Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Peter B.

Freestyle writing

This is my gift on the nightly you can sift through my words catch my drift as I insist anyone can write and be bliss – to me it’s so easy to write words so breezy keep it freezey and holla at everyone’s strife that might be reading this,

my life….

Today another slay as a kid I grew up with met his dismay , he was only thirty and yup I barely knew him but played little league and all my dawgs including me we knew him.

Today to learn he got snipped off some cancer make a brother like me question how we can’t find an answer? He was a rocket scientist on the literal flying to space probably the only place to find that cancer miracle that’s empirical and will cure all cancerous ills my gift is faith and to this day it still gives me chills to conquer that which ills – I read his dads blog and sogged with tears, fuck. Life is so hard on a jigga

My whole heart seeps out to another one lost. He was a rocket scientist for Lockheed Martin whose recent duty before he got sick was to lace the trajectory diagram of Discovery’s lift. And I barely knew him but I grew up with him and I made a career making fun of so many kids including his ass. Humbling at best to think of an ass like me in the face of such stress and bless to him, Peter Bellini, gods salt so legendary

the very best.

Even though my blog had recently enjoyed its tenth hit and no one that reads this will ever mean shit I holla.

A father, husband son and brother I just wanted to spit to you tonight. I never knew your struggle or your fight but a real American when none exist was the doctrine or party that you honed your sight – not a cheesy type of thing for I remember you and your dad as crystal as my first spring.

I guess I’m just sorry and pray for your family as I sadden myself over your children that will never get to know the type of man you became, upheld and swelled with your pursuit of knowledge and appropriate humor.

Rest in Peace - holla at Pac
2 U –



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