is yes, the race card. Yes, race, race, race, race.

“Pay like you owe us for all the years that you hold us, money talk now so talk Hova.” JZ on H to the izzo.

Johnny Cochran is dead and someone has to carry the torch. It was the Deep South, Bush didn’t even think too hard about it until he HAD to recognize. It was day four and Dick finally had to get his ass out of bed. I mean he was on vacation and this administration becomes funnier and funnier. Is it a race issue or an economic issue? I can hear some smart ass GOP member say this to me smoking a cigar that doesn’t even contain any chronic.

Well fuck face did we fight the civil war for states rights or because of slavery? One is a function of the next and when discussing the real issues labels and functions are attempts of deflection and at the very essence of Politcken. Making something out of nothing. Is it economic issue yes. Is it a slavery issue yes. Is it a black deep south who gives a fuck on the time to kill tip, yes. Dopes or should I say does George Bush hate black people, maybe not hate but he doesn’t care for them much.

“”The storm didn’t discriminate.” President Bush

Yeah we know that George but you sure the hell did. On vacation if this was TEXAS, ah! You not it to be true search your feelings, feel the fire against the frost of my fingers as I wax and floss address this holocaust I’m threw with my silence.

If this was San Fran federal aid would’ve been there that night. It’s absolutely astonishing the back peddling we’re doing. It’s absolutely astonishing that federal aid came (JUST SHOT OUT A CHUCKLE STILL IN DISBELIEF) four days later. Yet day two they could get fats domino off his roof. How could they get fats out on helicopter and not fly military ones to the superdome. The images were black that’s why and for those of you who would ever want to step, you just don’t know.

You’ve never had a homey shot, a family member jailed for some off shit; never know what it’s like to struggle. You’ve never had a black friend get shot in die on the heels of your white best friend die and one paper covers and tributes and one while the other is tucked on page 48C. Just noting a young black male being shot by another. Police are looking for a black dude in baggy jeans that likes Big daddy Kane.

Even though they’re both sixteen year old children they don’t mention the black kids name or his age.

“And believe me it hurts to see the boy you broke bread with six feet in the dirt.” Scarface – Ghetto Boys.

Why does that happen? Because we’re desensitized to it – a rich white kid never gets shot, black kids always do their ancestors were slaves so the who the fuck cares. Everyone knows this is the deal with American media.

“media feeden ya pullen dirty tricks just for kicks I would trade all my fantasy picks unmerciful pricks stand away and don’t breath abolish you all in one breath and scream” -Some me just thought of shit

That’s what this was poor southern niggas that lost everything. The worst part about is that there’s nothing you can do. The people that voted for George Bush don’t know many black people, it’s a fact and it’s funny how many accepted truths we fight when “Politcken”

It’s true and I love Howard Dean for shoveling it all. Notice how they stopped calling refugees? FOX news loved saying that like Blue Horseshoe loved Endicott Steel. That was my first problem – I even had to look it refugee because it just didn’t register with me. I had a handle and solid understanding of what a refugee was I thought. Why did they call them that? What the fuck is wrong with FOX news? They are tax paying citizens. Watch lean on me and holla back at Joe Clark a hero like John Brown of this crafty cat chilling straight from the fridge daddy-o.

“Learn how to think ahead so I fight with my pen” 2-Pac.

Oh boy Dan Quayle really had an issue with Pac. Lot of other problems Dan at the time it’s OK to let go of Happy Days as the world has turned and the country as we ALWAYS KNEW IT WILL PERPETUALLY Changes. Our forefathers knew this and how far from just a straight smart level we’ve deviated from acumen when listening to our current commander in chief.

FEMA oh yeah Bush cut almost half of federal dollars designed to protect and have new Orleans better prepared for this fighting that good old war on terror. If you’re reading (and they’re not many of you) you might have said this in your best good old boy accent. See Osamma Bin Laden saved the world if it happened on Bill Clintons watch. The world including the Chinese who won’t float their currency for us are laughing at our Sophomoric struggles.

“Feel the momentum swing from me to you.” Kid dissing Play in House Party freestyle. One of the all time great movie scenes.

If on Clintons watch

We would’ve cleaned up Afghan – got Bin Laden neutralized as well as Taliban and stifled Al Queda. Look at what Bush has done. The sad part about Americans is that they don’t read the paper anymore and if they do it’s definitely only what they want to read.

If you read the Washington Post thoroughly two Sundays ago you would’ve seen a great article on a reporter just back from Iraq delineating the myriad exact similarities between this and Vietnam. Using specific examples on both it was extradionary to see it for what it is. Even the valiant father that took his sons name off of the mom’s shrine to fallen heroes in Iraq outside of Crawford ranch doesn’t really have any idea what he’s talking about. I doubt he knew what a shite or Sunni was or the cultural nuances that heavily separated and defined the two weathered ethnicities. The GDP never understood the history there and that’s why no one knows what we’re doing. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Then Bush at the annual press conference for the press he pokes fun of it trying to find one under his shoe. Kids are dying – shit ain’t funny to me but then again I didn’t grow up with family money.

Now the guy that took his sons name off of that shrine was probably just a good old boy that really bought into that American Dream supporting his country regardless of the indignation and arrogance that surrounds presently there every step.

What’s most baffling to me in this self proclaimed “information” age is how bad George Bush is at speaking especially in crisis of course off the cuff would never happens. It’s really as if a mentally retarded farting frat boy that was the black sheep of a rich family is running this country. If you heard the reference and kidney punch to Tom or Parker we’ll call him about drinking too much in Houston certain nights when addressing the disaster on ground there for the first time, well it was abhorrent. He was laughing, chuckling keeping it of course LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT. Even two feet of deeper waters is too much for him to handle while the city was drowning. Four days later, race, race, race.

It’s a black thing and the Republican Party has a tactful extinguishing way it deals with the poor the black. These are the people they want to detain with new authority to profile because of terror. These are the people that want to rob with there tax breaks for the rich. Keep them down with this unequal perception which relates directly to a four day waiting period for federal relief. Getting the prez off of vacation when America has some many skeletons. Has drawn such international scorn – there is no real social mobility in America. You can make it in entertainment but you can’t create a dynasty. The system is now designed to work against you just to protect the white interests of the grand old party.

“Flip flop.” The two words G Bush said to every question that was asked of him during the four televised presidential debates.

“And what exactly are the benefits of privatizing social security.”

“Flip flop” hahaha – another awful idea for the record straight.

It’s sad to me. I’ll take on all of these political commentators. Ask real questions and you know what I don’t stutter and am an animal with a knack for tact and not.

And for those of you still right wingers out there bleeding with pride about this super power.

Indian and China –yeah sport. Huge trade deficit, China owns seventy seventy percent of our debt! That means our federal bonds ass hole, yeah. Bush has put the budget in an enormous deficit America schooling continues to lag further and further behind the Chinese as well as India. Where in a war we can’t win. The supreme court is being changed in ways that might really turn back the clock in an internet age of change. Oil, whatever you could go on and on. All for the grand old party – all because he won an election that he really lost. Alls because he preyed upon the fears of the many Ms. Cunningham’s out there – because he could, permanent tax breaks all to protect that grand old party. Light a cigar pal you’ll be happy to know sport the white people are still winning massively, dial it. Four fucking days I’d give my life to get him out of office all for MY country. Cause guess what Tom on the uncle tip it’s my country too, still, always even though it doesn’t feel like it lately.

In other news I’m back and don’t want my rap name to be relapse anymore. Also let it be noted that my father was a republican for life like his father and father’s father – OK. Also let the record reflect that I was in the young Republicans party as a young freshman in high school. I was watching Wall Street over and over again as a kid and just wanted to fuck people. Actual market people informed me to study business and vote republican and you’d be way on your way to being a lasting part of that happy go lucky country club scotch drinking grand old party. Me fingers hurt and my back aches after a grueling day of fast markets, this, writing, well, my back hurts OK?

See I love my country only because of the diversification. Bush is tearing it apart. Inner city crime is back to the mid eighties just like the Reagan era. That’s the reality of trickle down economics it’s a spin that sells. They ain’t no trickle. We’re now in two wars abroad as well, that we can’t win.

And all of the gin joints all of the bad luck in the world. He steals the election and then 9-11 – un – fucking – believable.

Hey don’t get mad no one reads this and besides I was just Politcken.

Be easy – pray for all of us – pray for this country. Impeach Bush now for a neglect to protect this country. How you like that one right wing, Mr. terrors – guys that run on safety and homeland security – yeah look at the mess you’ve created home and abroad you fucking missile hard on's. All of this to make a country safer and alls you’ve done is put as much more in harms way. 9-11 is nothing unless we clap back against EVIL BUSH.




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